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  2. menurut saya permaian poker yang ada di stake.com terbagi menjadi 2 hanya untuk meramaikan permainan,,, lagi pula video poker dan diamond poker adalah salah satu game terbaik yang pernah ada... kalau diamond poker sih enaknya main all in... masalahnya di permainan ini hanya payout 2x yang paling besar.. jika bermain di video poker, masih lumayan tinggi pembayarannya... jadi jangan bermain all in kalau di video poker... hanya saja memang sulit untuk mencapai payout terbesar dalam permainan video poker tersebut... saya sendiri yang sering menggunakan permainan ini sebagai salah satu sarana untuk bertaruh di stake.com paling tinggi hanya sampai pada pembayaran 4 of kind... itu pun hanya beberapa kali dan dengan teruhan yang sangat kecil... walau demikian, saya belum pernah melakukan withdraw dari kemenangan dari kedua game poker tersebut... karena memang susah untuk mencapai batas minimal withdraw jika hanya bermain dengan kedua permainan tersebut
  3. kalau saya gebuk meja pc sambil bilang asw nyesel aing main terus coba kalau di wd udah bisa beli barang atau senang-senang gan. keserakahan itu memang akan menjerumuskan kamu ke dalm lubang yang dalam emang gak salh dalam agama tidak boleh serakah 😅 sebenarnya itu udah mau kalah gan udah up 1.5juta di mainin lagi terus sisa 200k idr trus saya berhenti lagi buat nenangin emosi dulu sebentar terus saya lanjutin lagi malah sampai witdraw 6 juta nah dari situ saya mulai mempelajari sesuatu jadi ketika kita kalah atau misalkan ada sisa balance jangan di all in lebih baik di simpen dulu istirahat bermain sampai emosi hilang nenangin diri sampai mood baik lagi baru lanjut main dengan hati-hati pelan tapi pasti. jadi kalau saya main selalu say pelajari hal apa yang membuat kita kalah dan hal apa yang harus kita lakukann ketika kalah dan bagaimana cara bisa profit lagi. itu pengalaman saya gan karena pengalaman itu guru yang paling berharga.
  4. Really even airdrop 99 $ 1.Register for the even network airdrop https://evenfoundorg/?ref_code=sYVRoS 2.Verify your email. if you didn't received a mail,chekin your spaam 3.login in to your accaunt and complete kyc verification ( 1000 EVEN ) 4. click on "Bounty program" and complate the tasks ( + 2000 EVEN ) 5.submit your details after every task. 6.earn up to 1400 even tokens after completring all of the task full information The Future of the Decentralized Economy. Cross-Chain Interaction Network 3000 token 99 $ https://evenfound.org/?ref_code=sYVRoS EVEN Network — is an open cross-chain platform with EVEN cryptocurrency that allows users to interact with more than one blockchain at a time. Cross-Chain Interaction Protocol (CIP): A protocol for secure cross-chain transactions, including transferring, exchanging, and storing digital assets. Rated DAG: An algorithm that makes it possible to distribute transaction data within the network and reach a consensus at a very high speed, while also allowing for easy network scalability. Cross-chain smart contracts: Create smart contracts, define their launch hierarchies and conditions of execution, and route them on multiple blockchain platforms. Safe of Digital Assets (SoDA): A distributed storage facility for the management, cross-chain exchange, and storage of digital assets. Steps to receive 3000+ tokens Airdrop. You are expected to complete your KYC under 24hrs of registration. 30 EVEN = 1USD ~ $100 Visit here to register to receive 1000 tokens as a welcome bonus. This will later be converted to EVEN token. If you register directly, you will only be credited with 100 tokens as against 1000. If you receive the error “Please enter correct value Cookie _ga not specified”. It is your browser that is blocking the dialog box. kindly make use of an alternative browser. I ended up using opera after a lot of struggle with chrome and firefox Enter your details and confirm your email address Follow this link to perform KYC as this is required to be eligible. If your KYC was declined? Go here and ask: t.me/even_kyc Read here on how to pass KYC for the first time. All requirements are stated there. Go to your account at https://cabinet.evenfound.org/profile/bounty