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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday But before that, I will do a Giveaway and Give Questions to you I am very happy with Waiting for my birthday tomorrow, I hope you guys are happy with that too. Even though I'm not known by many people, I want to know you better . I want to hold a Giveaway for today. and the way is easy How to follow the Giveaways : Comment to enter Do not enter twice - (this means double posting) nor use multi accounts, you will all be caught, we track players before distribution. Post count must be or have exceeded 25 - if your post count is under this requirement, your post will be considered - invalid. Winners will be displayed at the end of the duration time which is stated below at the bottom post. Post Warnings will disqualify you from this event (This depends on what you did, however - I might allow your entry) If your comment has been credited, you can't edit to work on getting the extra marks. Prize List Displayed Below - please look below to see what is up for Grabs Let's start = 1. Yup, after you read the sentence above you will know that tomorrow is my birthday. However, do you know Tomorrow is what is my birthday? how old am I the next day? You can guess with numbers (3 people with the right and fastest answers will each get 5000 satoshi) don't forget to enter your username in the comment 2. I will choose 5 random comments which will each get 2500 Satoshi ( Do not enter twice - (this means double posting) nor use multi accounts, you will all be caught, we track players before distribution. ) 3. Don't Forget to React because I will randomly select 5 people who each get 2000 satoshi. The answer is = Today is my 19th birthday Winner List : 1. @wong77 2. @pras111 3. @fedrian24 Winner of Random Comments 1. @jullifit 2. @sheenazbay 3. @GKD09 4. @sichaoeloem 5. @jinz Winner of Random Reacts ( Only those who enter the top 5 win ) Thank you for your participation and Hope you guys have fun with the Giveaway that I held this time
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    Congratulation to arielg443 for guessing exactly the correct standings . Yes 13th place ! 0.0005 Btc credited ! Good luck everyone for Next race !
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    Предупреждение пользователям о возможной опасности! Будьте осторожны если вам предложат скачать файл из стороннего источника, это может быть фишинг, файл может содержать вирус и прочие сетевые угрозы. Данное предупреждение сделано с целью повышения безопасности пользователей, не является обвинением создателю темы.
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    Кукуськи с вами раста-синг, я конечно не бог фотошопа, но что-то умею, и многие люди хотели бы себе аватарку со своим ником, что бы выделяться из толпы. Нууу, если у кого то есть желание, пишите в комментариях - сделаю как смогу. Еще раз повторюсь, я не профессионал, а просто делаю это по фану, убиваю свое время и ваши утехи. Напишите 3 кртитерия. 1. Ник (который будет на аве) 2. Цвета которые любите 3. Что хотелось бы увидеть на аве? С чем ассоциируете себя. В качестве зарплаты, я возьму с вас "лайк"
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    You can find the answer here = I say thank you as much for the words of you and your participation. I will post the winner and prize around the next 48 hours
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    i would like a dog more than cats, dog is more loyals, they can protect us and they stick with us more than a cat. if have to choose again i still want a dog a dog a dogggggg
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    22 place, thank u guys for supporting
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    I received 0.09btc from ref commission Enzo! Also my account was banned for some chat misbehaviour at some point, but Stake still allowed me to withdraw the commission from it. So yes it's definitely possible to earn some good commission on Stake. Also more importantly I think in affiliate world, you can trust stake to pay you out fairly too.
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    my sport betting experience

