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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday But before that, I will do a Giveaway and Give Questions to you I am very happy with Waiting for my birthday tomorrow, I hope you guys are happy with that too. Even though I'm not known by many people, I want to know you better . I want to hold a Giveaway for today. and the way is easy How to follow the Giveaways : Comment to enter Do not enter twice - (this means double posting) nor use multi accounts, you will all be caught, we track players before distribution. Post count must be or have exceeded 25 - if your post count is under this requirement, your post will be considered - invalid. Winners will be displayed at the end of the duration time which is stated below at the bottom post. Post Warnings will disqualify you from this event (This depends on what you did, however - I might allow your entry) If your comment has been credited, you can't edit to work on getting the extra marks. Prize List Displayed Below - please look below to see what is up for Grabs Let's start = 1. Yup, after you read the sentence above you will know that tomorrow is my birthday. However, do you know Tomorrow is what is my birthday? how old am I the next day? You can guess with numbers (3 people with the right and fastest answers will each get 5000 satoshi) don't forget to enter your username in the comment 2. I will choose 5 random comments which will each get 2500 Satoshi ( Do not enter twice - (this means double posting) nor use multi accounts, you will all be caught, we track players before distribution. ) 3. Don't Forget to React because I will randomly select 5 people who each get 2000 satoshi. The answer is = Today is my 19th birthday Winner List : 1. @wong77 2. @pras111 3. @fedrian24 Winner of Random Comments 1. @jullifit 2. @sheenazbay 3. @GKD09 4. @sichaoeloem 5. @jinz Winner of Random Reacts ( Only those who enter the top 5 win ) Thank you for your participation and Hope you guys have fun with the Giveaway that I held this time
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    Предупреждение пользователям о возможной опасности! Будьте осторожны если вам предложат скачать файл из стороннего источника, это может быть фишинг, файл может содержать вирус и прочие сетевые угрозы. Данное предупреждение сделано с целью повышения безопасности пользователей, не является обвинением создателю темы.
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    You can find the answer here = I say thank you as much for the words of you and your participation. I will post the winner and prize around the next 48 hours
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    Which pet is better, Cats or Dogs?

    i would like a dog more than cats, dog is more loyals, they can protect us and they stick with us more than a cat. if have to choose again i still want a dog a dog a dogggggg
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    22 place, thank u guys for supporting
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    Привет всем! Я нашёл довольно интересный метод, возможно кто-то уже додумался до этого, а кто-то - нет. Поделюсь для вас чтобы кто-то мог это использовать Как мы все знаем Stake платит за сообщения и за посты, платит достаточно хорошо. 5000 за тему, 3000 за сообщения. Ну это все знали и до меня) Но вот беда. Stake даёт выводить только 0.02 Btc и другие крипты тоже примерно в таком кол-ве, но есть одна валюта, а именно DOGE её минимальный вывод = 500 (~100 рублей) Вот она нам и нужна) Мы общаемся на форуме играем в казино и тому подобное, а после того как набили 16к btc через обменник, который лежит на форуме меняем наши BTC в DOGE и выводим их! P.s. Если взять все примерные расчёты таким образом можно получать по 200 рублей в день, стабильно! А 200 рублей, это можно экономно жить) тем самым получаем 6000 рублей в месяц, а это можно сказать пенсия в РФ Не знаю будет ли кто-то пользоваться, но если не хватает 200 рублей вполне можно вывести DOGE и Сходить в магазин))) Спасибо за прочтение! Делитесь своими мыслями
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    The title says it all... started with a a 2700 sat wd to game balance... and got to 150k before busting only keno has the power to make rishes out of nothing, and with the same regard it can wipe a fortune clean in no time.... this is how 100k can torun into 1 or 2 btc... keno baby... a love hate relationship....
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    to easy for kids to enter crypto sites

