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  2. X990 is good method, increase on lose 0.3% and give a try...
  3. Thanks for the info. They also make these little cards you can print out that help you remember
  4. csszilard95 thank you so much!!
  5. Blackjack as always has some combination. But beings it’s online and have no way to get a count or handle of where the shoes is at it becomes significantly more about luck
  6. I like crash the most but will have to check out Hilo I guess
  7. I never play this game, Keno Slots my favs
  8. 1000 Times Is Absurd! This is a miracle or a sign from above, I had never seen like this in my life, NEVER!
  9. username: leonida1 Lets make this weekly race GOING!!!
  10. Yes it’s important Yea that so true so I want to be the best person I can in all aspects of life regardless of what I’m doing
  11. @itstepay Kindly pick me please. It would be a great help for me. Godbless stake 🙏😉
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