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    Hi Guys, I come from Brazil

    Greetings from the Support also! Welcome to this friendly community! Support is active 24/7, so if you have any questions, you may contact us. And of course, stay green!
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    Hi Guys, I come from Brazil

    Hello NioBium! Very glad you joined us . I will the first to say this : "Goodluck and I hope you gain a lot of profit here!"
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    Кто нибудь сидит или пробовал облачный майнинг Eobot? Кто нибудь тут зарабатывал на нем? Я на нем так давно к сожалению, купил пока только 20 мощностей на 5 лет и буду дальше покупать, вообщем в кратце скажу что любые вложения туда окупаются примерно за полтора года. Хотел бы посоветовать этот сайт, так как вывод уже делал и не раз (моментально). Советую майнить монеро или доги, так как минималка на вывод и комисия мелкая. Еще советую майнить в режиме Diversify, и выбирать там к примеру майнинг облака и догов, он будет автоматом по 10 минут майнить то и то, таким образом вы и зарабатываете и увеличиваете свое облако что бы еще больше заработать. И самое главное, там есть кран, который можно раз в день брать, он дает мощностя и можно зарабатывать ничего не вкладывая! Присоединяйтесь и делитесь Вашим мнением! Реферальная ссылка на сайт: https://www.eobot.com/user/464283
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    If you are mining electroneums before ICO was live and you put it on your Offline wallet, Here is the solution on how to Import it from your offline wallet to your Online wallet. Example: As you can see here i have Total paid of 56 ETN from my mining just a small amount within 3-4 hours i got 50 etn and 6 etn only from 24 threads. How to Check which outputs belong to given Electroneum address and viewkey? Heres what to do... Click your Transaction Hash link first And then Scroll down until you can see this option... enter your ETN address and then Private view Key. After that you can see the outputs like this. How to Import offline wallet balance to your Online wallet: So First thing to do is, Log in into your ETN account https://my.electroneum.com/ And then Click this: And Then input or copy/paste your Offline Public Wallet Address here: And then after that is your Private View Key next to input: And Lastly is your Private Spend Key And then Click Confirm: Note: there is a small transaction fee.... And Then wait till your balance done updating...And then after that check the status if it is Pending, Processing, and Completed... so its been completed! so thats it.. I hope this can help you how to do the process. Goodluck, Earn more ETNs and More power to this altcoin.. #ETN to the Moon
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    RewardTable - New site!

    RewardTable This is new type of HYIP which claims to pay 700% on your investment once you get to the top of the table. It is a typical type of pyramide scheme where people join after you and push you forward in order to achieve your payout. Therefore the system is going to crash sooner or later so you should be careful about it. But why not make some nice profit of this site in the early stages? So how the site works is you buy in at a table for either 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 and you start at level 1. You gotta get to level 4 to be paid 700% of your buy in. Every new buy in pushes you to a higher level Check their website for more informations and more detailed explanation of the site. I would appreciate it if all of you use my ref link! Greets your best snikey Withdrawal proof: Ref link: https://rewardtable.com/r/uffywtizeh Non ref link: https://rewardtable.com
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    PECUNIO (New ICO) 70$ / 20PCO

    Hey guys let me introduce to you this new ICO, its Pecunio. What is Pecunio? Please watch this one first and please understand it... so its actually we can get a free 20 PCO tokens worth 70.5$ if you sign up right now: also you you might get Free tokens now from their news and updates today: here you can see their White Paper. Please Read it, its very important too.. https://www.pecun.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Pecunio_White_Paper_011.pdf And also their Terms of Service and Risk Notification: https://www.pecun.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/PECU.IO_Terms-of-use-and-Risk-notification-final.pdf So if you wanna join this ICO be sure to sign up first, an im highly appreciate if you use my referral link for us to get free bunos tokens also. https://www.pecun.io/?ref=GRIFTER But if you insist not to use my referral link, you may use this clean link https://www.pecun.io So Pecunio actually it is the world's first fully decentralized investment platform. Which makes dynamic cryptocurrency and ICO markets available for us and this New Economy that we've encounter right now... I don't need you to trust this instantly but you can investigate it if it is an uncovered fraud schemes or not... You can find some informations here also: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2197521.0 And their Bounty pecunio here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2197521.0 So Hurry up guys and Join now, and be part of this Big project. Again im highly appreciate if you use my referral link for us to get free bunos tokens also. https://www.pecun.io/?ref=GRIFTER But if, use can use this link: https://www.pecun.io Goodluck everyone
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    ERC20 Tokens

    Thanks buddy, all I suspect from being hacked is that maybe I click a phishing site thats what the myethwallet site has emailed me too about phishing, but all I can remember is only the etherdelta site I have shared my private key maybe I visited a wrong etherdelta also but when I try to check my browsing history I havent seen any suspicious link The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) is used for Ethereum smart contracts. Developed in 2015, ERC-20 defines a common list of rules that an Ethereum token has to implement. Giving developers the ability to program how new tokens will function within the Ethereum ecosystem. This token protocol became popular with crowdfunding companies via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) @SuddenlyBroke Yeah I should be , it kills my time always I keep glancing and checking my eth status almost every hour hehe Thanks a lot for the support guys, Im planning to buy Nano ledger wallet now the offline wallet for more secure
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    ERC20 Tokens

    Yeah thanks,my balance there are just all from my sold token Yeah your right ,the myethwallet site emailed me they cant do anything already about my lost funds anymore
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    Who is it Giveaway!!

