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    I have recently given my "lucky" routine a reboot. No more stupid wishy-troll. No more lucky-coin in a pouch. No more superstitious adherence to my mamas numbers. No more being convinced that there is a pattern or strategy to it all. No more looking for the hits on the numbers I just changed from. No more old-lady behaviors like letting too long of an ash collect on the end of my cigarette while I am in a keno trance. No cursing angrily about any paranoid concept- it is a casino for Fu**s sake. It is not a charity, right? It is a business and it runs on very attractive odds- for the house. But it is fun and you can get lucky now and then. No more praying to win. Oh my gosh. I never actually prayed to win (at least not that iI will admit to) but I vow to never silently tell the universe that I will be good forever if I can have just one more jackpot. No more of any of that stuff. Keno is my absolute favorite game. I am now free from my moms classic 1,11,4,14 and 33 (but I highly recommend those numbers - seriously) Thankfully I am no longer rubbing the belly of a silly troll doll. I do still occasionally play the numbers as dictated by my supreme horoscope lady. haha QUESTION FOR YOU ALL: What quirks do you have with this awesome and addicting game- and do you want to change to new habits? Or are you happy with you weird routine?
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    Keno 100x or 1000x ni Plinko

    Testing ko pag may maayos na balance. Pano setting?
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    10 раз вот вот и мне бы хватило . 😀
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    Keno 100x or 1000x ni Plinko

    Hahaha try mo pre. Not as easy as 100x ng dice yan tignan mo . Huehuehue
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    Oras ng Paglalaro - Pros and Cons

    Madalas talaga sa DICE. Pero para saken kahit saang game eh.
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    Given that the games are mathematically against us the entire point has to be to have fun. If you enjoy your "lucky" routines then I say by all means continue them, enjoy them, expand them even! I don't have much in the way of routines but I do enjoy yelling at the plinko puck to go left or right towards the "big prize on the end." I can't report much success financially, but I do frequently feel much less stressed afterwards! Good Luck!