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    How to reward valuable members?

    How to reward valuable members? Stake's forum is becoming bigger and bigger with time, we have now more than 1650 members and 35.000+ posts after 4 months. And it's just the beginning. Sometimes you'll find something really interesting (thread, post, information, advice, strategy, ...) and the point of this thread is to present you all the different ways you have at your disposal to reward the author. 1. By thanking the person and contributing meaningfully Ok, it can sound dumb but it's the most basic reward that some tend to forget. Nobody have to share his knowledge here, most don't and are here only for the giveaways and the games. But when someone take some times to publish something in the community, it is a way of contributing to its expansion. So it's for the greater good of everyone. More the forum is active and filled with quality posts, more people will join us and their interventions will be guided by YOURS. If they see a great and positive community they'll act the same, if they see a bunch of inappropriate behaviours only those who want act the same will register. Plus: More members = more players and at the end more we will be able to reward users (you). 2. By using our reputation system The reputation system is a way for you to express your feeling about a post. It's supposed to be meaningful since it help other members to recognise who is trustworthy and a great contributor of the forum. The reputation points help the newbie to know quickly who to turn to when he need help. And when you receive the VIP tag, it's a responsibility as much as a reward. That's why they are given (or retired) manually by @Dan. 3. By offering a "gift" There is plenty of ideas here! You can pay his/her ticket in one of the lottery, you can send him some dust altcoins you don't use anymore on an exchange or a wallet, you can dedicate and create a thread about the user, you can offer a signature or an avatar (if you are web designer), you can offer a service or any help which he might need. 4. By sending a tip Some of you may wish to thank a member in a different way by sharing some of their gains. After all we are on a gambling site and the point is to play to win, a little help is always a nice bonus. Especially on the forum where the tip can be only 1000 satoshi if you want it. Plus they are the ones which indirectly help you to publish more by creating new content. You can view it as a way to share with them a part from what they made you earn. A sort of virtuous cycle where you motivate them to put more good content here. And if you don't have a balance to tip here i'm sure no one will blame you for giving a tip in the game itself (even if 10k minimum is a little more harder to send) ****************** That's it, you have all the tools in your hands to create a great community where everyone contribute to a positive ecosystem. And doing so, you will help yourself by harvesting the fruits of your labour via a good atmosphere and some coins.
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    South Korea's spy agency said North Korean hackers were behind attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges this year in which some 7.6 billion won ($6.99 million) worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen, a newspaper reported on Saturday. The cyber attacks attributed to North Korean hackers also included the leaking of personal information from 36,000 accounts from the world's busiest cryptocurrency exchange Bitthumb in June, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo reported, citing the country's National Intelligence Service (NIS). Attacks also included the theft of cryptocurrencies from accounts at exchanges Yapizon, now called Youbit, and Coinis in April and September, it said. The 7.6 billion won of stolen cryptocurrencies are now worth about 90 billion won ($82.7 million), Chosun Ilbo reported. It also cited the NIS as saying North Korean hackers had also demanded 6 billion won ($5.5 million) from Bitthumb in return for deleting the leaked personal information. Another cyber attack on about 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by North Korean hackers in October, using emails containing malware, was thwarted by the Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA), the newspaper reported. The NIS found that the malware used in hacking the exchanges was made with the same method as malware used in hacking Sony Pictures and the central bank of Bangladesh in 2014 and 2016 respectively, the Chosun Ilbo reported. The NIS also said emails used in the attacks used North Korean internet addresses, according to the Chosun Ilbo. The NIS declined to comment. Representatives for KISA, Bitthumb, Youbit and Coinis could not be reached for comment. ($1 = 1,087.9500 won)
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    Why is Sex so Delicious? :D

    Hello guys, since its the right section to discuss this, why is sex so delicious? compared to just masturbating?
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    Marketing creativities

    For all the players interested in becoming a Stake affiliate, in the case of needing images, logos, banners or different creativities you can find some on the the following link: https://stake.com/affiliate/campaigns when you click "Download Banners". We will be uploading there all the new creations. If there is anything else that you need do not hesitate to contact me
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    Not even a surprise anymore that another hacker targeted bitcoin. Is this becoming a trend now? In the hacker's perspective tho its a smart move. Hacking something that could make you rich by time... Smart smart.
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    Great info! You can never underestimate Asian hackers nowadays, they even have the guts to shutdown any bigtime companies in US ,and that was just in terms of fiat currency, but its not really impossible for this koreans to hack cryptocurrency since its just anonymous way of transactions as we all know "No system is Safe".
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    I bet soccer mix parlay many times, even though I'm not good at all in this sports betting But the best sport to bet for me is esport of course. And it's super fun!!!
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    Все критикуют, а вкусненько поесть любит каждый))) И никто при этом не комментирует поедание очередной вкуснятины словами: "Жена ну нафиг ты корячилась, силы тратила и готовила это?" ))) Вкусно же - съел, спасибо))
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    Вот так котик)) Симпатяга)) А вот мой любимец)))