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    Who is it Giveaway!!

    Miley Cyrus
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    Who is it Giveaway!!

    Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)
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    ERC20 Tokens

    It's sad. It's good that you did not keep there too much.
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    Who is it Giveaway!!

    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (or called adele)
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    Faucet Increase

    It will not be implemented anymore in the future. The faucet will even totally disappear for a brand new system. The levels will be useful for something else but wait and see, surprise.
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    I've asked myself a lot of times when thinking about bitcoin. What will happen if the last bitcoin is mined? How will miners be paid when all btc is mined. And what do we need miners for if btc is all mined up? Because miners will only get the transaction fees from mining and that would end up in a lot of miners to stop mining because its not profitable anymore. So only certain people would mine them and they'ld have the control about the transactions. That would make bitcoin kind of not so decentralized... If I'm not mistaken at least. Correct me if I am thinking wrong right now
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    Good question.The price of bitcoin will be really high and stable.
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    Who do you think made bitcoin?

    np snike goodluck man
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    Who do you think made bitcoin?

    You would've had to sign up with my refferal link. But youre already signed up now I dont need any more refferals as of right now anyways Thx for asking tho If you are known to create such a dangerous currency in things like decentralazation... No gouvernement likes you I guess. I would not want to be known for making a gouvernement or even bank threatening currency
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    Who in your family knows about bitcoin?

    so far only me i tried to teach them but they can't get it they say its a scam -.-
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    Я сижу на еоботе уже почти год. Поукпала мощности, но потом деньги понадобились - прокрутила почти все на 24-часовом и вывела. Но сейчас потихоньку депаю туда и наращиваю 5-летку. Верификация и у меня случилась, когда рефералов много появилось - сразу приостановили аккаунт и затребовали доки. Скажу вам ждала я ооочень долго - примерно месяц!!! И писала им и психовала (работать-то это время нельзя было) - они отвечали кстати быстро - ждите, мы торопимся. Был момент я решила, что всё, кидалово..... И вдруг пришло письмо - у вас мол все ок - работайте на здоровье))) И теперь все спокойно и крутится там потихоньку. Насчет еобота могу дать один совет - не слушайте бредовые страты - покупайте только GHS 4 на 5 лет (не на 24 часа - это не окупается!!!) и лучше все-таки майнить сразу несколько валют параллельно (есть такой режим) + саму мощность. Получается платформа майнит 10 минут например, доги, потом 10 минут риппл или еще что-то, а потом 10 минут саму мощность 5-летнюю. Так получается выгоднее всего.
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    Hi Guys, I come from Brazil

    Welcome my friend @Niobium Best of luck in gambling..
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    Hi Guys, I come from Brazil

    welcome @Niobium, good luck
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    Hi Guys, I come from Brazil

    Welcome to the best community in all of bitcoin. I'm sure you'll soon find a lot of good friends Stay green and good luck
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    Shining Green

    Electroneum would've been on CMC all the time but due to their wallets being down there was no market cap so no ranking
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    Duckdice hates me. I literally can never win on there. Maybe i just suck at dice but i tgink they need to add more games.
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    Withdrawal - pending

    The Admins need to come online and manually and approve the withdrawals. You can contact support , they will inform admins as soon as they come online !
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    Best Way To Earn BTC

    I personally would recommend you do multiple stuff to earn BTC like since one thing is too risky or two slow of a method Do signature campaigns every week on Bitcointalk, this is high income, fairly easy to do but needs decent activity on Bitcointalk in the right forums and it's very easy to get banned for spam. Passive income from short links is slow but steady and safe. I use this like a backup. A couple of thousand satoshis a day for relatively 0 effort isnt bad after all Actual active income like by doing actual work, trading, writing, etc. This is riskier depending on WHAT exactly you do but offers the MAX amount of all the jobs you can do. Lastly long term investments in alts, slowest, riskiest but depending on your luck it can go a long long way That's just my thoughts
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    PECUNIO (New ICO) 70$ / 20PCO

    oh thank you so much @GodLoft i really appreciate it
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    PECUNIO (New ICO) 70$ / 20PCO

    Thanks @Grifter, Register under you,
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    PECUNIO (New ICO) 70$ / 20PCO

    but i hate love ;( you know love hurts, but sometimes its a good Hurt?
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    Wilberthh referred me Let's hope stuff's fun here
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    finding answers