    I am one of those very excited about the news stake is going to roll out sportsbook. I love sport betting and I consider myself a die hard punter for over 7 years. In my first years as sport bettor I lost money overall just because of 1 reason....GREED. I wanted to make as much much as fast as possible and I started betting on high odds and on some insane accumulators ( multiple bets in 1 ticket). I must admit I made a couple real nice cashes in the beginning of a couple thousand € but overall at the end of the year I still was in an overall loss. So that's when I figured out I needed to change something in my mindset when betting on sports. I started to search for ways to make some kind of 'guaranteed' profits on a monthly basis. When searching the net I found out about a company that had its own arbitrage and value betting software. I firstly started with arbitrage betting which means you place cross bets on different platforms and take advantage of the odd difference to make a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome of the game. But after 6-9 months first problems occurred when doing arbitrage betting. I got limited by some bookies cause I had to many winning streaks. So they decreased my betting limits in such a way I wasn't able to execute the arbitrage bet. Some bookies started to void or just cancel bets or not accepting your bet which could turn out at losses. even some bookies really dislike arb bettors and just closed down accounts. They send you your remaining balance but your account got closed afterwards. So then I started with the same companies value betting software. Value betting is a way of betting on different platforms and bet on overprized odds. Everyone knows that odds on different bookies always are different just because they want to compete against each other and offer the best and most attractive odds. As bettor you can take advantage of this differences and bet the 'easiest' outcomes with the highest odds. This is value betting. Beside betting on overprized odds value betting is also about putting volume in your bets. So instead of placing 4 bets with for example 25% of your balance you place 100 different bets with 1% of your balance. In this way you can fight the variance... cause variance there is. See below the graph of an average value bet player. unlike arb betting the value betting curve will have draw downs. You will have periods that you will loose money. But with value betting its all about your long term goals. And this long term goal is to make sustainable profits in the long run and possibly turn sports betting in an additional monthly income. I have many years of experience with this software and I must admit after 5 years it brought me to a point that I can say that sport betting became one of my guaranteed monthly sources of income. If you are a good value bettor and stick to the rules and tips to become profitable than you can easily triple your money in less than 6 months. Some people would say pfff only triple money in 6 months. I would say rather triple bankroll in 6 months than busting all my money when placing bets without any knowledge or to bust my money in games with only luck attached to it. To make this a little more visible I will maintain this post and keep track of my progress in my journey. I also know that not everyone has the same available bankroll and have much less to spend than some other people. So that's why I decided to use 1 of my empty betting accounts and funded it with 20€ which is equal to 22$. I am going to maintain this post and keep you guys updated with my progress. If anyone is interested to learn more about value or arbitrage betting do not hesitate to contact me. If some of you like to join one of my betting teams you can also contact me. But one thing we all have in mind. we all want to make some extra money and that is what sport betting can do if you do it the correct way. from now I will keep track of my winning sport bets and will always update my ending balance for that day. Valuebetting is all about putting volume in it and not to chase huge profits in risky bets. As you will notice I have multiple bets of only 0.1 0.20 and 0.25$ and I have a couple bets with a 0.5 and 1$ base bet. Also the odds aren't that huge but what do you want?..... do you really want to gamble or do you want to build a sustainable bankroll, a good management and gradually increasing profits which can help you build your extra income in the future. and you should take into account that I only start this quest with only 20€ (22$) Below you can see my won bet for today and I still have 41 bets open for today!!!!!! For me its not about winning huge profits. All that matters for me is to build my bankroll in a steady way percentage wise. If I can make 10% overall profits today than I am more than happy. If you combine this with compounding (accumulating profits) you even wouldn't believe what you can achieve on a yearly basis. You would fall of your chair if you know what you will gain if you follow my strategy and betting tips
