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  4. HERE WE Go! This is what I'm talking about. i love dumb fucks like you!!!! How much money are you willing to bet legacy of Egypt is in fact on the site. It may be country restricted based on where your playing, but it 1000 percent is a game here. Might wanna fact check before you fact check . Thirdly i was not expecting to win 20 grand. I was expecting to not get fucking raped 17 consecutive times. Greed would be winning a substantial amount ( 1600 doesn't even barely cover what I had put in the last 30 days - hence the agressive play style)say like 5 k and upping the buys to 1k. Stake doesn't need more fucking dumb sheep like you to defend them bro. They already have an army on payroll for that.
  5. 1. I don't believe in God. 2. I will literally bet you any amount of money if I was to buy 17 bonuses on gates of Olympus on literally any other casino that the results wouldn't have been that fucking abysmal. They basically didn't want me to break a certain dollar threshold in wins and cooled my account. It's pretty fucking simple. If your not a sponsored streamer your wins are artificially capped by these fucking clown holes behind the scenes. I bet with a 200k bankroll doing 100 buys I could have spent the entire thing on that session and never seen Max. It was set to fail and be a cyphon this site is riddled with fake sessions with substantially lower rtp. There have also been numerous times I will lose a few hundred dollars doing buys and then leave the game to be greeted by a screen that says I'm not logged in. If I'm not "logged in" how did I just lose 600 dollars then on your site. They run a trash operation and are fucking sloppy when they fuck up. They expose when they pull strings and rely on an army of puppets on salary to defend it's legitimacy.
  6. Maybe you've gone months without getting a Legacy of Egypt bonus because that game isn't even on Stake. No PlaynGo games here at all. Your legitimate site hits every 20 to 30 spins lol? I seriously doubt that or you wouldn't be here crying. You can only blame yourself for not playing on the so called 'legitimate' site and being a loser playing non existant slots on Stake instead. A 'trained eye' is useless if you're brain is dead. You won $1,6000 then you blew it when you got greedy, end of story.
  7. How i can win on stake i Lose all my money
  8. ^ this - but it also tossed out a 3200 win off 100$ fore me - and then promptly drained it all back.
  9. @CrypTopher Hi Thanks for your compliment. Indeed they are nice wins as I normally play at much lower bet levels and only on very special occasions I do play slightly bigger bets. Well, IMHO if you would like to try bigger bets its best to wait for tell tale signs that Plinko is starting before zooming in on dropping some Xtra large bets. I had a few this morning. I haqve included one below. I am normally in the Indonesian room and if you happen to drop by just tag me for a chat bro. Good Luck !!!
  10. Dude, I seen Syztmz rip over 20 buys in a row on gates a few months ago, not 1 buy paid money back but the following week hit hit max win on a $800 buy. When we lose it's rigged, when we win God loves us.
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  12. On average the 26x hits every 223 drops and the 130x once every 2,048 drops. Going 2000 drops without hitting either is kind of unlucky, but really no reason to cry.
  13. sportsbook, but you need good strat
  14. In my case it's just insane I can't get the bonus in fruit party 1 with spin I love this slot but she hate me for sure.
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