    @skillex im not google but I can answer your questions. and for your info , google doesn't have a brain that can process and think answers to your questions! @skillex im not google but I can answer your questions. and for your info , google doesn't have a brain that can process and think answers to your questions! @Han2x WHY don't you ask me a question , to know the answer. @irazta thank you for that question, im anjelicka im intelligent , im God fearing and im thankful because God gave me a intelligent mind to answers all your questions. and I have a question too, are you interested with me? @skillex im not google but I can answer your questions. and for your info , google doesn't have a brain that can process and think answers to your questions! @Han2x WHY don't you ask me a question , to know the answer. @irazta thank you for that question, im anjelicka im intelligent , im God fearing and im thankful because God gave me a intelligent mind to answers all your questions. and I have a question too, are you interested with me? @skillex im not google but I can answer your questions. and for your info , google doesn't have a brain that can process and think answers to your questions! @Han2x WHY don't you ask me a question , to know the answer. @irazta thank you for that question, im anjelicka im intelligent , im God fearing and im thankful because God gave me a intelligent mind to answers all your questions. and I have a question too, are you interested with me?
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    @Snike referred me!
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    Bitcoin Bubble Theory

    What I say is a theory that, sometimes, can result because it is a bubble that keeps increasing and more until some moment it has to explode
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    Coinmarketcap night mode is now available

    Wow nice info sissy , I really like and loved the night mode on every site I try to visit to protect my eyes,
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    Never Pee Before Sex

    Exceptional post
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    Who in your family knows about bitcoin?

    I am guessing by mid 2018 or end of 2018 about 60-80% population of the world will finally recognize and embrace bitcoin They governments cannot anymore hide the fact that this cryptocurrencies fame or dominance is governing now.
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    Who in your family knows about bitcoin?

    Only me knows bitcoin in our house but definitely in the future they will know these but some of my friends knows i'm doing bitcoin because i teach them.
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    Alt Fight - Explanations & Discussions

    I like the idea and I don't think it will get in the way.
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    Im new here @Snike refered me to this forum! nice to meet u all guys
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    Achievements - Wagered amount bugged

    Its just satoshi @Snike ,if its btc then its just that impossible amount to attain Yeah right, even I cant attain even just 0.1% of that amount being stated
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    How to earn cash by just posting here???

    Based on the length and usefullness of your post you are rewarded accordingly.
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    о подлянках в играх.

    походу))) да 37 это не возраст ))) увидиш жизнь настолько полна, что времени писать книгу просто не будет))) тем более когда у тебя сын и ТРИ дочки)))))
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    How is the new feature?

    I, too, may be wrong, but copying other people's topics and issuing them by myself, and spreading ref references from the first post. In my opinion it speaks for itself.
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    How is the new feature?

    In my opinion this is just SPAM
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    вот нашел очень интересную статью про эту крипту, кому лень читать все, прочитайте концовку и сделаете небольшой вывод https://bitcoincloudmining.center/poleznye-statyi/kriptovaljuta-iota
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    Gary Avatars

    There you go Raveny Your busty Gary!
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    Plz no joking about Wheel, Its very hurt me, I 100% trust you, But No Fake News plz
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    Hey guys! Not sure if I am posting in the right section for this, but I've noticed that a few of you are having troubles claiming your faucet! If you're left unable to click the "Claim free money from the Faucet!" button right after filling out google's annoying captchas just like in the photo below.. ...then everything in this post may be able to help you bring it back pretty quickly, but only if you're using Chrome Browser, on a PC. The more known method to fix it was to logout then login again, to make the green button reappear after filling out the captcha. I didn't like that. Another known way is to clear all your cookies and whatever, which i was doing it like this every time... but it logs you out from everywhere else you're logged into and stuff like that which I also didn't like, cause i'd still have to fill out that two factored authentication code to login again! (which I hope all of you have enabled, unless you want your funds to randomly be stolen from you by a hacker!) Anyways, here's how I got my button to reappear again when it should after filling out the capcha, like ez pz lemon squeezy no hands!!! First, click the secure lock symbol within the address bar, right next to the site's address, https://stake.com/games Where it lists Cookies there's a blue link below displaying # in use, click on that. (see photo below) Another window will open, where you will see two google cookie files, which you will be removing, DO NOT BLOCK THEM PLZ. After removing both the google.com cookies, I closed the window, it should look like this. Then you're okay to go ahead and close it. (see photo below) If claiming the faucet right after doing this will not work, then you need to refresh the page in order for these changes to take effect. *click* [F5] to refresh After refreshing the page, bring up the faucet from the "more" drop down menu located on the top left corner of the page, and fill out the captcha.. BOOM, the green button reappears again! and wow ! (and you didn't need to logout and login again! You just saved yourself a good two minutes or so! ) If you claim again and the problem persists, just do this all over again, so ez anyways. and if this totally worked for you, then like congrats. oMg~!1!!1 If this doesn't work for you, like it does for me, then I guess you can stick to logging out and back in again. Hope it helps someone out other than me!
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    Chronium ICO

    Thread moved in the right section. Don't hide affiliate link behind a clean one. Yes saw that ICO and will not invest in it because their ROI seem unreasonable to me. A "classic" amount for a Proof of Stake return is around 10% a year. So every month ? Seem freaking high to me.