    i have noticed that many children enter gambling sites for bitcoin and csgo skins thinking its not real gambling. what is your guys opinion on this and solutions?
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    Best way to get more rolls per minute is open stake on multiple devices and auto roll the same numbers at the same time... the max i seem to be able to use is 3 devices running same time same game and it seems to work fine, when i get to 4 devices thats when it reached limit and ends up stopping one of them.... so in reality i think stake lets you roll 3x as fast as the website lets you..... hmmm right?
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    Some people are asking themselves how in earth casinos online as well as real life casino can make profits when they give away so much money for free every single day. The answer is simple casino platforms are huge money making machines. They give the intention they are here to make money for gamblers but in reality every single casino wants to take as much money as possible from their gamblers. Why do gamblers keep taking that? Gamblers just love to gamble and chase the rush to hit nice scores or huge multipliers. Other gamblers keep getting attracted to the game when seeing others win. But how do casinos are profitable when giving that much money away for free every single day. I am going to take the stake races into account and specifically todays 5,000$ mega race. 5,000$ is a huge amount to giveaway just like that to the winners of a race. But we all know that the only party that is making a guaranteed profit is the casino. Due to the house edge of overall approximately 1% on all games means that stake no matter what in the end makes 1% profit on the wagered amounts. So easy said they make 0.01BTC profit if 1BTC is wagered. Todays challenge. Its a pitty that only top 10 is visible. But in todays challenge the total amount wagered by the top 10 was approximately 70BTC which means only in the 1 hour during the challenge stake made about 0.7BTC with their house edge on the wagered amount. But there were a LOOOOOOOT more participants. I for example was in 250th place with 0.007BTC wagered. 0.70BTC is approximately 7,000$ that they only made from the top 10 wagers during the races. So this only includes the top 10. I am sure that total wagered of all those placed 11th or lower also is a significant amount. And this is only based on calculation during the 1 hour race but people are gambling on stake 24/7. So it really isn't really such a 'big deal' for GOOD WORKING casinos to give away lots of money daily and stay highly profitable. Cause it is just the way it is. The casino is the only party that is guaranteed profits cause of the house edge. So its very simple. You can see thousands of green bets and you can see people hitting huge multipliers and win huge amounts, all this amounts are paid by other people loosing their money and while this happens a casino is guaranteed their profits due to the house edge which is their guaranteed profit margin on al games played.
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    22 years happy birthday! username = htetaungxx
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    я тоже так иногда мечтаю, до первого ...тааак, а на какой крипточке мне сегодня поиграть, ой да у меня пусто.. но я знаю где взять.. больше 10к никогда еще и не накапливала((
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    Begging for money.

    It's funny , he/she was asking for $10000 Its very annoying, when you playing a game and you receive beggar PM , You get distracted.I had very funny beggar's messages, but now all gone.
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    Begging for money.

    Yeah happens a lot lol. I don't usually report I feel bad, it's like reporting a little ant in the street or something haha. But usually they just get muted by others anyway lol. Here is two that were kind of blatent! But this one of the funniest i think haha , start by calling bro! then offers nudes.... then just reverts to plain old 'spam' hahaha. Sometimes when you catch up with your chat logs it's just so funny you feel like you owe them money for making you laugh so much
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    Begging for money.

    Get those all the time. Even if they seen me post in public chat how I busted 0.2 btc, they still have the nerve to ask. Needless to say they get muted. If you run into any beggars, simply make a screenshotz and show a mod. I still accept friend requests tho. I usually get them begging or just not talking at all. Lol.
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    Недельные люблю очень, да если и сольешь там много , то какая разница ?! Можно было бы так же слить в другую игру , и за неделю и не один раз, так что не вижу ничего страшного, ну в разумных пределах конечно ))
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    My first topic! Hello :-)

    Hello Enzo, welcome to the forum.
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    as for me, my higiest Affiliate commission only 0.0006 bch and 0.001 eth and 800 sat lol, that is my nightbour friend and i give him my other account already 100$ wagger i thought that he will play with depo but always waiting for rains hehe. sad Affiliate i hav
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    59 years old 😅 . and happy b'day 👏
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    Мне тоже интереснее посмотреть высокий икс, нежели маленький икс но по большой ставке. Маленький икс все могут поймать, тут только все зависит от количества крипты на балансе. А большой словить, нужно либо терпения кучу, либо удачи море, а это уже интереснее.
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    Strategies for Races?

