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    [0.002 BTC] Daydreaming 💭

    Daydreaming 💭 Hey guys! 😊 It's Wednesday already, so we are half through the work week, so I was wandering if you ever catch yourself daydreaming while doing everyday mundane things. 😄 For example, wishing you were on a beach somewhere instead of waiting for a bus on a rainy day (because who doesn't, right?) 😉 I would like to hear where your mind wanders off to in such situations. Where would you be if you could just snap your fingers and be there, or who would you be, any scenario you imagine in your head. I'm sure that you will have a lot of interesting stories to share. 😊 Looking forward to reading your posts. 🌴🍹😊 To enter the challenge, post your entry on Discord and then post the screenshot of it below in this topic. You have 48 hours to complete this. Prize Pool 1st place: 0.0005 BTC 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC 4th-13th place: 0.0001 BTC
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    [0.002 BTC] Chitty Chatty 💬

    Chitty Chatty 💬 Hey there, Discordians! 👋 Let's start this week in casual way and spark the conversation with some random questions. Personally, I love those kind of questions. They might seem awkward and silly, but you can actually get to know person really well from the answers you get. Don't spare your words, the point is to get creative with the answers. 😉 If you are gonna take the road trip across one continent and you could take three companions in the car from any time of the history, dead or alive, whom would you take in the car with you and why? What is something you're terrible at but wish you could do well? What Is the one food that you would never give up? For Pokemon fans - If you could invent a new Pokemon, what would its name be and what ability would it have? Does pineapple go on pizza? To enter the challenge, post your entry on Discord and then post the screenshot of it below in this topic. You have 48 hours to complete this. Prize Pool 1st place: 0.0005 BTC 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC 4th-13th place: 0.0001 BTC
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    [0.005 BTC] Preparing for party!

    And soooo, next Monday, 21th Oct, will be exact 2 years, since I registered in Stake. So literally, 2 years, since Dina was born! It's a birthday! It needs a party! I remember that day good Was lurking in Facebook, saw ad, clicked, and appeared in Stake. Strange childish website with ... marshmallow in light blue background (no offence Gary, I love you!) Placed few bets in mines, and got hooked... Thanks god (or Gary? Eddie?) for that! I met thousands of people here. Found a lot of real friends, went through dozens of different stories and dramas with them, saw good and bad, experienced exciting days and sad ones. Stake changed my life and became my home Somewhere deep in heart I hope, that I added some value to Stake too As this means a lot for me, I want to celebrate, with Stakers ofc! I intentionally created this topic in advance, to leave enough time for replies. I will share 0.005 btc on Monday, 21st Oct, between winners of this unofficial "Dina's 2nd bday" giveaway I want you to share some your story or memory with/about me. Or some my joke you've heard and still remember. Or some time, when we got fight Just, anything, what reminds you of me There's no exact rules or requirements... I will just pick replies, which will hook my heart or make me smile, and split prize between them I LOVE STAKE ❤️
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    Do you react to posts on the Forum?

