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  2. JEEPERS0029

    All or nothing?

    Hi! personally when I hunt the big multiplier I plan my sum as soon as I get late and I put the rest in my trunk, the sum I put in play I'm ready to lose it so I go until the end but when it's playing normally if I can say when I feel it's too red I play instinctively right now but in general it's safety that takes precedence over everything! good luck for the future! bye!
  3. JEEPERS0029

    My experience playing mines game

    Hi! congratulations for your winnings and your patient you have understood the system well! I personally do 50/50 50% of the time I hunt the big multiplier and 50% of the other time I play quietly and I win or regain what I played earlier, in any case I almost always collect my bet with a good more in commission! have a good continuation to you and look forward to the 1 ETH! Bye!!!
  4. LachlanReid

    Betting on players coming to Stake 2.0?

    I'm really looking forward to video poker! However I'd really like to see a 'Stake Poker Client'. I'm an avid poker player and I feel like I'd easily make loads of money that way. The betting on players, if it's what it says on the tin, will be quite groundbreaking in terms of changes to Stake. Exciting times! Limbo sounds quite interesting, I guess we'll wait and see!
  5. My friend had 6 bitcoin, he traded that for a quarter of weed (street value in the uk - £70) a couple years ago, I told him he shouldn't but he went and did it anyway. he was kicking himself in Dec 2017 - of course I told him "I told you so"
  6. JEEPERS0029

    Share experiences using 2 mines and play manually.

    Hi! yeah it's true it's still quieter as a much less aggressive method than 10 bombs for example! slowly but surely what! but at the same time imagine you can open 19 tiles so you're fine what and the boom! it's annoying, for as long as it happens several times in your ranks really the red serie must be hard on morale! but after your idea without going looking for the x40 but just the x10 and that you succeed several times it comes back to the same almost and you have much less risk of crashing while making a good profit, and if you fall on a bomb you do the same hunt for the x10 without increasing your bet except after 5 times the double and you do the same and the same after 5 times the loss you double its climb not too fast and you have to go there to crash anyway!lol! but that's just my point of view, of course, everyone has their own technique! in any case, good luck to all and good luck! Bye!!!
  7. wry

    Gambling Is Over

    I'd say this is the key to wisdom, recognizing what you want to be about and not letting some external circumstance drive your behavior. So kudos! Way to stay focused on what is important. Stake is supposed to be entertainment, so other than being a fun distraction I don't see it being a path to a better life for people. So yeah, if you were spending more time and money here than you wanted, by all means, take a break or bail or do whatever you need to do. Respect!
  8. And half-millonaire on December 2017 (24*20= 480,000 USD)
  9. Babagucci

    The "right" way to play blackjack

    Sounds like you pretty much hit it on the head with your explanation. How has your success rate been since you new found logic? if you play live BJ, those are the best odds out of all games.
  10. In the release made by Edward of the sneak peek of Stake 2.0, we can see a few new games such as Video Poker and Limbo. Video Poker is pretty straight forward, but what could Limbo be? When I was looking back at the sneak peek for a second time, I read the chat that all these fruity fruits were talking about, and one of the conversations came to my attention more than the others and got me intrigued about what I had just read... It's the conversation of the first 4 messages where they are talking about Betting On Players. I'm not sure where to go from there... Will we be able to place bets on players and whoever makes the most profits and the best Win/Loss % gives us money in return? Will it look like sports betting? Will it be some kind of loan we give this player? What will it be like? Let me know what you think about this whole Betting on Players thing because I truly think that this is an interesting hidden easter egg we need to talk about. P.S. Fix the grammar in your sneak peeks lol
  11. KiXxnTRiXx

    Good strategy for mines

    Didnt work out too well for me.. but ill try again some other day.. perhaps its just not that day for mines.. hehehe .. ill try it with smaller bets (smaller since i was already betting small hahaha) next time..
  12. Красивый икс за мизерную ставку с крутым профитом,парень нормас словил. Мины реально могут дать,но я их не взлюбил,очень уж льют.
  13. KiXxnTRiXx

