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  2. My opinion is to suddenly bet 40 dogecoin and roll, and the system doesnt expect it... then change over to roll under and roll.. then refresh your seed and start again along with a high bet. In a nutshell randomize how you play, randomize the wager, refresh the seed ( i use seeds till nonce 50 because after that the system can catch on to what you are doing. So to also confuse again you can maintain the seed till 200 rolls every once in a while) and make the system confused! You don't confuse the system like that, you can't beat the system, you can't be THAT unpredictable in my opinion.
  3. The Chosen One 🧙‍♂️ Ends: 29/07/19 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirement: Win a game of Crash with the highest possible multiplier you could reach by the end of the challenge week. Post and link the bet the same day you hit it, and feel free to edit post with the new entry if you hit a higher multiplier later on during the week, also on the same day as you hit it. Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00003300 0.00004700 0.00011000 3.50000000 0.03200000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ Post count on the forum. Prizes (for the top 20) 1st place: 0.02 BTC 2nd place: 0.015 BTC 3rd place: 0.01 BTC 4th place: 0.005 BTC 5th place: 0.003 BTC 6-10th place: 0.0024 BTC 11-20th place: 0.0015 BTC Prize Pool (for the remaining participants) 0.02 BTC will be shared among the players who have hit the payout of at least 30x. How to Enter: Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. **Note: In case of a tie, players will be ranked: a) based on the sum of their bet amounts converted to BTC on the day of crediting; b) if further tie occurs, players will be ranked based on the time of posting, that is, the last edit of their entry post on this thread. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)
  4. pada dasarnya kalah besar atau kecil itu relatif gan. setiap orang mempunyai standar besar kecil sendiri-sendiri. Situasi juga cukup berpengaruh misalnya ketika kita sedang banyak koin katakanlah kita memegang 100k doge, ketika kita kalah 10k doge mungkin kita akan biasa saja. Tapi ketika kita dalam situasi hanya mempunyai 20k doge ketika kita kalah 10k maka sikap kita akan berbeda dalam menyikapi kekalahan. Apalgi jika kita tidak mempunyai koin, jangankan 10k gan, 1k saja sudah terasa besar.
  5. saya masih agak susah buat ngehitung mana uang free dan mana uang deposit gan memang sih ada history transaksi deposit cuma menurut saya kalo stat item tandanya masih -profit, itulah yang buat saya terus ngejer buat ijoin semua semisal udah di akun alt ini bakalan nyoba di akun artiz karena di sana merah semua kecuali xrp
  6. но иногда реально появляеться желание наклонить, когда долго смотреть на них много чего хочется сделать)) иногда уже наперед видишь куда упадет шарик)
  7. About Plinko, I just want to say that Plinko is a bish. No matter what risk or how many rows I always get busted. Very few times Plinko has gave me a good multipliers but my bets are usually very low, not that much but low. Is not a game I look for, maybe it is the only one I use to auto-bet while I have to leave my desk chair. But in Plinko, many gamblers have found a pretty good and decent profit, that 1000x is so attractive! So true, you have to hunt for it for suuuuch a long time to just hit the 1000x on plinko, i've never hit it and I don't think I ever will, just too hard.
  8. What was your hardest moment in your life when you were about to give up on life and how did you get over it? Was it a relatives death or just a very sad and depressing experience in your life that you thought was very hard to continue with it? For me it was my grandpas death, I couldn't sleep for nights, now I got over it and can sleep normally and was very hard to get over it, but I managed to do it.
