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Other Promotions

Home of all other promotions offered on Stake!


  1. Hosted

    Here you will find promotions hosted by various staff or affiliates to Stake. Check back from time to time to ensure you don't miss out on anything!

  2. Giveaways

    General Giveaways hosted by the Stake team. Get easy prizes for as little as posting your username to more unique stuff like contributing to the community activity. Promotions are posted sporadically. PM @Steve if you have a great idea for a form of giveaway.

  3. Events

    Here you can find our future, past and present seasonal or one-off based events and promotions. These run specifically during the time periods allocated, so make sure you check in to not miss out!

  4. Socials

    A subsection for all the promotions on our social media platforms, such as: twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube. Keep up to date by following us and be rewarded when we post about our promotions and giveaways.

  5. Unofficial

    User based promotions and giveaways. Anything posted here is moderated but not managed by the Stake team.

  6. TG Challenge

    We decided to change the pattern for the telegram challenge. All valid pieces of information will be posted in this section, as the name of the winners and additional info.

    How to win

    1.  You must complete the live challenge at the bottom of this message. Once you have a winning bet ID you then must post it in the challenges chat room on Stake.com.
    2. The challenge requirement will change after a certain number of people win so keep an eye out on this post!
    3. Verified Account gives you more benefits and bigger rewards.

    Boost your prize (only for verified accounts)!

    • Bet over $1 worth of crypto in a single winning bet & receive 5x more then the prizes above! If you're a Diamond VIP, your prize will be 25x'ed!

    We've increased our prizes for verified users! Unverified users will still receive the usual prizes. So make sure you have verified Stake account & receive double the prize!

    Telegram challenge starting time, prizes, the number of winners, and of course current live challenge will stay to be posted in Telegram official channel. Here: https://t.me/StakeCasino

  7. Conquer the Casino

    This thread will be used for posting the list of Conquer the Casino Winners.

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