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    Это, несомненно, один из вопросов, который влечет за собой череду философских размышлений на тему «а как бы оно было, если бы…». Обязательно найдется человек, который посетует на то, что абсолютного счастья нет, ведь для радости одних нужны слезы других. Другой скажет, что всё это дурности и нужно жить сегодняшним днем... В любом случае, подобные беседы и рассуждения скажут о человеке гораздо больше, чем даже совместное распитие крепких алкогольных напитков. А заодно ты научишься узнавать глубочайшие желания человека и сможешь построить свою Утопию с идеальным счастьем.
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    The title says it all... started with a a 2700 sat wd to game balance... and got to 150k before busting only keno has the power to make rishes out of nothing, and with the same regard it can wipe a fortune clean in no time.... this is how 100k can torun into 1 or 2 btc... keno baby... a love hate relationship....
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    Best way to get more rolls per minute is open stake on multiple devices and auto roll the same numbers at the same time... the max i seem to be able to use is 3 devices running same time same game and it seems to work fine, when i get to 4 devices thats when it reached limit and ends up stopping one of them.... so in reality i think stake lets you roll 3x as fast as the website lets you..... hmmm right?
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    Some people are asking themselves how in earth casinos online as well as real life casino can make profits when they give away so much money for free every single day. The answer is simple casino platforms are huge money making machines. They give the intention they are here to make money for gamblers but in reality every single casino wants to take as much money as possible from their gamblers. Why do gamblers keep taking that? Gamblers just love to gamble and chase the rush to hit nice scores or huge multipliers. Other gamblers keep getting attracted to the game when seeing others win. But how do casinos are profitable when giving that much money away for free every single day. I am going to take the stake races into account and specifically todays 5,000$ mega race. 5,000$ is a huge amount to giveaway just like that to the winners of a race. But we all know that the only party that is making a guaranteed profit is the casino. Due to the house edge of overall approximately 1% on all games means that stake no matter what in the end makes 1% profit on the wagered amounts. So easy said they make 0.01BTC profit if 1BTC is wagered. Todays challenge. Its a pitty that only top 10 is visible. But in todays challenge the total amount wagered by the top 10 was approximately 70BTC which means only in the 1 hour during the challenge stake made about 0.7BTC with their house edge on the wagered amount. But there were a LOOOOOOOT more participants. I for example was in 250th place with 0.007BTC wagered. 0.70BTC is approximately 7,000$ that they only made from the top 10 wagers during the races. So this only includes the top 10. I am sure that total wagered of all those placed 11th or lower also is a significant amount. And this is only based on calculation during the 1 hour race but people are gambling on stake 24/7. So it really isn't really such a 'big deal' for GOOD WORKING casinos to give away lots of money daily and stay highly profitable. Cause it is just the way it is. The casino is the only party that is guaranteed profits cause of the house edge. So its very simple. You can see thousands of green bets and you can see people hitting huge multipliers and win huge amounts, all this amounts are paid by other people loosing their money and while this happens a casino is guaranteed their profits due to the house edge which is their guaranteed profit margin on al games played.
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    я тоже так иногда мечтаю, до первого ...тааак, а на какой крипточке мне сегодня поиграть, ой да у меня пусто.. но я знаю где взять.. больше 10к никогда еще и не накапливала((
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    Ну я 2 раза вывел по 250 рублей))) дальше играю) (В кошельке эти 250 рублей щас лежат, вдруг что-то нужно будет) Я просто студент и не на степухе, поэтому для меня можно сказать нормальный способ не просить деньги у своих родных.... Я на 250 рублей купил продукты уже 4 день их ем))) (не дошики, если что) Поэтому я прям диких отчётов делать не буду) У самого азартик есть, сегодня например 50к битков слил((( а это 3 дня жить эхххх, ну я мог выиграть больше
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    Begging for money.

