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  2. Dati narinig ko lang sa iba na meron daw iniisponsor ang stake sa mga streamers. Kunyrai sila koy shinjoe at oleeg. Tingin ko sponsored sila at binibigyan ng funds ng stake para ipamigay at para sa publicity. Hinangad ko ito noon kaso wala hindi talaga para sakin to. Napakahirap makakuha ng viewers at fans haha Nakakainis pa kapag puro pamigay nalang gusto ng mg nanunuod. Isa pa di rin kasi ako ganun kapogi at kagandahan ang boses. Siguro kung babae ako at papakita ng konting cleavage dadami viewers ko. HAHAHA Kayo ba naisip nyo nadin mag stream para sa stake?
  3. kalau begini ane rasa berat juga soalnya kalau bb langsung besar tanpa ada nya preroll juga butuh balance yang besar dan kesabaran yang besar juga kalau ane mah gabisa main di 1 game dan ngandalin 1 akun itu aja dan pasti nya ane mainin di game lain nya buat ngehilangin suntuk
  4. Слушайте, вам и другим людям скажу. Вэйп - ни панацея. Если вы не хотите бросить курить - вы не бросите. Но сделать это можно, просто если захотеть. Как минимум благодаря вэйпу количество поглощаемых вами смол меньше,е сли хотя бы сократить потребление сигарет. Мне приходит плюшка из Китая, я с аналоговыми распрощаюсь, как минимум если и буду с ними видеться - то очень и очень редко)
  5. SLFJ

