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    my dad is in a coma and life support is keeping him alive, our balance is currently $2021, we sold everything we can, and was able to cover the initial $1100 charges to have him admitted to ICU yesterday,now a lot medical tests nd procedures are needed but the damn hospital wont do it til we pay at least half of our current balance. any help would be highly appreciated,
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    Stake songs?

    Aloha! Do you have any song that reminds you of Stake? Or your favorite game here? Or even the song that you like to listen to while playing? We can even create a 'Stake playlist' after we collect enough songs. I dedicate this song to my favorite game here, Hilo. Post your 'Stake song' below!
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    I've Sent you just a small amount @baz07 i hope it can help for your father's recovery and it will be ok soon, ;( Just Trust GOD, and pray for him always, because everythings gonna be all right... God Bless you always and your family! Advance Merry Christmas too brother @baz07!
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    we love you baz. bm and i will try our best to help if we can but just know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayer always
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    We are willing to give you $500, and to help spread the word of your fathers condition. I will arrange for the funds to be sent to your elected bitcoin address: 3KW2KdWZoyKPSX9CZW1wGCkv9jpdiBChv1 You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. The documents contain personal information, can confirm they are real.
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    Hope you and your family are okay Baz! Thanks for providing the docs!
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    Thank you for the documents, how much is existing in medical bills, that haven't been paid, will this be an ongoing procedure? I have pulled together some of the staff at stake to help out. (I have hidden your post for privacy)
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    love has no labels

    Love has no Religion Love has no Age Love has no Gender Love has no Disability Love has no Race
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    Read Our October Crypto Magazine

    This is Core Group's monthly crypto mag, and I would love if you all would check it out. I write under my pseudoname (nickname ) "Lorilikes" and I hope you enjoy the Magazine. To see a PDF version of it scroll down. The link here of the magazine - is flash. The PDF attachment is the magazine in a more commonly CoreMagazine.info http%3A%2F%2Fcoremedia.info%2F+October+2017.pdf
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    $50.8 Million win!

    Check this out! What would you do if you won $50.8 million!?
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    Stake songs?

    Oooh, music topics are my favs! Good one, Irena Here's one song for the Roulette fans :
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    Stake songs?

    Hehe, I'd have to say - Stake, I'm addicted to you
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    @Magisterek, there is really no need to be rude! Seems to me like you are here only to cause fights and arguments. Our moderators are doing a great job, and keeping the chat clean means not to allow behavior like that. If he didn't mute you, someone else would. Please, make sure you're being nice and polite in the future, this leads nowhere. Every day a new topic that is complaint about someone. If you want things to change, start with yourself, and then tell the others what is right and what is wrong. @ThugStream is really dedicated to this, and I can only say thanks to him for spending that much time in the chat and doing an amazing job.
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    Gambling music videos

    Really nice collection, Mav! Phill, Pink Floyd, Police, love it!
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    i think that the admin needs to take a better look at some of the things that have been going on because the site is starting to lose players really fast. It's not cool for someone thats supposed to be giving out the rules and setting an example to be breaking them themselves then to turn around and mute players and after there muted then they make some lame comment or talk shit about them trying to make them look stupid....im refering to a few differant situations not just this one. it happens all the time and its fucked up. I'm not sure if the the admin or staff of Stake.com take into consideration that the players spend thousands of dollars playing here and to be traeted like shit is way out. admin should be kissing ass to keep players instead of giving lame rules and breaking the rules them selfs....
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    And I want a lot of btc. Whats similar about both our wishes? They'll never become reality. Stop arguing about my Thug boy, he's the only one who really follows the rules.
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    Stake songs?

    This one is very different, it complements mine with more modern music, so both are needed, no overlapping ..........
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    Stake songs?

    Gotta add this one, lol
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    Stake songs?

    Hahah, I have one more for Roulette fans here:
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    Sex Position

    Forget the water tho
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    Stake songs?