    As you are all aware on the Stake forum, you can react to people’s posts and comments, as shown by the example below. The more reactions that you get, the higher your community reputation. Whenever I see a comment that deserves a reaction like this or I find the points valid, I always try me best to react to them. Recently, I have been making posts on the Forum and I have been looking through posts and hardly anyone uses these reactions. Some examples can include @nuuuitsjdragon , @SLFJ and @wngo123, including many others. I just think that as a community, we should be supporting each other through things like this and if you respond to someone/quote something that they said, you could at least take a second to use one of these reactions and support their account. ❤️
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    Everything you need to know about the Forum Rewards system I have put together the following resource to help make things a bit more transparent regarding our contribution initiative, without providing a resource guidebook for people to exploit the system. This system has been setup to help encourage constructive participation in the discussion available. Evaluation Period During your first 30 posts with the community, your account undergoes an automated quality control period. Within this time period your post quality is evaluated using various methods to determine your initial value rating. The better quality your responses and posts are during this period, the higher your value rating starts. This value rating is determined by numerous factors, which include: the plagiarism score, the amount of responses and activity your topics produce, your responses quality, and a few other under the hood checks (post length, interval between posts, etc.) Earning Period At any point between 15-30 posts, you will start earning satoshi for your contribution, based on the value rating set in the evaluation period. The amount of potential satoishi you can receive per post or topic, is determined by your value rating. The cap for a single topic is 7,500 satoshi and for a single post is 3,000. Most users during the initial ranks of the forum will have a reduced potential intake, therefore the more you contribute the higher your payout. Regulations & Rules Users of Noob rank cannot transfer or receive forum satoshi from other users. Posting meaningless responses in order to try and farm the satoshi will result in initially a warning and then a permanent ban. You can appeal a warning three month after receiving it, but must demonstrate that you have improved on your error. You must have a stake casino account linked to cash out your forum credits to. People who are caught with multiple accounts sharing a single device and or IP, will receive a warning/ban depending on severity. Not all sections of the forum provide payments for posting. This changes from time to time based on the desires and needs for activity in certain areas. It is pointless listing the areas, so a good rule of thumb is to post where you are interested. If the section is designed to be used for meaningless discussion, its probably not apart of the contribution initiative. Warnings The effect of warnings on your account decreases your potential earnings significantly. For every warning, you receive a fraction of the potential payout you would have otherwise received if you hadn't received it. This is set up to help encourage people to be more thoughtful when participating in discussions.
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    Hi staker Indo... salam gaming!!! Saya memperhatikan setiap user pasti memiliki kesenangan tersendiri untuk melakukan bet pada beberapa game. Ada yang suka main mines, ada yang tiap hari hanya bermain plinko. Setiap orang mempunyai alasan tersendiri memilih game untuk betting. Namun saya di sini akan menanyakan game apakah yang anda mainkan tiap hari dan memberikan profit bagi anda?
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    Hello :). I must say! Stake support is really the best I ever had. From site to one another this site has the best and quick response by the support. I never had this kind of treatment even from the old site where I used to play and been there for a year. Support too slow to take action and reply 1-3hrs. But here on stake, in just a minute they would response immediately and help you out to figure it out what problem or question you want to ask. This shows no matter what a Vip or not, newbie or what. They will gladly accept what problem you are facing on stake. If only I can rate these support members, from 1-5star I would really rate them 20 over 5.
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    HBD Dinabot 🎈🎊🎉 im already looking forward to the stream, im sure that guys have prepared something interesting for us
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    KENO: 10,731,708,158 placed by Etude on 29/10/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 350x Profit 0.03490000
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    Всем привет! Все мы по уши влезли в криптовалютный бум и я уверенна, каждый да думал о создании своей личной крипты. Сейчас есть такие проекты, которые помогают легко создать крипту на основе блокчейна ethereum. и это стоит не очень дорого. Но вот как продвигать ее и как будет базироваться цена вашего детища? Ясно. что все зависит от биткоин и этого кита уже никто не переплюнет, но ведь некоторым монетам все же удалось на некоторое время оторваться от битка и сформироваться. Делитесь своими мыслями. Очень интересно узнать ваше мнение по этому поводу.
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    Question For Slots Games

    500x or 5000x on slots game is not possible but it depends on your luck but I prefer to play on other game like limbo to hunt like that multiplier
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    Как по мне вы только что успешно это сделали прямо тут. Попробуйте прочитать сами то что вы написали, и подумать (для начала над грамматикой, потом над тем как ясно выражать свои мысли *последнее предложение как яркий пример). п.с. форум вам даже ошибки подчеркивает.
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    That's was not only happen to you also happened oftenly Mahdirakib. Mostly happened when I was playing plinko and keno Long red are coming badly and hit somthing big and long red are coming again more badly. And mostly busted before what we want to hit (example no hit before plinko 1000x). If we can patience and controlling our balance betting we can hit what we want. But me also can't control for that and busted again and again because of rage betting.
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    Perfect Gift for Girlfriend?

    Hello , stakians , I was looking for Custom Necklace for my Girlfriend Sachi 💕, and finally ordered one from Dalyshop. the seller was so generous that he gave me free ring too ( link ->http://bit.ly/jewelry121 )😊 what do you think guys is it looking pretty ? 😥
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    Strategy for huntnig bet-ID.

