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    It's me - Bmg!

    hey friends and family its been almost a year now and i have yet not made a proper intro so here goes.... Im 34 hot female thats in a wonderful relationship hes my better half but you all know the very generious , funny ,awesome and very handsome @Bigmann23 Im a more cautious and be aware that im about to bust kinda player but one that will give to my close peps when i can and @Bigmann23 well hes a "go big or go home" kinda player but at a first big win hes ready to make a list of who we need to tip lol . ... we are just a fun loving very cool kinda couple that loves to gamble and hang with all our kickass friends and family here...
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    ri1ey's ETH hilo stream

    You asked for this. Aight guys, you are all invited to ri1ey's ETH Hilo Stream. The stream will start tomorrow around GMT 08:00 (+/- 1 hour). Looking forward to see you all there (Note: as the stream currency will be ETH, all gw's will be done using the same currency).
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    Roulette:624,153,577 placed by Lillyflow Wagered: 0.00002400 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00084000 Roulette:624,153,374 placed by Lillyflow Wagered: 0.00002400 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00084000 This was hard to get !! YAY but I did it!!!
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    A Pizza Poll.

    i don't like pineapple!!!
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    Roulette:623,438,221 placed by anonnep Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500 Roulette:623,438,436 placed by anonnep Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500
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    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    *screenshot sent to @DreamStage* #soweenotsowee Those are some huge mistips, Jesus
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    A Pizza Poll.

    Pineapple only belongs on disgusting things like Yoe's impolite behavior and inability to say Thank you that would put his family's values to shame.
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    A Pizza Poll.

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    Finally Won 2022550.00x

    Mines:578,151,378 placed by Demarkus89 Wagered: 0.00000002 Payout: 2022550.00x Profit: 0.04045088 120k reds finally hit. I tired but did it!!!
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    The driver

    A police officer stops a car on a highway. Inside the car there is a man driving, and his wife. "What is the problem officer?" "You were driving at 110 on a 80 area, I have to make you now a ticket for speeding". ""Please officer, dont do that, Im sure I was only driving at 85 so I dont deserve the ticket" Suddenly the wife speaks : "Cmon, you knew very well you were driving at 110, you even said to me lets accelerate to 120 now" The man looks very angry to his wife, but does not say anything. The police officer continues talking = "You have a broken tail light, so I have to also make a ticket for that". "But please officer, I havent noticed that, maybe it broke 5 minutes ago, please dont make a ticket for that". The wife speaks again = "Cmon, this light has been broken for 3 months, you even mentioned to me you were not going to waste money fixing that stupid thing ....." The man looks his wife with a lot more of anger, his eyes turning red and his teeth making noises, but he says nothing. The police officer continues talking "and I can see you are not wearing the safety belt, so I will make another very expensive ticket for that". "No officer, I just took off the safety belt when you stopped me, I always always use it" The wife speaks again "Cmon, why dont you tell the truth? you never use the safety belt at all because you hate it, and in fact it is even broken " The man looks again at his wife, his face red and sweating, but this time he starts shouting= "You are a BITCH, you must only open that filthy mouth for doing BJ and nothing else, I will rape you in the ass later for talking too much, you good-for-nothing cock sucker" The police officer talks to the wife and says "Im concerned about your safety now, is he always so violent and speaking in this inapropiate way to you ?" And the wife answers "No, he only speaks this way when he is drunk"
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    Heya Stakers and Stakettes! How's it going? 😁 Well, here we go again on another topic on what BTC price will be this month of August! 😉 I see some are copying this topic from me and trying soooo hard to milk out of it. 😂 But hey, this is a topic for us to exchange thoughts. It is already a monthly habit. If you can read this, stop copying my monthly topic! 🤣😂🤣 Anyways, Just a quick recap: BTC was at $6.3k when I posted for July. It touched $8k - $8.3k entering August. Now BTC is back down at $6.9k. Still higher than what it was at the start of July. What are your expectations for BTC this August? I say it will be slow-moving, just like how it is every August, before entering the "BER" Months. It will probably dance on $6.9k and $7.3k. How about you? Drop your comments now! 😎
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    Hello, all. I want to discuss about the number or frequency of bitcoin or etherium theft in our account. there before I have an idea or a little idea that might help deal with or minimize theft. why am i writing this? because I feel a little this is very important for all of us. especially after my friend's account was stolen . let's give us the same input / opinion in this post. in my opinion, before withdrawing from an account stake maybe very necessary to verify in advance the relevant email. apologize if my words are very bad and not much can be understood. thank you 🤗
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    Most of the HR dont chat

    Am i the only one who noticed that in onlinr casino, most of the HRs do not chat? I mean those peeps who lives in the HR board? What maybe the reason for this? What do you think?
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    ri1ey's ETH hilo stream

    I wish you the best of luck May the odds be ever in your favor
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    ri1ey's ETH hilo stream

    good luck @ri1ey
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    My first major loss

    Most of the time martingale is a trap and don't chase the loss. Always try to do a fresh start.
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    In hilo possible?