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    I sent a little something on the adress you provide @baz07 Not that much but hope it will help a little. Stay strong man.
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    Dark theme/Night mode for stake.com

    The night mode is currently under development, it will be launch as soon as possible. A little more patience
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    dont worry bro i will get some toghter for u
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    I need some help :)

    @maverick528 I might just add these two as well, so he could chose: Good luck!
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    I need some help :)

    Problem solved, so locking topic. Thanks to all the users that helped.
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    I need some help :)

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    Random Stake Game Bet Challenge

    I've been planning this since the day that i started to join on stake forum, if this would really works for us, Stakers!!!..... I challenge you to bet on a random game on stake and win 10k sats! Like my thread if you think this is nice! The first person who will post the winning bet id of the game that i challenged to you, will get 0.00010000 BTC or 10k satoshis only, And afterwards the winner will be the next one who will give or to post it here his/her next challenge. And he will be the one who will give 10k sats to the winner. And if you dont pay them, then you will automatically disqualified! Note: Don't post the wrong bet id, it should be your winning bet id for the following challenge. If you post the wrong bet id, you will be automatically disqualified! Requirements / Qualifications: 1. You need to have at least 100 posts in forum ofcourse. 2. You must have an account created before the 18th of October. 3. You should have at least 0.01 BTC wagered on your account. 4.You must have some balance ofcourse. 5. Minimum of 0.00000500 BTC on betting the challenge! So ready? then lets get started! Since im the host of this thread, i will be the first one who will give the first challenge.. Play Mines with a custom setting of 15 and open only 2 diamonds, post the correct bet id here and your stake username only, and so you'll get your 10k sats. Remember this is a challenge!
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    Suva Here!

    Welcome to stake, best of luck to you!
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    Hi Dan, Really appreciate what stake has done by donating 500$ to Bazinga.....well there are many of others at Stake willing to donate but less amounts like 1000 sats. So if you could provide an account where in we can tip, though less it would be of some use to him. Hoping it can be done. Thank you Dan & Stake....
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    done @baz07, most of all prayers of people well heal your father soon. #staystrong!
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    Have sent some coins, not so much, but stil something. Hope you dad will be ok very very soon
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    hope your father get well soon i am trying to collecting money hope i can do please leave your btc address here
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    btw i forgot to mention, the doctor just determined the cause, it was blood infection and severe pancreatitis, and the infection is slowly affecting his internal organs, his kidney aint functioning no more thanks again guys for all the help and prayers. ty xtine,grift,han,skillex
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    i feel sorry for what happen to youre dad baz im praying for his fast recovery, im sending some of my help too to youre address .. not that big but hope it can help.. we're praying for you
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    hey Bazi, we really like to help you out. So I was thinking of this "Sats to Help". Users can donate satoshis then withdraw it when amount is enough. Can we create an account for that @Dan? Hoping for fast recovery of your dad Bazi.
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    Hi Baz, Hope your father gets recovered very soon. And remember he is always in our prayers..... Let me check with what i can help you financially bro....stay calm, be postive, the whole universe will support you bro with that positive energy.....
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    i hope your father will be fine soonest @baz07 i had invested all cash funds ICO, i will have a look what can be available and will also try to help you.. my prays with you and your father
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    thank you for all the help guys!!!!!
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    I wish I could help you Baz, but I will pray that he gets well soon and you get enough support to get him treated!!
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    Hello @baz07 i wanna help baz, can you tell me how?
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    Post your funniest meme!!

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    yes Dan, thank you, i will request for the current bill then take a picture of it, im at home now to take a shower and eat something,i will be bck in the hospital in 20-30minutes thanks also han, i appreciate it, mybadger youre the best tyty
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    Baz, Im on it. Got a depo addy?
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    What happened to your father? Are you able to provide expense records? I might be able to provide assistance.
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    love has no labels

    is this something you truly believe?
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    It's not April Fool's Day

    so meaning you are here only for those avatars? tell those admins to buy your favorite avatar, i think they'll going to give you!