    When I participate on telegram challenge I didn't mind about strategy just always try my luck if I hit it I'm happy and If not better luck next time. you can't predict it what is your next bet ID.
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    BLACKJACK: 11,051,458,255 placed by artizykristy on 05/11/2019 Wagered 0.00008888 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00013332 BLACKJACK: 11,052,218,329 placed by artizykristy on 05/11/2019 Wagered 0.00008888 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00013332
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    KENO: 11,023,665,735 placed by Levt211 on 03/11/2019 Wagered 0.00016384 Multiplier 180x Profit 0.02932736
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    Hi guys, I just started at Stake in Talent Acquisition & Social Media, looking forward to getting to know you all! Have a good one! Jess x
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    Hi lo and Mine calculator

    i know a site that would help us alot . there have hilo calculator and mine calculator . just find out lately that pretty helpfully let check it out all Hi lo Calc https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/stakes-hilo-calculator_4.html mine calc https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/mines.html and some other calculator thing very interesting...like odd calc https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/odds-calculator.html ... many many let check it out guy
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    Today in the Stake race, I was down around $10, when I was at a 0.1 BTC (Which isn't profitable for the whole race). So, I decided to do a recovery bet on blackjack to get this money back. From this moment, my balance just kept going down. Below, is what happened: As you can see, I went down very fast with my balance and it all went south. I was left with 0.45 eth in my vault, so I went all in twice. For some fortunate reason, I won both of these bets and was lucky enough to get back to my original bank roll. BLACKJACK: 10,317,388,162 placed by ThePug on 19/10/2019 Wagered 0.45228673 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.45228673 BLACKJACK: 10,317,392,377 placed by ThePug on 19/10/2019 Wagered 0.90457346 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.90457346 I would never recommend anyone to do this and if you are down in parts of the race, NEVER try and recover your bets. I nearly left gambling completely today and the last 2 bets made me realise how I NEED to control my bank roll more efficiently.
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    Caraca! Já é uma boa! Lucro sem risco nenhum Hahahaha somos dois! Eu com certeza passaria fome. Alguns dias atrás vi um jogador com mais de 10.000 ETH apostados, se não me engano seria uma comissão de basicamente 10 eth no bolso. Imagina uma grana dessas? Eu estaria feliz demais!
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    На днях получила очень интересное письмо, на английском, в котором мне обьясняют: что пишет мне очень хороший хаккер и он взломал мой компьютер и давно следит за мной. И если вкратце, то я должна ему отправить 670 долларов в биткоинах (кошелек прилагается) за то, что он не расспостранит видео с моей веб камеры, где я "ласкаю себя". Письмо меня повеселило и я вечером решила рассказать мужу о нем, чтобы посмеятся вместе). Самое смешное оказалось, когда я начала рассказ, а муж закончил его. Оказывается почти все сотрудники его фирмы получили подобные письма с разными текстами и он в том числе. Данная тема создана для того, чтобы предупредить людей, ни в коем случае, не отправляйте никому деньги
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    Armadilhas do sistema

    Eu sempre caio nestas armadilhas parece que o sistema foi desenvolvido para nos pegar mesmo . temos que ter todo auto controle senao vai mesmo.. e dificil mas vamos conseguir o que falta pra nos.. o controle!!! sorte ai !!
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    Does seed makes any diffrence.

    even though I am playing slots for the first time but what I feel when playing slots is better when we do not change seeds, there will indeed be periods where we will take longer to get free soin, but it will pay off with high payout because the greater the noncenya, the chance to get high po very big too.
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    Обновления на Stake.com

    [17.10.19] ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: Добавлена игра Слоты в общий доступ Добавлен раздел ВИП челленджей на форуме
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    How do you feel when muted?

    I dont feel its funny at all to make jokes about forum farming, cause its really a serious issue, and a bad example for ppl that takes your post seriously. Also talking about loans is not allowed here or in chat anyway, your mute does not have any effect on that, so you can contact the motherfu*kers outside Stake chat and Stake forum, using Skype, MSN, email, phone calls, Telegram, ICQ, smoke signals, messenger pigeons or whatever.
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    Submit your unique bets!

    My highest/biggest win
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    Сколько оптимизма в этой фразе. Тут каждый день проведенный на стакане делает тебя еще старее, так как тратишь кучу нервов.
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    Affiliate Wagering Contest

    I have no idea if it’s going to work and whether it makes sense because I do not have any referrals and am not well-verses with the subject. One thing that I can say though, is that I don’t think this is top priority and could be dealt with eventually when the developers run out of things to do. 😁
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    New Features For Plinko

    the stop on profit feature in plinko games? it seems difficult if we play the game plinko, because the ball that falls does not go directly to the basket, but gradually through the mound of obstacles while other balls also accompany the ball before, so if there is a stop on profit in the game plinko, it will be easy to guess where the next ball will fall , and it's not fun, I don't think stop on profit can be used in plinko games
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    New Features For Plinko

    hi all, I always use auto when playing plinko, so it's better to have stop profit, so hopefully the stake will immediately add the menu to plinko, because it's very important
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    Очень боюсь,но приходится посещать
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    так я и говорю к комиксам он отношения не имеет. пусть тебя не обманывает упомнания Брюса Вейна, Готтема и т.д. это фильм о человеке с психическими отклонениями который стал маньяком. убери оттуда все связанное с комиксами и он почти не изменится. останется такой же сильной психологической драмой. а остальное для кассы
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    Серьезно? Полторы ставки чтоль?
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    Jadi Pembuat Thread atau Komentator ?

