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  2. In local sportsbetting place where I worked before working as support here. Got another one, lucky win I have to admit. 76ers to win (won it 112-108 after losing whole game pretty much) Simmons to have over 7.5 assists (had 8 exactly lol) Tobias to score over 20.5 (scored 24) LeVert to score over 16.5 (scored 25)
  3. ok then i was right with what i thought and honestly i was also one of those who did BUT! I got my punishment for it too.
  4. thats true.. but perhaps thats exactly why.. mods and support has enough to deal with to be able to monitor the forum 24/7.. adding another thing that can be exploited would just add more on their workload.. .. but like i said.. i get what you are saying..
  5. KiXxnTRiXx

    Limbo. 1000x +

    yeah same here.. my negative attidude is keeping me from hitting.. and my positive attitude keeps me busting.. hmmm.. lol.. what to do in this case.. time to quit playing! unless we can be non emotional beings.. then we can win!!!
  6. I do not know about others, Keno and Mina give me I will not say that they are big, but very often above the average! And knocking the maximum X is always difficult! If it were easy - the casino would have been ruined long ago!)))))
  7. VIDEOPOKER: 4,669,520,511 placed by Nursultan on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00004096 Multiplier 6x Profit 0.00020480 ROULETTE: 4,669,569,693 placed by Nursultan on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00004096 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00143360
  8. i think it is because people kept using to troll trivia after eugene did it that one time.. but at least eugene tipped everyone that typed the command 50k sats,.. then some peeps.. ahem.. was doing the troll trivias for 1000 sats.. lmao... it was funny at first.. then it just became out of hand,, all of a sudden its a popular trivia to troll bonzo.. XD
  9. I do not know about others, Keno and Mina give me I will not say that they are big, but very often above the average! And knocking the maximum X is always difficult! If it were easy - the casino would have been ruined long ago!)))))
  10. I think the question is several, and I hope that I have not overlooked a post in which everything has been explained. I already have such a premonition but, what happend? is it coming back? I personally miss it honestly!
  11. it is also 420! but yeah... ive been reading some stuff on ransomwares.. pretty nasty stuff.. they should target the ones deserving..
  12. Hitting the high multiplier is still possible... the thing that frustrates me the most.. is after you hit one.. you get trolled to bust.. hit another.. trolled to bust.. this has been my experience for this month.. ive hit the high payout but only with a tiny bet... and because of that.. with the amount of troll reds you get.. will eat that balance out in no time.. sigh..
  13. These people steal personal information in order to sell it to you, go to various tricks to get hold of your information! But I think that to a greater extent the victim is to blame for the fact that she fell for their trick! Simply, if you store important information in electronic form, then first of all you need to take care of its security! And download files by checking them several times, or on a gadget where there is nothing important!
  14. thanks for the info,, reviews shows that the apps is not safe
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  16. VIDEOPOKER: 4,668,401,751 placed by felismarasigan on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000101 Multiplier 6x Profit 0.00000505 ROULETTE: 4,668,512,238 placed by felismarasigan on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500
  17. lol.. gambling to recover.. well i guess it is still losing.. with a few wins here and there...
  18. Terima kasih buat Agan HD yang selalu setia memberikan trik dan tip dalam memainkan berbagai macam game yang ada. Bagus sekali nih , strategi nya. Patut untuk saya coba juga . Secara belum hoki juga dalam bermain mines untuk saat ini. Saya biasanya cuma memainkan 1 Bom saja selama ini sudah dag dig dug terus nih. Semoga Agan HD selalu dapat profit . Aamiin
  19. yep, same... still havent gotten 1 hit.. i know. i hear you!.. even with no bets i couldn't hit anything during the tele challenges... hahaha toilet for royals..
  20. вручную, просто тыкал на угад и все, а потом посмотрев на балик под ахренел)
  21. I like to travel light and not bring so much unnecessary junk and too much luggage.. a backpack and one carry on size luggage is enough for me.. sometimes even a backpack is enough depending where im going.. in general i dont care how i get there.. either by long drive, bus, plane.. aslong it is not here.. im good
  22. Это хорошо, можно обсуждать все, но главное без матов и оскорблений и все будет хорошо
  23. ha? 200 to 25k? how do you do that? did you hit 9999 or 0? how long that it takes to win that certain amount? thanks and congrats
  24. lol.. sumuko na ako completely.. ala na kong mood na mag join.. asar lagi.. na paka troll pa ng mga games.. mostly parang trap ang ginagawa nila pag namimili ng challenge..
  25. Lel... Ripple to 10k? o_O... in 2 years.. i mean its possible.. but i personally do not think so.. ripple has been advertised a lot lately.. so i may be wrong.. but highly unlikely in two years time.. since other cryptos even the main ones hasn't been stable and just fluctuates up an down..
  26. Menurut sumber berita yang bisa di percaya, ibu sri mulyani punya ratusan Bitcoin Lho .... bahkan ribuan mungkin😀😀 Kemungkinan beliau beli bitcoin saat masih di luar negeri dan harga nya murah. Di karenakan Bitcoin lebih booming di luar negeri dari pada di indonesia sudah agak telat. Apalagi beliau seorang Ekonom yang Handal .pasti informasi tentang bitcoin lebih dulu tau daripada kita kita ini. Cuma karena Bitcoin masih samar samar statusnya , maka tidak di lampirkan tuh dalam daftar kekayaan nya. 😀😀😀 Kalaupun sudah 100 % Legal pun tidak akan di cantumkan juga kali ya... Rahasia .
  27. I am confused as to what the news is here. Your giving like an education class about ransomware is, but that is not news. You give a link to a page that is talking about ransomeware statistics, and you call it a sad story? what story am i missing here because i dont see a sad story anywhere. And you are worried about being targetted by a ransomware that isnt targetting individuals but firms? You even wrote that about Ryuk, so why are you worried when you know individuals arent targetted. And when you say our community you mean the stake community ? lol Are you saying adolf hitler is one of the worst users of crypto these days? Or did you mean to write "some" to refer to people who use btc in their malware attacks. Im sorry but the excess fluff you added and i underlined and bolded is what really urked me. I expect to learn something when i read these news posts. I hope you learn to write these topics more seriously and to the point. To inform, not to Entertain.
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