and select Bounty Program Click on take the task button to perform any task. Follow the link under the description to perform the task. Click on take the task button again to submit the link of the completed task. Ensure you always click on this button second time to submit your work. No screenshot needed for any task. The tasks available are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Video Review, Blog and Article. Ensure you check your cabinet office as withdrawal will start in July and the form for ETH address will appear to submit your wallet address and withdraw. Join our telegram channel for updates and find out more about the project details by visiting this here Don’t miss out on any airdrop & bounty again follow us on twitter ,be notified on Instagram, linkedin and like our facebook page . Our website: https://bountyairdroptoken.com Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address. https://evenfound.org/?ref_code=sYVRoS https://evenfound.org/?ref_code=sYVRoS
  5. iya bener bisa beli aja murah-murah koq kalo nyewa rdp kalo yah biasa enggak sampe ratusan ribu tapi kalau mau yang bagus beli yang premium sekalian biar wuzz wuzz nya enak . tapi buat sekarang lagi enggak pakai rdp soalnya ya enggak lagi hunting payout gede sih kecuali kalau mau cari payout gede pasti nyewa rdp yang sebulan.
  6. I think storing bitcoin in vault, a temporary bank feature owned by stake.com is safe enough to store bitcoin or other coins that we have ... I have a few things to learn if you want to steal someone's bitcoin stored in vault stake .com. ... first, if someone wants to take / steal the bitcoin that we have stored in stake.com vault, then he must find our user name and password first ... this is so that he can get into stake.com using our account have the ... Second, the thief must know our e-mail address and password, because if you want to make a withdrawal via vault to the main site stake.com through email verification ... Third, the 2fa code ... the thief must be able to find out the 2fa code / password that we have, otherwise he only dreams of taking / stealing the bitcoin that you have ...
  7. After a big win I withdraw and then force myself to redeposit it if I wanna continue
  8. А я вот думаю: какой ломбард может работать в новогоднюю ночь ... ? :)
  9. Сейчас зверушек нету, перееду в частный дом возьму чубаку☺️
  10. in fact cheap coins or expensive coins in my opinion the same ... many people who bet using cheap coins and save expensive coins when they get the coin from the rain or from a tip .. I myself often experience it ... it's just that I feel the bet using cheap coins or expensive coins is the same ... sometimes a person who bet cannot control his passions in betting ... after the cheap coins run out ... loses the bet, he immediately replaces them with expensive con and continues betting ... only a small number of people are able to hold their bet when they still have coin ...
  11. video poker kan pakainya kartu gan kecuali diamond poker pakainya diamond buat main yang kita di suruh untuk menyamakan warna diamond tersebut. karena payoutnya juga terlalu kecil gan dan win ratenya kayaknya udah di turunin jadinya ya mungkin jadi pasa males main diamond poker gan. lagian ya emang susah main diamond poker gan susah buat nebaknya juga sama kayak diamond poker coba kayak hilo ada cashoutnya mungkin lebih banyak yang main.
  12. Про золото, честно говря, даже не слышал ничего такого. Стейблкойнов я как-то не вижу в качестве международного расчетного средства.
  13. hahahha ... too many thoughts do make someone quickly age ... it's true what you say .. it's just that only a handful of people are able to do that .. maybe because of the human adrenaline factor that is different every person ... many believe it, even they themselves who say that they play gambling only to have fun ... but when they experience a big loss, they actually do extreme things ... angry .. cursing, or even destroying things around them ... there are also those who claim to have difficulty falling asleep for a moment after experiencing a big loss in gambling ... even though they themselves admit that they are just having fun ...