    untuk saat ini saya lebih senang berkomentar saja karena saya belum mengerti bagai mana cara membuat topik yang bagus biar bisa bermanfaat buat org lain dan tidak salah dalam menempatkan sebuah thread yang nantinya akan saya buat.
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    Хочется туда где тепло круглый год. Терпеть не могу осень и зиму)
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    многие кто сидят в русском чате, не все на форуме сидят, по тому что его засрали спамеры которые за саты строчат немерено!но кто они такие не понятно,они на форуме сидят а как играть и тому подобное в чате спрашивают! Если бы читали форум,то все бы знали! Да и вообще тема не про то как ты попал сюда)))А пр то что разделение тех кто делает большие депозиты, а кто делает маленькие и не делает большого вагера!
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    MINES: 10,711,890,505 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 1010.260009765625x Profit 0.05248164 HILO: 10,713,097,183 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00012000 Multiplier 3.6578800678253174x Profit 0.00031895 LIMBO: 10,713,260,150 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 666x Profit 0.03458000 ROULETTE: 10,713,325,196 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00006000 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00210000 SLOTS: 10,713,547,277 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00012000 Multiplier 20.200000762939453x Profit 0.00230400 VIDEOPOKER: 10,713,893,846 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 22x Profit 0.00210000 BLACKJACK: 10,714,280,736 placed by truemeng on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00012000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00018000
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    K-POP dan blockchain

    Kalau MNC kayaknya agak susah gan apalagi Hary Tanoe lumayan dekat dengan Trump bahkan punya joint bisnis property di Bali yang nilainya cukup besar,tapi kurang tahu juga seandainya regulasi di Indo kedepannya lebih membuka peluang untuk crypto lebih berkembang maju
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    Waduhhhh bahaya juga itu pak kalau sampai dibela belain setor tunai hanya untuk redepo tapi kalau misal redepo untuk ngejar huntingan agar cepat hit sih masih bisa ditolerir pak karena gak terbuang percuma juga sih karena proses hitnya semakin dekat juga akhirnya
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    yang lebih memungkinkan itu mines mbah dengan maks payout 5 juta berarti min BB nya harus 200 sath, jika modal minim selain dibutuhkan konsistensi penungguan yang bisa lama dibutuhkan juga keberuntungan yang sangat besar dalam menentukan pola diamondnya, atau kalau perlu bisa semedi dulu di gunung slamet beberapa hari untuk mencari ilham pola mines yang tepat dan tidak longroll :v semoga beruntung dan cepat withdraw 10 BTC aminn
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    Thank you for this information. 💙💙💙
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    Leveling jadi hero di forum pentingkah?

    Berarti sama seperti saya gan Raja, karena saya sudah mencapai level hero , jadi tinggal fokus di pos saja kalau bisa mencapai max pos, paling tidak sudah mendapatkan modal yang cukup sebesar 10K sat saya biasanya berhenti ngeforum dan pindah ke forum sebelah. 😀 target nya juga sama cuma 10K sat saja setiap hari. Kalau mood lagi bagus biasanya bisa lebih.
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    Great news indeed! More promotions for vips. 😋
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    Diferencial da Stake?

    Todos os elogios acumulados ao site da stake. Gosto da plataforma por inumeras razões. Diferente de tudo. Já joguei em diversos cassinos virtuais, porém, como o da stake, ainda não encontrei. Ele sabe valorizar e respeitar o jogador. Tem o que melhorar? Sim! Mas aqui temos a oportunidade igualitária de disputar entre ricos e pobres. Em resumo, a generosidade do site é tamnaha que estou aqui até hoje. 😁
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    Ali saher

    Chat Rules

    Nice bojana I hope I follow the rules all time
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    Украина хочет стать крипто страной.В нашем маленьком городе был случай в прошлом году,парень купил квартиру да биткоин.А вот на счёт такого количества магазинов я не знал,из наверняка намного больше особенно в Киеве.Цифровую гривну ещё хотят создать,над этим уже работают.
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    Stake Meme Contest 2!