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  2. Да, только бы еще знать как посчитать. Статистика то общая за все время. Когда в чате почти все уже со звездами, а у тебя нету, и вроде бы и вагер не плохой за день накручиваешь, волей не волей начинаешь посматривать уже на вагер а не на профит😋
  3. Definitely Marvel. However I also like some DC movies (Suicide Squad, Dark Knight etc.)
  4. Dice is my favor. Roulette and hi/lo wit roulette sometimes. But i like the different available games. i just in explore mode. lol
  5. I think it is a good idea. Of course we could do the calculations manually, but the ideal is to have an automatic calculator. Personally, I am still very far from the account, but maybe it would motivate to go faster when we know at what level we are, and when we could reach the next
  6. Scorpions - Wind of Change. This one is for all times
  7. welcome to forum! For me the same. i just see how many interesting topics in here.
  8. Menang

    Stake Race!!!

    Iya gan akmal jadwal mega race setiap minggu, berpartisipasi sambil nadah rain selama 2 jam lumayan gan. Kalau bisa masuk 100 besar nanti diposting di twitter nya stake atau eddie, agan bisa dapaet 25$ . Lumayan cuman saingannya berat2 wkwkw
  9. Welcome here! Start with low bets to get a feeling for site. Good luck
  10. Это тебе к Гаирбеку, Елене и к Соне, они у нас спецы по минам. Но в последнее время мины стали не те, затяги начались постоянно, на 1440х (7мин 14 крисов) раньше один рисунок в среднем давал 1к-2,5к красных, теперь минимум 3-5к красных, последний раз 8,4к красных выдал. Правда я тогда и словила неплохо ставка было 0,5 собаки, я подняла да 4 собак и они через 25 роллов отдали. Чистыми вышло около 5к собак
  11. Steffie

    I Love Hilo Game!

    I just discovered and tried this game, even if it's been a long time since HiLo is here, but I was too focused on other games. And I am surprised to see that we can win quickly, with payouts that increase fast (and with luck of course). The key is to trust intuition, and cash out at the right time. Not so easy... but I think I like it
  12. Iya tadz beda seed beda juga hokinya ada seed yang sering hoky prematur ada juga seed yang bisa menguras waktu pikiran dan balance kita karena longred nya bisa gak ketulungan tapi kapan waktu boleh dicoba tuh tadz semisal habis melar rednya tanpa ganti seed buat hunt po kimcil siapa tau setelah longred terdapat roll pendek pendek dibelakangnya
  13. Sip agan janin terima kasih informasinya. Berarti hari sabtu depan sudah bisa stand by ne saya buat ikutan mega racesnya. Soalnya sayang juga di lewatkan itu prizenya besar. Mana tahu bisa tembus 100 besar saja udah mantap kali sambel wageran.
  14. We have an early match playing today in the International Champions Cup between Juventus and Tottenham. The match will be played on the national stadium from Singapore at 11AM. For those of you that never heard about this competition before, the International Champions Cup is a similar to Champions League but here teams play friendly matches and don't care that much about the trophy. I'm going to analyze this match and offer you some tips for betting. Juventus has managed to win the championship in Italy last season for the eight consecutive time. They have a new coach after Max Allegri agreed with the club managership to leave after 5 years. Maurizio Sarriis the new coach of Juventus and he was welcome very good by receiving some players to make the team stronger especially on the defensive side, Juventus signing with De Ligt, Buffon, Demiral, Ramsey and Rabiot. Chiellini, Ramsey, Khedira and Douglas Costa all remained in Torino, while the players that participated at Copa America, Alex Sandro, Bentancur, Cuadrado and Dybala are also going to miss this tournament from Asia. Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cancelo, De Ligt, Bonucci, De Sciglio; Pjanic, Rabiot, Matuidi; Mandzukic, Ronaldo, Bernardeschi. Tottenham was the finalist of the last edition of Champions League where they've lost against Liverpool with 1:0. Tottenham finished on 4th place in Premier League last season, ending only 1 point above Arsenal. Ben Davies, Eric Dier and Cameron Carter-Vickers remained in England. Also Vincent Janssen, Georges-Kevin Nkoudou and Danny Rose are free of contract and they can look for other teams while Trippier was already transferred to Atletico Madrid this summer according to the official site of Tottenham. Tottenham (4-3-3): Lloris; Foyth, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Walker-Peters; Ndombele, Winks, Alli; Son, Kane, Lucas. I'm expecting to see an open match here especially because both teams are kind of at the same level of training and both of them are in reconstruction stages, Juventus also changing their coach this summer. So I think this will be a balanced match but in the same time an open one with lots of ocassions and goals from both sides, especially because this is a friendly match and the supporters are waiting to see a very good show of football from two of the best teams on planet. Maybe in the past we all known Juventus as having one of the strongest defense on the planet but I think that's already become a myth because Juventus has conceded at least one goal in their last 10 matches in the previous season. My pick for this match is BTTS(both teams to score). We have two teams with plenty of force in attack and players like Ronaldo, Kane, or Son that can score anytime from pretty much any position.
  15. Hello welcome here! Have fun! Goodluck to you friend. Feel fre to chat us or be friendly.
  16. С Ампулой поржать можно было пипец, как только он в чате появлялся так ржач стоял, все под столом))) Ну и правда он и шашкой неплохо рубил, в бан многие улетали
  17. 1. 2. Honestly 20 years is really a very long time. It's almost the same as my age, I can't imagine what the stake will be in the next 20 years, but look at what they have created since 2017, with only 2 years they can create. a reputation and quality of the products they make and become the largest casino. I believe stake is a breakthrough boom that competitors must always be wary of. I think they will not stop at this level and they will always upgrade the stake to keep up with the trend. They won't stop at the online level. Maybe they will create a real club and gamers can experience more real improvements, and I think they will always have incentives for players for 20 years. Because of the people I will be with stake for the next 20 years
  18. waduhhh ada exchanger aja udah bagus tadz masak masih mau minta bonus😁 Tapi emang kayaknya itu nomer kesekian sih buat stake apalagi pe er dev nya ja saat ini masih banyak yang belum kelar,tapi kembali lagi kita hanya bisa berharap stake punya exchanger sendiri 😊
  19. Hello! Welcome in the site, I hope you'll get lucky! Same with me buddy Feel free to add me in stake im Sledge there
  20. My favourite one is old good roulette. Dice is also good, but rather boring IMHO
  21. Makanya kadang juga bingung dulu kenapa satu strategy di orang lain work dan saat kita pakai kagak . Sekarang sudah ketemu jawabnya . Semua itu karena seed . Andai kita bisa milih seed enak pastinya . Seed yang bagus kita pakai terus dan yang kurang bagus kita buang Tapi sayangnya seed yang menentukan pihak stake sendiri ., Tapi sekarang saya tetep lagi ngulik strategy yang enak dipakai dan profitable walau cuma dikit opitnya . dikit dikit kan lama lama jadi bukit
  22. Hi Darkai, welcome to forum
  23. thanks for th e heads up. Iam always careful with investment sites. The most have no informations (impressum) it is the first warning for me.
  24. <Болик иногда лучше в минус пробить, но остаться с балансом, чем остаться с нулем на балансе и с пробивом, с большой ставкой для пробива и сидеть потом думать пробивать или нет, а если пробивать то как набить на пробив(((
  25. Hi, welcome to Stake! Have fun, hope you'll win big here
  26. I've just watched Good Omens - highly recommend if you have read the book. Now I've started to watch Better Call Saul, hope it's as good as Breaking Bad
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