    Best strategy would be betting max on baccarat, half on player and half on the dealer. You will either break even or win 0.98x. The problem with dice 1.01x, is that it just takes 1 roll to bust. Ask @KinAniK who lost 0.09 BTC on his first roll on dice 1.01x. It's not worth the risk in my opinion.
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    Commission is awesome way to earn funds with you doing nothing other then advertising Stake online and sharing your referral link. It is easy to create campaign and I know that starting percentage is 10% but if you start making good money with it you can have it increased by admins thus making even more money from it. It is also easy to withdraw those funds, as hoffguy said we even helped him out after his main account was banned since he "followed" rules and all. I don't know my totals exactly but it was around 0.4 BTC, 16 LTC and around 0.5 ETH on both Stake and PD combined. It is a nice boost and easy money as I already said. So go on, start making campaigns and bring more people here, it will certainly worth your time.
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    Мемуары о сидах...

    почему жулики? если ты до этого не додумался,то это твои проблемы. ТАкое не запрещено.Я играю одним аккаунтом, второй у меня обычно простаивает или мины гоняет . и да, максимум окон,которые ты сможешь на одном аккаунте открыть это 2-3. в зависимости от игры. В видеопокере только одно окно.второе сразу же зависает намертво.Точно так же и плинко.третье окно зависает и выдает ошибки постоянно.Так что не особо ты и ускоришься,по сути. максимум в два раза. и то, я смотрю,что оно выдает ролы с такой же частотой,что и один аакаунт. так что это абсолютно не зависит от количества окон,а лишь от удачи
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    27 years old. Happy birthsday Username: barbaris
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    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    To be fully honest I wonder how you play and just in general how does it always hit for you lol. I wonder what your techniques are tbh..
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    Tipping Large in Public

    Well I don't tip my alts but I like tipping in chat lately small amounts but sometimes bigger , I think public tipping is fun not just for the tipper buy for the person getting tipped , shows they are loved I never tipped my alts before, but I tipped @taytots bro alt before 🍻, my vote is for public tipping to stay. 🍾
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    5 миллионов икс в минах.

    MINES: 6,613,491,717 placed by vikiviksen on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 5148300x Profit 0.05148296
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    nah itu dia tadz kadang result gede itu keluar pas nyari payout gede juga jarang waktu nyari payout kecil. dan untuk me reset seed saya rasa tergantung result yang keluar menaikan po adalah pilihan yang tepat tadz di banding naik bb karena menurut saya semakin lama long red semakin naik dalam suatu permainan
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    HBD good lucky Nick : bajigur
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    19th year HBD HD hope you get much lucky in this year Nick : Fedrian24
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    20th year Happy birthday my friends,Wish u all the best and god bless u Name : jannine
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    DIAMONDPOKER: 6,610,195,793 placed by Shinjo on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006800 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,610,196,291 placed by Shinjo on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006800 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,610,196,785 placed by Shinjo on 23/06/2019 Wagered 0.00006800 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00006800
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    You are banned !

    @HighDamage has been banned fire banning without no reason.
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    I'm going to go with 20? Pretty tough to guess haha.. Hope I'm at least close or else I'll be disappointed with my guess Thanks for the giveaway bro. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!! Hope you have a great one! 🎊🥳 Cheers ❤️ Edit - Sorry forgot to add username - GKD09
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    Are you ready for the party ? :)

    34 years, happy birthday. username: pqno12
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    Changes for exchanges

