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  2. Well I don't like ut to be back but as a seperate mode from pinko than I'd like it to be back
  3. I miss the old version rather than the new . I liked how it was before with that chatbox and bugs and everyone complaining about it in chat.
  4. Thanks for the giveaway DB! Sad to hear about the dark tokens.
  5. I don't care even though it's late, congratulations Mladen stake: Landak
  6. Username: Banana2018 Congratulations! πŸŽ‰
  7. I had 5000x before when it was there. Would be nice to see it back. But not the 0.0 ones 😁
  8. It's okay even if the hype is over. The purpose of the games is for players to have a lot of options to choose.
  9. I like limbo the most. It's like chartbet on steroids.
  10. I'm also waiting for this to happen. An update where we get 2 plinko games, an old version and the new version.
  11. Bits-Pays Update: ==>Payment Proof page and login ads has been added. Payment proof page display last 200 completed cashouts. You can find latest processed payment link in footer or on home page. ==>Login ads are viewed each time member is logging it to their account and can be viewed unlimited times, ads are open in a new window without any frames so advertisers can advertise all sort of programs there as long as they fallow moral standards. This is one of the cheapest way of advertise for a great results. ==>More security features will be soon implemented; ==>More advertising and earning methods are coming, hopefully soon they will integrate them, along with few miner updates. Rented Referral System: ==>Stats will be collected from the last 7 days of your earnings from ads and deposits, related to that amount price will be set automatically to 80% for Premium members and 30% for Standard, you are not able any more to adjust your own price, it is set automatically by script. You just need to confirm that you want to be listed in the rented referrals market. In order to receive your 30% reward, you will need to earn a minimum 80% back to your employer of the price paid for you, if you earn less then that by the time rental period expires, sorry but you will not receive 30% reward. ==>Insurance trigger on rented referrals has been introduced! If you plan or would like to rent referrals, that's one of the best news for you! If your rented referral will not earn you a minimum of 80% of your paid price for him you will be refunded back 20% of paid price, if referral earn less then 50% then 40% of paid price goes back and if you earn less then 10% from that referral an 80% refund will be credited to your account. Thank you. i will have it very soon and then i will post it here. I made in 1 day almost 5 000 satoshi and i didn't view all the advertisements so there is not much until i will reach 20 000 to withdraw.
  12. just dont see alot or betting from this game.. just a feeling, not saying its literally dead.. im sure a few still plays it.. just not as much compared to when it just came out.. heh, its not that hard xD..
  13. i thought that is what was going to happen,. but got only the old version, more more troll than ever too o.O..
  14. Have you tried epayments? They have wallets that can be loaded using cryptos (not all by the main ones).. and can request for a prepaid debit card.. only thing with the wallet and debit card is its only in 4 currency.. us, eur, rub, and a forth which i cant remember athe moment.. in order to use it though, you will need to go through KYC providing picture ID and proof of address dated no longer than 30 days of your application.. good luck with your search!..
  15. Today
  16. woah thanks for the link i missed this a lot thanks bro
  17. the game still there its hard to play that video poker so never played that
  18. i dont understanad this game haha but i tried twice but i lost haha
  19. Lol badluck i suggest you not to keep on playing this game for a while or if you really really want to play the game then I'd suggest you to go with a change of seeds to some random one
  20. I know this exchange the exchange doesn't actually exchange for you but shows you sites where you can do the certain exchanges you want with the fee and minimum amount and more details. A great site indeed by being a trader.
  21. Well the game is not dead what makes you think the game is dead ? I don't have any vibe that makes me feel that the game is dead and no more.
  22. Just type old.stake.com in the url and press enter and you have to log in as to play on the old mines. I suggest you play in the new one so there are no problems concerned with the funds.
  23. username - Makulet11 Congratulations @Mladenο»Ώ !!!!
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