  9. ikut flans, biar chat room indo rame lagi kayak dulu id : qiano
  10. kalao bb 0 samalah .. paling cuma pas celeng di tele aja .Selain itu sayang sekali kalau kita misalkan hunt po raksasa tapi memakai bb 0 .. takutnya ntar hit . Kalau buat prerol paling saya pakai bb mini andai hit pun minimal kita tidak terlalu kecewa . Mayanlah dikit dikit walau mini asal opit
  11. kadang udah di siapin waktu khusus gan dan malah gak ketemu moodnya buat gambling seperti kemarin saya gak ngegambling di waktu biasanya dan malah ngegambling tengah malam sampe benar benar ada mood buat ngejudi. sering nyuri nyuri waktu juga kalo semisal udah profit sih kadang masih aja nafsu buat terus bermain itu ada
  12. Yes we are normal! 😆 Normal in a creepy way though! 😂 Just kidding, I guess we're not... yet
  13. Siip ikutan, biar indo rame lagi
  14. Wahh agan ulum kagak sehati sama ane nih 😁,kan kalo ada exchanger hanger resmi kan ane enak kalo mau hunting po gajah di mines bisa sambung menyambung tanpa harus ngapelin teteh dina mulu Tapi ya memang kalau ada exchanger resmi pasti traffic history doge akan sangat tinggi baik itu history exchange maupun withdrawal nya,karena kebanyakan user pasti pilih withdraw dengan doge yang fee nya kecil dan juga cepat prosesnya
  15. Ребята, во избежания удаления ваших постов, и соответственно минуса на балике на форуме, не лейте воду, а просто в конце дня запостите стату, и не надо комментировать тут и размусоливать, для вас же лучше будет)
  16. kalo kalah beruntun udah pasti pernah gan cuma gak sesering. rasanya gak terlalu nyesek sih misal kita udah dapet wdan yang lebih dari blance yang kalah tadi
  17. so sad for your wife going. But you are still proud, because you have such a lovely child! I wish your child a healthy growth and Happy Birthday.
  18. Совмещать конечно можно, но дело в том, что сейчас как я понял не раздаются випы. А вип на форуме никак не зависит от вагера и никогда не зависел, не надо путать вип в чате, и вип на форуме. Я думаю что спорного ничего нет, если идет фарм сатох, то зачем кого-то награждать еще лишними 10 сообщениями? Это крайне не разумно. И потом если ты фармишь сатохи, то поверь уж писать только осмысленно и строго по теме, причем полезно для форума - это надо иметь талант. Раньше тут активности было гораздо меньше и фармеров не было, потому и давали випки, чтобы те кто развивал форум получали больше возможностей. Ну, это насколько я понимаю ситуацию.
  19. I'd say I'm probably commited to my goal and I will stick to them, I will never give up my goals because it's dumb, you spent most of your time for that goal for you to reach and you suddenly just give up, why? Addiction is just another thing similar to commitment, but it is not the same at the same time, just because commitment is not the same just of its two different things.
  20. agak susah buat atur po pas 1m gan, dan sekarang aja saya masih bermain di payout 2m dengan mines 9 dan diamon 15 di alt saya. waduh hunt po yang agan cari hampir sama kek si etude ya, yang sering masuk hr dengan 4 Ace di hilo
  21. I have a tattoo, I like dragon Tattoos are a fashion. Especially in the summer, it looks cool. like this one:
  22. jir nakal sejak dini dari sd aja dah bisa tawuran joo kalo nyolong mah biasa cuma jangan sampe keterusan aja hehe
  23. I have tried something similar with PD recently whilst trying to hit the highest 2x steak. But then I went out of my strategy and started playing with the live stat graph and other sort of history with rolls etc. Of course this is just a test but to my surprise doing so I managed to reach a profit very close to 10,000 with only base bets of 100, which is basically a 100x after like 2000 odd rolls. I kpet changing the sides and held it till, I thought it was going to go the other way. Not like too often but at least had around 40 to 60 rolls. I don't think if I ever left it on one side I would have gotten a 100x. But also this can't be something that will happen often. I only did it once so it could be sheer luck (beginners luck). I shall try it on PD or Stake again and see how it goes.
  24. Kalau ane sampe sekarang masih sedikit deg2an karena selalu mikir duit itu susah dicari wkwk jadi nya kalau modal ludes, nyari nya dari 0 lagi. itu sih yang selalu membuat hati ga tenang
  25. Ахаха Юра поржал честно с наклонением ноута))) Шарики то не по траекториям падают а по результатам сида.
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