    Get those all the time. Even if they seen me post in public chat how I busted 0.2 btc, they still have the nerve to ask. Needless to say they get muted. If you run into any beggars, simply make a screenshotz and show a mod. I still accept friend requests tho. I usually get them begging or just not talking at all. Lol.
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    Begging for money.

    Yes, sadly, almost every high roller experiences this. Don't accept friend requests from strangers and make sure to have selected only accept private messages from friends. You can also hide your bets so these lowlifes can't see you playing. If you send a screen shot of the person begging to support they will be banned or muted, at least for awhile. I'm sorry, it's the internet, and the prospect of free money brings out the worst in people.
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    28 years, happy birthday!!! Username: jullifit
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    My first topic! Hello :-)

    Hello! I go by the name Enzo on other sites as well so some may recognize me. Thought i'd make an account here on the forum!
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    I find that whenever I give up on a big mult hunt like you did, it means that I am just about to hit that mult. Generally, if you are going to hunt a big number, you have to carry enough of a bankroll to be willing to see exactly how long it will take to hit. This is hard to do, as we watch those satoshis dwindle! Best advice I can give, is to have a set number of tries you are willing to do - or resign yourself to doing a big hunt no matter how long it takes! Cause if you knew you'd win.....you wouldn't be gambling.
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    as for me, my higiest Affiliate commission only 0.0006 bch and 0.001 eth and 800 sat lol, that is my nightbour friend and i give him my other account already 100$ wagger i thought that he will play with depo but always waiting for rains hehe. sad Affiliate i hav
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    Hilo Bot - Any Patterns?

    later if i have time i will explain in detail all feature in the bot n what u can do using that bot
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    Тут палка о двух концах, оказывать помощь новичкам, лично на мой взгляд плодить ряды чаек. Они ведь могут привыкнуть к тому что им все помогают... Лучше когда с самого начала думаешь мозгами и рассчитываешь только на себя.
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    Strategies for Races?

    Best strategy would be betting max on baccarat, half on player and half on the dealer. You will either break even or win 0.98x. The problem with dice 1.01x, is that it just takes 1 roll to bust. Ask @KinAniK who lost 0.09 BTC on his first roll on dice 1.01x. It's not worth the risk in my opinion.
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    и кто там американцы,которые выбивали? самый первый,кто словил 4млн икс Adriames (вроде так ник звучал) был из нашего чата.После него несколько раз выбивал Faris(он азербайджанец и говорит на русском) и в нашем чате Пахан гоняет мины и выбивает. уже раз 5 выбил кажется,если не больше. просто иногда у него ставка не позволяет в хаи залезть) и только несколько раз иностранцы(даже не американцы ) для конкурса от Стива. там не было выбора.командная игра была и это был последний конкурс. так что это заблуждение.Выбивают упорные,идущие к своей цели я несколько раз делала попытки выбить за два года ,но очень быстро сдавалась. и вот 2 недели назад решилась .чего зря второй аккаунт пустует. выбрала рисунок. поставила 10копеек эфира. и погнала до последнего. по мере появления баланса переводила и била дальше. просто мне хватило терпения выдержать 4 дня. через сутки после того как выбила, я поставила мины еще раз. тоже копейку до 200к ролов. потом по 10 и по 20 эфиринок до 600к красных и уже после 1 сатошка. 200к ролов и вот я в хаях.ушло дней 10 в общем на это. с перерывами. ибо иногда и 100к ролов за день было, а бывало и 10к всего конечно минобот помог в том плане,что он тормозит как выбивает. сижу в чате пишу,а меня поздравляют. а я не пойму в чем дело))) но по сути это роли не играет. пока что с минами приторможу . поеду отдыхать. но осенью,а может еще и летом, я вернусь к этой теме еще раз
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    20 years old ! Happy Birthday HighDamage , hope you will get more profits and keep enjoy your life Stake : davinmark
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    5 миллионов икс в минах.

    MINES: 6,613,491,717 placed by vikiviksen on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 5148300x Profit 0.05148296
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    21 yo and next you will 22 you. hbd friends god bless for you
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    Девушки на Стейке

    ты ошибся темой, иди к Артёму в тему кастинг отпишись, будете вдвоём там, глядишь и девушки подтянуться -всё таки уже есть из кого выбирать))))
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    20 year HBD highdamage Laron
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    HBD good lucky Nick : bajigur
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    20th year Happy birthday my friends,Wish u all the best and god bless u Name : jannine
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    DIAMONDPOKER: 6,610,195,793 placed by Shinjo on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006800 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,610,196,291 placed by Shinjo on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006800 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,610,196,785 placed by Shinjo on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006800
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    Hunter!!! Mana andalanmu?

