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  2. [ICO] FREE 20 Bitcoin Growth (NCL)

    done signing-up with your link..thanks for the info.
  3. Daily Motivation

    IKR? I'm addicted to it, although I mostly run out of patience and money, but... details!
  4. Energetic Entrepreneur
  5. Anyone here holding a Rare Pepe Blockchain Card?

    Thanks for asking that question, coz me too don't know how. hahaha! Maybe a genuine pepe card can open a vault or it's like a debit card can swipe it and pay anything. I will just try to make one and sell it.
  6. Today
  7. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    watch this video and he has script autoclaim
  8. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    It's super risky to deposit for sure. I'm fully expecting that my eth that I deposited won't come fully back to me let alone make any actual profit. I'm hopeful that it will work but I've already accepted that my small amount is gone. If it does come back, awesome. Lol. You can collect the 6000 sat for free without depositing anything at all. You just have to collect every 20 mins to actually get 6k a day. If you deposit bitcoins or ethereum with them, then they will pay you twice as many as you deposited over 40 days. This is risky cause really this whole company could disappear tomorrow and take all the deposits with them. Once you deposit, you can STILL collect the free 6000 sats per day. However, you STILL Have to fill out a capcha to collect the free sats. Your deposits will not need a capcha tho. One click free collect. I now have two .02 eth deposits open, and according to their numbers I'll have enough to withdraw in two days, so when / if that happens I'll post tx hashes for those here. Hopefully it works we'll see. https://future-bank.com/r/ee26972c https://future-bank.com/
  9. How to Search the Forums

    i still havent use this function before, thank for let me know
  10. Some forum glitch

    oh ok thanks
  11. Wow that's some crazy shit. Its amazing how meme's are generating income for people. How do you know if its a genuine pepe card or a fake? I wonderif they are easy to print, could be a good business to get into
  12. How to Search the Forums

    How to Search the Forum Let's say you are looking to find some new music. You can start searching by entering some text into the search bar at the top of the forum (as shown.) Then press return or click the search glass. How to use the Advanced Search Features The Advanced Search options can be accessed by clicking the +More search options The first set of options is Content Type, you can search : All content. Status updates. Topics. Giveaways. You can search just titles or the titles and body: By the date the content was created: For content that contains every word you enter, or content that just contains some of the words you enter: and for content that was updated within a certain amount of time: How to be clever when searching for posts Maybe you remember there was a big mines multiplier, but you can't find the thread... You remember that it said something about payout but that's all you remember... It was also a popular topic. With this info you already have a lot to narrow your search: You enter "payout" as your search term. Choose content titles and body. Choose content type of Topics. When you choose Topics, you find that you've got even more options to search by. You can now also search by number of replies or views. Well we know that this was a popular thread so we also: enter 20 in the replies box, so we only see content with 20 or more replies. You click search, and just a few results down you find the post you were looking for: A 4 million multiplier on mines by Faris! Searching by user You can also search for posts by a certain user, maybe you want to stalk someone on the forum To search for posts by a certain person, just choose Search By Author and then, enter the name of the user you want to search by: So as you can see there's lots of power packed away under the hood of the search options in the forum. Why not be creative with it, and find some cool content
  13. 25 card streak :-) and huge payout

    Not that much bet @Slipperyrick, but still awesome hit. Congrats. Not that good in HILO. I only reached 15 cards.
  14. I just read a news today about a rare card "Pepe Blockchain Card". Which some of the cards traded for thousands of dollars. There is that first series of "Satoshi Nakamoto" card which is 300 in circulation has traded for $200. Anyone own one of this cards here? I like to have some. Read it: https://news.bitcoin.com/rare-pepe-blockchain-cards-produce-more-value-than-most-icos/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications
  15. Some forum glitch

    "The stake API is down and cant fetch your player stats." Translates to: your stats cant be retrieved because the site (Stake Casino) isn't responding.
  16. i got 2 times crash at 0.99 and 1,x . never play chartbet again Imfao
  17. Already done registered before your post. Just wanna say good luck to us @UMP.
  18. Probability of Chartbet

    thats amazing. if we forget to cashout and do something then back with 49000 x :))
  19. Some forum glitch

    give them time. stake will be perfect
  20. 25 card streak :-) and huge payout

    i saw someone hit more 4k x payout only 4 card A
  21. [ICO] FREE 20 Bitcoin Growth (NCL)

    i love free done ref
  22. OlegBarca's Stream #156!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    it was 0:00 Am . cant catch ur stream
  23. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    Will they really double my bitcoin if I put it in there?
  24. Some forum glitch

    It seems to be fixed for me now, but now I get this when I try to upload a picture, I guess maybe it's related I'll try again later: Edit: oh this was unrelated, something to do with the thread I was making. I exited it went back in and now it worked!
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