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    Aloha 👋 Sorry for the delay, folks! I have really enjoyed listening all the songs that you have posted Some were just the perfect match for my taste and some were not really my cup of tea, but I have still decided to credit everyone who took time to reply and post it here too 💞Thank you so much, music lovers!!! Also, before I leave for the vacation, here is my playlist too 🍹 Cheer, people, and enjoy! Music Sheet: My favorite male singer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZobdNXT0Za0 (Serj Tankian) My favorite female singer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scelR-8TC84 (Senidah) My favorite band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzKHkmGK_b8 (Walking on Cars) My favorite drinking song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrRY5j_13Ew 🍀 Song that makes me laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs Song that makes me cry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbUC-UaAxE Song for exercising: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzm6TEManmQ (not actually a song, but a motivational video!) Song for sexy times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBF8kpEPphk 🔥 My favorite movie soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdOykEJSXIg My favorite oldie, but goldie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_2IdybTV0 Thanks for tuning in! Prizes 1st place: 0.0006 BTC - @kuba122388, I really loved your playlist ❣️ 2nd place: 0.0004 BTC - @Josenete, gracias, amor 🥰 3rd place: 0.0003 BTC - @Faris, you know me ✨ 4th-10th place: 0.0001 BTC - everyone else who participated (prize pool gets bigger this time!) Keep on dancing! 🍀
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    Stakecoins and Primecoins, imagine, just imagine...
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    My stake account hacked!

    Mahdirakib87's case is solved, but I hope this will stay here as a reminder what can happen if you leave your account unprotected. Always make sure that you have your 2fa on, that's why we recommend it. I know we're probably even boring with that talk, but you can never be too cautious when it comes to your funds. And never share your account information with other users. It can happen that the hijacker activates 2fa instead of you and lock you out of your account completely. @Mahdirakib87 I'm glad you regained access to your account. And if it ever happens that you're unable to restore your access to your 2fa app, feel free to reach us out via Live support and explain the issue. You'll have to verify that it's really your account, so 2fa could be disabled from it. Even in that case, we do recommend that you set back on 2 factor protection for your own safety.
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    Моей самой большой ошибкой было дочитать до последней 24 страницы этой темы, т.к. я не люблю читать☺️. Разберем по порядку. Азарт, жадность и все остальные человеческие факторы никто не отменял - это не лечится и неисправимо. За алкоголь прикольные посты были, думал дальше никотин, а там сразу про наркотики. Тема блин, 18+. Есть 2 типа дистанций, когда играешь максимально в сутки малыми ставками и на малых х, либо один крупный х раз в сутки, пробовал и так, и так... Все же самый идеальный вариант, хороший скрипт для бота. Стратегия должна быть необязательно сложная, но максимально рандомная. Мне бы аналитические знания Софии и знания программирования Сереги, мог бы написать идеальный скрипт. Знаний хоть у меня и маловато, в данном направлении немного продвинулся, мой простенький скрипт не дает 100% и более от баланса в сутки, а всего лишь от 1.44% в сутки, работая 24/7 без сливов. И то думаю еще немного опустить % и добавить пару красных на запас. Такая страта дает 100% в месяц от баланса, для начала пойдет. Уделяя много времени казино, как писалось выше, проводим меньше времени с родными и близкими. Работающий бот немного решает и эту проблему.
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    $50 Faceapp Giveaway!

    Gary has aged a bit, hasn’t he? You would have all seen the #faceapp and #agechallenges on social media by now! We are giving away $50 to five players who can send us an image of themselves doing the age challenge! You also need to let us know what you think Stake will look like in 20 years! We will be picking the best images and the best answers! How to win: Post an image of your age challenge using Faceapp Let us know what Stake will look like in 20 years Rules: You can upload your photo anywhere but it must be posted on this thread. 10+ post count to enter. 1 win per person. Answer the question & put the photo in 1 post. This thread will be locked on July 22, 2019! 5 winners will split $50!
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    What do you think about this

    What is your favorite game in stake ??
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    Bad day

    I no longer have anything lost everything It's a very bad day
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    I think crash or keno is actually the safest game on stake!. When I play crash or keno I do win always win. If I play long enough of course there is difference but I'm not busting. I actually never busted on crash . If you are lucky you can rise your balance and if you are not lucky at least the balance will stay the same. I actually like the game for that. What do you think guys? Do you feel safer when playing crash or keno than other games
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    Public? Or private tip?

    Just curious what everyones opinion is on tipping and whether they do it publicly or privately. I tend to tip privately and I like to receive them privately as well. Me and my friends often share coins between each other and for awhile I'd send tips publicly just to show off But I got a lot of friend requests. What do you prefer? Public or Private?
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    Please Help me Out

    KYC is mandatory for anything
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    Please Help me Out

    Yeah, the same thing happened about a month or so ago to me. I had been driving about an hour away to the nearest one, but I checked again and there are now 2 newer ones within 15 minutes of me too.
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    Share your VIP progress/stories!