    Tidak tentu Gan Menang , seadanya koin saja . Kadang menggunakan dogecoin, litecoin, etherium dan Bitcoin. Terakhir pas 1 juta roll saya hitung total sudah 700K idr. Kalau sekarang sudah malas hitung. Kalau ada balance ya saya lanjut. Kalau habis ya saya stop. 😄 Pas menggunakan BTC BB beragam kadang 64 sat atau 128 satosi. Biar berasa kalau Hit. Tapi sampai sekarang belum hit juga.😂 masih dalam seed yang sama.
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    25 th Birthday. Next day you are 26 years old.( i don’t know your age just guess) . Username cheesecakeytt
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    34 years, happy birthday. username: pqno12
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    jogadas com raiva

    hehe bom hoje mesmo me aconteceu uma parecida no limbo esta indo tudo bem minha banca tava 0,02 bch só que eu tava morrendo de sono e acabei cochilando tinha colocado 1 sadoche de bch e 100% na perca em 3x no limbo meu plano era deixar como se foce uma mineradora kkkk e como cochilei foi questão de 30 minutos acordei assustado e quando olho pra tela do pc tava saldo insuficiente kkkkk tinha sobrado ainda uma quantidade que daria pra recuperar com a estrategia certa e eu com raiva daquilo fui e coloque restante tudo e mandei kkk e deu errado o que eu podia recuperar os outros perdi tbm kkkkk o pior que fui com outra moeda valor mais baixo e foi de primeira kkk foi tenso ... mais faz parte boa sorte ai mito
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    jogadas com raiva

    É Alex, infelizmente isso acontece, controle emocional é algo fundamental em um cassino online, já vi muita gente boa perder muita grana por causa de jogadas desesperadas, paciência e boas estratégias são fundamentais, sucesso ai mano, abraço e bons lucros!
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    esperando roll

    Fala galera, beleza? To preso em um roll aqui desde o dia 6/6...estou atrás do 1,2% e hoje estou com 852 reds com base de 18k de satoshis...mas essa semana sai!! Sorte a todos ae!!
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    Nome de usuário

    Não tem como se esconder dos brs hahaha, tem até outros manitos que trocam de nome, mas só no jeito de conversar dá para saber quem é quem . Cara que interessante, parecia antes só um monte de coisa aleatória, mas cada partezinha tem seu significado, muito interessante. 22 = número de red seguido que já tomou no Black Jack? Hehehe, vamos esperar que não . Menos é mais, simples e direto .
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    is roulette always like this?

    Thank you both for responding. I really appreciate your input.
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    to easy for kids to enter crypto sites

    Everything starts from family. You can close all worlds alcohol shops, kill every single drugs dealer and close all casinos! 😅 But it won't help to protect kid from problems, if there wasn't proper education from parents and close relationships with them...
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    Chat with no rules?

    it would be interesting to chat without rules so we can enjoy the joys of others
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    Wah gila juga agan sampe minjem duit. Untungnya menang, beh kalau kalah bisa pusing dah balikinnya. Mendingan jangan pakai duit orang dah atau minjem duit gitu buat judi. Bahaya banget, mana pake trik youtube lagi wkwkwk.
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    DIAMONDPOKER: 6,478,926,366 placed by Mariija on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00002100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002100 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,478,926,684 placed by Mariija on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00002100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002100 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,478,927,023 placed by Mariija on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00002100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002100
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    KENO: 6,465,752,695 placed by DarkoD on 17/06/2019 Wagered 2.70000000 Multiplier 63x Profit 167.40000000 http://prntscr.com/o2wrbi
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    Фото игроков

    Привет Некстри! Зачем в топике с такими красивыми фотографиями классных девчонок, моя фотография 105 летнего старика без зубов и тростью?)))))))))))))
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    я вот не совсем понял вопрос)просто есть работа в реальном времени а есть виртуальная))а способ увсех один и тот же надо упорно пахать и пахать)без труда и не выловишь рыбку и с пруда
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    Девушки на Стейке

    Что ж фото, так фото. Хотя меня уже многие видели, но только для вас я готова показаться еще раз)))
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    Chat Rules

    Porn Chat allow in chat room ?