    Noob arriving

    Hello and welcome to Stake!
  6. Emotional management, usually anger is popping in my head after bust. Goal management when to stop and how to stop! 😂 All of us have their goal but sometimes when they reached their goal, they don't know how to stop anymore lol just like me
  7. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies have made the financial system what it is today, yet many are unaware that they even exist. You may be asking yourself, what is KYC? Or what is AML compliance? The reason these policies are not widely known is likely due to the fact that they were instituted so long ago. In 1970, Congress passed the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, also known as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the first step toward modern-day Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. It requires banks and other institutions to collect and keep records of their customers’ identities and addresses, in order to prevent money laundering, and to easily identify customers who may be participating in illegal activities. Due to the BSA, financial institutions are required to have at the minimum a customer’s name, date of birth, residential or business address, and their identification number. The United States government requires financial institutions to collect and store this information; despite the security measures they have in place to protect it. This information generally isn’t stored in an encrypted way, leaving it exposed for any hacker who happens to break through an institution’s security. Can KYC and AML reinvigorate the cryptocurrency market? A significant reason cryptocurrencies have not been adopted on a wide scale is related to the number of scams and fraud that have run rampant in the industry since its inception in 2008. Many cryptocurrency organizations have begun adopting KYC and AML policies in an attempt to curb cryptocurrency use in illegal activities. However, cryptos like Monero, which were originally developed with anonymity in mind, make instituting KYC/AML much more difficult. In these cases, self-regulation is the solution some exchanges are going for. For instance, in June 2018 Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck removed the option to use Monero, Zcash, Dash, and Augur’s Reputation in order to adhere to Japan’s Financial Services Agency policy concerning cryptocurrencies that provide complete anonymity. Self-regulation is becoming the new norm in the crypto industry, as it is much easier to find solutions within the cryptocurrency community rather than relying on global regulations, which tend to lag behind the newest developments in cryptocurrency. KYC/AML instituted through self-regulation in the cryptocurrency community may increase security and therefore attract more investors in the process. Attract investors? Or increase innovation? KYC/AML at the moment acts as a double-edged sword. Their implementation has the ability to attract investors who are sceptical of the security in the crypto industry. However, they also can limit innovation altogether by restricting licensing to companies which cannot afford the cost of KYC/AML upkeep. There are aspects of KYC/AML that are severely flawed, but ultimately the real flaw lies in security. It isn’t the necessity of collecting customer information that is flawed, but the systems that are in place to keep that information safe.
  8. If we do this, won't it be just like in the forum games? It's not good to be here though because it will be quite spammy. This is a paid section so it won't be good. Although yeah I had seen someone use it before. But mostly for sarcasm. Like they quoted someone and edited it to "Bla bla bla" and said " what did i just read? nonsense for forum sats?" something like that. I haven't seen someone use it other than that though.
  9. Yes, pre-rolling and looking at patterns actually works if you study it alot, you wont see the valleys of red if you study a game mode and its secrets within your playtime on Stake, I usually pre-roll until I see that I can win within a few rolls and I start martingaling if I see I'm losing, and that pays out either or you're just gonna hunt a 16x red streak like I did the other day lmao, good luck in gambling. - Play smarter.
  10. Ага, профукать - так все разом, для начального банка можно и с розыгрышей и форумов себе за две недели баксов 50 набить, мне кажется, но это играть спокойно можно)
  11. ya bisa dikatakan begitu gan saya gak pernah ada pikiran buat ikutan race 😅 maklum saya pemain dengan modal yang sangat imut jadi udah sadar diri gak ikutan race wuahaha padahal mah modal buat ngebet biasa ae bingung darimana eh malah mau ikutan race 🤣 langsung bergetar kentjang nih tangan kalau mau ngebet 😂
  12. daripada curi-curi waktu mending disediain waktu khusus gan. karena klo nyuri-nyuri waktu itu juga sebnrnya kondisi kita secara mental tidak siap, dalam artian kita tidak fokus 100%.
  13. ERC Token Exchange is proud to announce the launch of our upgraded support page which coincides with our desire for faster, better and more effective customer support. The site will help users with an optimized support guide, new helpful articles, improved ticket submission process, and fresh design. To quickly find more useful information browse the categories listed below: NEW USERS - Are you new here and in need of help? We got you covered. LOGIN AND SECURITY - We take security very seriously and so should everybody. YOUR ACCOUNT - Knowing your account inside and out will help you navigate your wallet. BANK TRANSACTION - Become skilled in bank transactions and avoid any delays. CRYPTO TRANSACTION - You think it’s complicated? Not with the help of these articles. GENERAL - Now that you know how things work, you should learn more about erc token exchange Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our support guide and blog to provide new articles and notifications. We’re really proud of our renovated support page and feel it will create the experience users are looking for when they are searching for help. If you have any queries contact mail-> support@erctoken.exchange
  14. Naisip ko lang. Paano kaya kung makadiskubre ako ng bagay na pwede ko maexploit dito sa stake tulad ng bugs gqanun na magiging sure win ako. Haha Iniisip ko sigurado ang gagawin ko non susulitin ko muna tulad ng kay hufflepuff noon tapos tsaka ko sasabihin sa kanila. Haha pero syempre lalaruin ko ng safe at walang Kasi sigurado pag sinabi ko yon agad sakanila, maliit lang bibigay sakin kumpara sa posible ko na makuha. Baka nga di pa paabutin ng 1 btc. Ok lang sakin ma ban dito basta may 1k btc ako. HAHAHA Kayo ba gagawin niyo din gagawin ko o kakaiinin kayo ng konsensya nyo?
  15. Ikut juga meramaikan ah... Nick stake : jinkoper
  16. Wow! Good to hear that, phew I got scared lol. By the way I dony know what horse and dogs races are, haven't played one before, I like Eddie's races only😂 There is a quote button bro! 😉 No need to copy it. Thank you for your kind words 😅
  17. Are you 70 y.o.? I think only they need silence and aquarium in the house
  18. Cuman orang berduit alias sultan kayaknya gan yang nikmatin begitu wkwk. Ane yang modal minim doang gak ada nikmat2nya tu adrenalin, nikmat sesaat doang setelah itu busted dan yang ada ngerasa nyesel
  19. 1. Coinflip (PvP Game). coinflip is a 50-50 game where a player can choose the amount to bet, for example. i put up a coinfligame a requires 0.1btc to join cause that the amount i wanna bet in a coinflip. now a player presses "accept bet" and a provably fair coin is flipped and the winner gets the amount of crypto that was agreed on betting for now 0.2btc. and making players being able to bet different crypto against different crypto would be great. for example i bet 1 btc so if someone would like to play with eth, it should be available. With this one I fully agree, they also will be able to take a percentage of the total winning amount for taxes, so I think coinflip should be added, it has been forgotten on a few gambling sites, I miss it much and if Stake would add it I would be more hyped than ever to try it out.
  20. Это не так) Менять его нельзя по причине неудобства, скорее всего. А не потому, что из-за его смены начнет везти) Вы не меняете алгоритм рандома. Так как сайт использует псевдо генератор рандома - ему нужна стартовая точка для этого. Я уже это где-то расписывал, может даже здесь. И изменяя сид - вы изменяете начальное число от которого происходит расчет)
  21. jkd123

    Stake Race!!!

    berubah-ubah gan, klo semakin rame yg ikut pesertanya pasti makin susah juga untuk top 100. rewardnya emang jauh sih pastinya lebih rame.
  22. jualid

    Stake Race!!!

    Enaknya mega race walaupun posisi 50-100 tetep dapet reward yang lumayan, gak harus wager 0.1 btc kayaknya gan, dibawah itu juga udah bisa masuk top 100 races. Wkwk agan maen cuman buat opit ya berarti, gak gitu peduli sama races.
  23. Nope you need to check it from time to time if you won. I just wish they tag people so that they can know if they won. I already missed one social giveaway prize beforehand because I didn't know I won Or you can follow steve to get updates to his every post.
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