  14. itu termasuk depo gan masuknya redepo hanya melakukakan deposit ulang aja di satu site atau deposit dari hasil site judi lain . lumayan besar juga ya emang biasanya kalau redepo suka kalah sih gan misalkan kita habis menang banyak di satu site trus di redepo di site itu lagi atau di redepo di site lain rata-rata sih habis kalau menang lagi ya pastinya karena hoki aja. saya aja pernah menang di salah satu site trus redepo udah beberapa kali pasti kalah . target opit setiap hari itu cuma buat acuan kita aja biar gak main asal-asalan gan dan punya arah tujuan mainnya kalo main tanpa arah dan tujuan di pastiin bakal asal mainnya juga. contohnya kita main tanpa arah mau buat apa kita main judi pasti kan ada hal yang kita inginkan dari situ jadi ya usahakan ada target buat sugesti kita supaya main dengan benar. biasanya sepengalaman saya sih yang redepo itu yah berpikir kalau dia itu masih hoki atau masih enak main padahal sebenernya kalo kita pikirkan lebih baik di simpan dulu atau istirahat dulu sejenak .
  15. I'm not Japanese or Chinese ... so I never met Satoshi Nakamoto ... I am a person who does not easily believe about something if I have not seen it directly or I have evidence or witnesses that I trust to reveal that truth ... so ... yes ... I do not believe / believe that it is Satoshi Nakamoto .. what I know the truth to date is that me and my friends at stake use bitcoin that was created by satoshi nakamoto to bet / play gambling as a bet ...
  16. Kalo main game itu dismon pokrr emang muati siap balance gede dan po nya kan terbatas jadi emang musti di allin kalo balanca dah minus
  17. if I get a big win, then I will make it rain ... share a little of my victory with friends who are in stake ... I always make the same amount of rain ... as many as 25 people will get it in one rain ... and so on if I intend to rain until 5 times .... because I want all my friends in the chat room to be able to take part in feeling my victory .. I don't want even one person to get it ... I want something to be shared fairly as fairly as possible .....
  18. Hello all dear on forum! I believe too, BTC will leader still. I don't want other and weird cryptocurrency. I need calmly and without panic. If Libra will going up so we will exchange BTC to Libra 😂 but think wisely, maybe Libra will going up very quick and alert. We don't know what will in the future.. I prefer BTC - it's awesome cryptocurrency on the world! ❤️ Greetings, Tomki!
  19. It happened to me too build 400k sats from 100k sats by playing dice and want to withdraw it at 500k sats but lost all my balance before withdraw it
  20. before betting, losing or winning is a matter for later ... the most important thing is setting a target ... be it the target bet, the target of victory, the target of defeat, or even the target time when betting .. if the target is available, prepare yourself before betting ... reread the target you will achieve ... if you win and reach the target, .. stop betting .. stop expecting more wins .. Do withdrawal because it is the best ... as well as when you experience defeat ... do not let all the deposions that you do disappear entirely ... stop when defeat has reached its target ... do not force you to win back ... good luck is sure to come, it's just that we don't know when that luck will accompany us on the bet ...
  21. This always happens when you are not waiting for it. But when you hunt for large multipliers, they don’t fall out or you should lower the bet like a booom and i catch this. You need a good balance and patience, and then it can be done.
  22. When the balance is small, there is nothing left for me to do anymore, like hunting for large multipliers until I am lucky or my balance is zero. This is the only way to quickly increase balance.
  23. Short sessions are always more profitable than long ones, which ultimately lead to loss. Video poker is very stingy with big multipliers, but maybe lucky. The biggest thing I caught was straight flush just once.
  24. It seems like there are still many sites for other exchange sites ... but I am still looking for a fast exchange site and have a low exchange fee ... I still haven't found it yet ... on average a crytocurrency coin exchange site charges a cryptocurrency exchange fee between 2% -5% for each transaction ... does anyone know a cheaper exchange fee than that ?? ....
  25. I believe BTC will always lead the way. No other will reach or replace it.
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