    The number of revealed cards can be very large, only limited by the max profit limit. Maybe the question is if you can have 5 cards open of the same kind (for example 5 aces), and the answer is also yes. Each time a card is draw a new deck is used you you can get 10 aces in a row for example .....
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    Bitcoin case scenario

    Halo stakers Feb to Apr this year many of the miners (small timers and big timers) changed what they are mining. They focused on alt coins. And what IF all of the miners will stop mining bitcoin. What will happen to bitcoin? Will it die?
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    Plinko is the greatest game ever I love the the feeling when that ball jumps outside the pegs and does this Plinko:183,557,222 placed by Bigmann23 Wagered: 0.00100000 Payout: 1000.00x Profit: 0.99900000
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    A Pizza Poll.

    yes you are right, I want can not anymore😅
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    A Pizza Poll.

    Pizza with Pineapple am I right? or am I right? bwahaha 😂🍍
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    A Pizza Poll.

    I want this pizza right now )
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    A Pizza Poll.

    I have this strong feeling you are all conspiring together, only messaging non-pineapple pizza lovers. We need more users to come into this voting poll haha!
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    A Pizza Poll.

    "No pineapple on pizza" people are winning! There's still hope for the mankind 😁
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    Edward Giveaway Entry Topic

    CaptainLorca on duty boi! Enjoy free gif:
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    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    No way to marry Ed (sorry boss <3), I will marry @Milan and thats a fact right baby?
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    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    LOL yeah Ed can misstip 69 BTC to my account whenever he wants
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    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    Giveaways would be fun and stream ofc and also a mistip from ed again will be the best
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    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    I love the ideas so far! Great suggestions
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    Most of the HR dont chat

    Yeah one thing is they want to focus Or it's just that their aim is to gamble not to socialize
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    Most of the HR dont chat

    Maybe they just don't want to chat? Or they are focused on their plays? I feel like a lot of HRs are their to play their game. Once they get identified on the chat people would probably DM them asking for loans. This happened to me when I made HR qualified bets. ☹️
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    An astonishing adventure
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    👀 Yes, You Yearn. Plus, my animal print dress has: 🚫🦓👗 Zero Zebra Zippers.
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    Новенький ? Тебе сюда !

    Вся информация есть, просто нужно не ленится и поискать, а потом уже некоторые ньюансы уточнять!
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    Прикольные картинки

    Вот это точно подмечено ) у меня когда спрашивают что это, я толком и объяснить не могу )
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    Eating smelly cheese
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    Cant see a thread

    The user who submitted the thread was banned from forum. This is the answer. Locked.
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    Why no x1000 on mobile plinko?

    Timvz if your problem is solved then close it. Also just check the settings button which is in the bottom left corner. I also uploaded an Image check that Thanks pleasure to help
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    Roulette:615,058,563 placed by Christy Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500 Roulette:615,058,984 placed by Christy Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500 Thanks @GodLoft you sexy bastard! Creepy how right you were lol!
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    A Pizza Poll.

    http://www.dailyedge.ie/gordon-ramsey-pineapple-pizza-3498794-Jul2017/ Watch the video at the end of the page.
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    Keno:606,417,969 placed by Adrenalin83 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 80.00x Profit: 0.00007900
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    С днем рожденья Настя!

    Дорогая, Настенька! От души поздравляю с днем рождения, с днем варения. И самое главное счастья, любви и быть любимой.
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    The Veterans of Stake in One Word

    Yoe77 - Risk taker @Faris Unbelievable wins @Shinjo best streamer @truemeng best helper @Bojana best problem solver @ThugStream Good for nothing 😛 @athena2007 Closer friend @Marija Hot Support @Darko Hot Mod 😛
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    Keno:600,988,561 placed by dose Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 50.00x Profit: 0.00025088
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    пароли по любому все разные иначе хана в тетрадке записаны, чтобы не забыть все 64 символа
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    да все привыкли уже)))
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    Ого трусы на люстре)))это что ж надо употреблять чтоб такое делать))