    Forum 2k to 470k to rip

    ouch that sucks.. i had forum 2k up to 270k.. tipped some and paid debt, then busted the rest.. lol.. but at least it did some god before going back to stake..
  14. I just had about 20 reds.. got 1 green 3/10 numbers..then went on another red streak until i busted. this is what i mean about it being broken.. This is happening so much even though youve already eaten so much reds, you get 1 green?? then have to eat more reds.. our balance is not infinite.. nothing can sustain blows like this that happens back to back and every minute.. its insane......
  15. JEEPERS0029

    Good strategy for mines

    Hi! it's a method like any other but as you say if you have a big jinx series like you have to if you double your climb fast and even after 13 times you can still screw up by opening your 4, 5 tiles and eating the bomb again and again! I if I would use your technique after 10 rolls of lost I would change the number of bombs to 7 and I would look for 2 tiles it's almost for sure every time but it makes that 1.94 after you catch up what you lose it's not too hard and it's better than losing 40% of your balance! well if you find yourself there like that it's essential!XD good continuation and good luck for the future! bye
  16. А я немного пересмотрел свои планы на счет биткоина и всех криптовалют в частности по части сроков роста. Теперь считаю,что в 2019 году будет чистый флэт в диапазоне от 3 до 5к долларов за биток,а остальная крипта будет просто процентно подстраиваться под биток. Просто увидев такой годовой спад,рынку нужно отдохнуть и забыться,успокоить трейдеров,для этого и нужен флэт. Думаю,что только после 2020 буде постепенный рост,а дальше уже "ТуЗеМун".
  17. And you would be right to do so! I'm still shaking my head over this one. She got them by mining, basically for free, and in your bone headed arrogance you have her dump them for a fraction of their eventual value. Sell some, sell half, but sell all, come on!
  18. Давно пора понять что всякие подобные заявления - это лишь хайп, самореклама и попытка привлечь новые инвестиции в биткоин, или еще какие-то цели которые преследуются манипуляторами. И я больше чем уверен что они щедро проплачены. Я думаю что кто-то купился и закупил биткоин, а теперь не знает что с ним делать смотря на то что происходит. Год только начался, а предпосылок что биткоин будет хотя бы 20к стоить пока что даже не видно.
  19. Только в случае если всякие форки и выборы путей развития не убьют курс. Вспомни что было с кэшем после форка. Так что не факт, ой как не факт... Эфир что-то тоже пока с этой точки зрения под большим вопросом..
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  21. millioner500

    ВИП статус в чате?

    Вот и я такого же мнения, лучше профит и что-то купленное на этот профи скажем, чем какой-то там статус или значок. Но наверно здесь есть люди которые хотят как-то выделяться, и им это важно. Пусть если введут что-то радуются.
  22. JEEPERS0029

    Automated plays

    Hi! HHHAAA! the mines!! what a headache, I always try to do the big hunt, the million hunt but he doesn't want to come, and sometimes to a tile near it makes me seriously crazy! you have to see the thing, a tile what and it's the jackpot even with the small bet well short it will come I know! good to answer your question Kix the best I did is precisely in one of my hunts I was on 12 mines and instead of putting 13 tuiule I put 11, I was tired and in 5 rolls BAM my schema which comes out crazy and it makes me x 56574.69 with a bet of 0.0000000025 BCH which still made me a nice sum of 0.01414367.25 BCH in the end, rather nice no? knowing that I had barely 0.00175% chance of having it!! but it still raises the exceptional in general it is not every day that I do that! in any case I wish it to all of you! good continuation to all and good luck and especially good hunting to the extreme of the multiplier like me! bye!!!🍀👍
  23. Юра, главное не думать что-то , а верить в то что думаешь, и рано или поздно все получиться.
  24. millioner500

    Подставные игроки в казино

    Женя согласен, что большинство больших ставок и выигрышей для человека у которого большой баланс, становиться как бы искушением попробовать. Когда был сам не опытным тут, то когда видел большие иксы в минах и был баланс, то успешно сливал баланс. В основном, наверно и подставные игроки, если они имеют место тут, рассчитаны в первую очередь на новичков.
  25. BLACKJACK: 2,435,446,010 placed by dose on 23/01/2019 Wagered 3.00000000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 4.50000000 BLACKJACK: 2,436,001,152 placed by dose on 23/01/2019 Wagered 12.00000000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 18.00000000
  26. Не очень приятная новость, так как ввод новой версии явно будет связан со сменой сидов... На счет цвета, то действительно немного ярко....
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