    That's just something unbelievable. If you want to exchange for example 200XLM which is worth around 25$ you would have to pay 0.0015btc(16$) meaning you will receive less than half of the amount you have deposited. Of course we shouldn't blame Stake for this but with this kind of fees this exchange is basically useless because I don't think anyone will ever use it. And this fee is applied to almost all transactions from what I can see so it's not only about XLM exchange.
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    jogadas com raiva

    hehe bom hoje mesmo me aconteceu uma parecida no limbo esta indo tudo bem minha banca tava 0,02 bch só que eu tava morrendo de sono e acabei cochilando tinha colocado 1 sadoche de bch e 100% na perca em 3x no limbo meu plano era deixar como se foce uma mineradora kkkk e como cochilei foi questão de 30 minutos acordei assustado e quando olho pra tela do pc tava saldo insuficiente kkkkk tinha sobrado ainda uma quantidade que daria pra recuperar com a estrategia certa e eu com raiva daquilo fui e coloque restante tudo e mandei kkk e deu errado o que eu podia recuperar os outros perdi tbm kkkkk o pior que fui com outra moeda valor mais baixo e foi de primeira kkk foi tenso ... mais faz parte boa sorte ai mito
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    to easy for kids to enter crypto sites

    It's the internet, it's also too easy for trolls, scammers, and all around jerks to enter sites as well. That's what you get with a global network that almost anyone with a computing device can access. Of all of those, under 18 bothers me the least. I also agree with @peel1, KYC or something similar will eventually come to gambling sites and that is going to be a real downer for you privacy fans out there.
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    Chat with no rules?

    the no rules need to have atleast some rules to the no rules otherwise chaos could break out and we might end up having a stakepocalypse
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    is roulette always like this?

    Thank you both for responding. I really appreciate your input.
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    to easy for kids to enter crypto sites

    Everything starts from family. You can close all worlds alcohol shops, kill every single drugs dealer and close all casinos! 😅 But it won't help to protect kid from problems, if there wasn't proper education from parents and close relationships with them...
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    Chat with no rules?

    it would be interesting to chat without rules so we can enjoy the joys of others
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    Вот это уже интересная новость. Нужно посмотреть на их предложения по предварительной предбиржевой продажи. Ищу сейчас определенный проект, в который можно задепозитить несильно круглую сумму, но есть опасения и пока не могу найти "Ту самую") Сложный сейчас период в плане покупке монет или токенов до листинга, так как скама очень много, уже был опыт с одной монеткой печальный. Все таки, хочется поддержать развитие блокчейна и криптоиндустрии среди масс России и СНГ, но потом осознаешь какой у нас менталитет и уже стремно становиться вкладываться в наши проекты. И да, про печальный опыт вложений - он был в монету российских разработчиков. Потерял 80 процентов.
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    Майнинг жив?(?

    Майнинг жив для тех, кто нашёл вариант с дешёвой электроэнергией, ведь основной профит от темы майнинга кушало энергопотребление, ну хотя когда он был на своём пике мне кажется все выходили в огромный плюс, сейчас эта тема себя почти изжила, а значит остались только те кто либо сделал очеееень большую ферму, либо те кто всё-же нашёл вариант с электричеством. И платит меньше обычных потребителей. Тем самым выходит в профит для себя, а не теряет. Хотя я бы не стал портить свою аппаратуру как это было в пик... Сейчас ты её даже не окупишь
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    Woo-hoo, it appears that we will hit the full prize pool this week too I want to thank everyone who participated so far, but especially to those who took the time to make a screenshot of their bets and post it too - you have made our job with the bet verification soooo much easier and I love you all, you da real MVPs! 😎 Still plenty of time to go, this one is still running... wish you all luck, boys and girls, in the Ring hunting! 🍀
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    Great guide! Understanding how a VPN works is very important for people who wish to remain truly anonymous and have an extra layer of security. One thing I would recommend when deciding which VPN is best for you is choose one that offers no logs.
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    KENO: 6,480,236,803 placed by Shinjo on 18/06/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 63x Profit 0.00124000
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    KENO: 6,478,125,987 placed by Iris13 on 18/06/2019 Wagered 2.70000000 Multiplier 63x Profit 167.40000000
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    KENO: 6,467,279,759 placed by AlphaStorm on 17/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 63x Profit 0.00006200
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    KENO: 6,465,752,695 placed by DarkoD on 17/06/2019 Wagered 2.70000000 Multiplier 63x Profit 167.40000000 http://prntscr.com/o2wrbi