    Just found out not long ago that I am very close to finally getting to Platinum level. Got some work to do but hoping to get there by tomorrow before the next MegaRace...
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    Надежда на эфир

    https://forklog.com/nazvana-orientirovochnaya-data-zapuska-ethereum-2-0/ Может там и не будет харфорка, но запуск ETH 2.0 будет, хз как они без форка будут делать, мб просто раньше сделают, а просто активируют 3.
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    Here is what I use very often. I set green at 30% and then go from 1 satoshi and double the bet amount after each red bet until it reaches green. You can go very long with this strategy until you get many reds and bust but when i see that many reds are coming I cheat sometimes and don't double bet amount. Strategy works for a while to build up balance and it's ok to use even when you don't have large balance thats why I like it.
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    saya sih biasanya traktir makan makan bareng sahabat/sodara dan kemungkianan kalo dapet uang sejumlah itupun bakalan tetep sama paling cuma makan makan doang
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    Masa kecilnya banyak dihabiskan maen kelereng ama maen lompat tali ya pras...? Hahaha...[becanda]
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    tidak ada satupun pilihan pada survey yang saya suka, saya lebih memilih untuk menambahkan modal untuk bisnis saya 200juta bukan uang yang terlalu banyak untuk dibuat foya-foya bagi saya, so lebih baik dibuat usaha
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    Saya akan pergi ke luar negeri membawa anak istri buat jalan-jalan. Karena saya rasa perlu refreshing ke luar negeri untuk lebih membuka cakrawala dan melihat seperti apa negara luar. Sensasinya berbeda daripada kita lihat di tv pastinya
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    My stake account hacked!

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion, we really appreciate it Mahdiraki! Since this has been solved, I'll lock the topic. Good luck 🍀
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    Баланс на форуме

    Смысл торчать пол дня на форуме собирая копейки, лучше играть с депов чередуя с написанием постов! И выводить уже более ощутимый баланс, а не по 10к в день!
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    Newbie here

    Me too, welcome. 🙃
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    My stake account hacked!

    Yeah agree with you. I think they should lock IP address. Like I'm always using same device for login and playing at stake. If I try to login from other IP or someone try to hack my account by login from other IP address I need to verify it by a link sent to email. As the hacker hacked my account and he set the 2fa, there was no way to get my account back without verifying that I'm the real owner of the account. I did it by giving information of my account and their question answer in support. And they disabled the 2fa.
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    Newbie here

    Welcome to stake
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    My stake account hacked!

    Its not boring, and that good that stake wanna help people, but if people wont learn no one can help them, maybe im little rude right now but i thinks it was good learning point, its good that u did get your money back, people never learn if they dont get burn first... 2fa may be little annoying but better then lose money.
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    Rarely, but yea, I'm checking it sometimes Mostly reaction is "damn, I could bet that much with one bet... "
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    the functionality that I would see on stake a multiplayer blackjack with the addition of side bet instead of being alone against the dealer like these now And why not a music player built into the site that can be activated or deactivated with different styles of music
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    и на сколько у тебя профит плюс если не секрет.просто по твоим словам ты должен быть довольно в хорошем плюсе))и вообще как по мне казино не выгодно быть честным))тогда им не на что будет существовать
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    что толку что подняли??))они урезали при этом в три раза меньше за пост....
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    Cara mendapatkan btc

    cuma namanya pencari profit dari modal free saya rasa tetep worth gan walaupun kita bakalan buang banyak waktu nantinya ya kalo sub indo lagi rame saya rasa gak begitu cape gan cuma kalo lagi sepi kadang bingung aja mau post/reply dimana...
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    New feature you would i like to see here on site is Daily mission instead on challenge and why would you i wwant that? With something daily mission (betting of course) we have chance to get some prize or point to collect. That could be paid on the day, or for long term misson can be week or monthly mission. Grande stake mission!
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    Sepertinya tidak ada piihan yang saya inginkan tuh, mungkin saya bukan tipe orang kebanyakan yang memilih pilihan tersebut. Kalau saya punya uang 200 juta, paling saya tabung 50 juta dan sisanya 150 juta saya akan tradingkan membeli BTC . Dan hasilnya baru buat membeli aset yang saya kehendaki. Keinginan lain paling mau jalan jalan ke borobudur bersama keluarga. Karena istri ingin sekali pergi ke sana.
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    Jika saya mendapatkan rezeki,pertama kali saya tabung dulu sebagian. Kedua saya ajak anak istri plesiran. Ketiga membeli kebutuhan sehari hari.sisanya membantu atau sadaqoh kepada orang yang kurang mampu. Ke empat membeli tanah atau lahan yang terjangkau dan yang kelima (kalo masih ada sisa) saya akan melakukan hal hal seperti yang pertama sampai yang ke empat. Itu saja saya rasa. - salam bulu -
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    Hello, dear forum users! 👋 Meh my favorite strategy on dice is a lot. 3x payout with increase 100% on loss on dice. It's was my frist favourite strategy. I share other my strategy on dice: 220x payout with 100 satoshi satoshi bet - you can win 22000 satoshi btc but very dangerous and risk. 9900x payout with 10 satoshi satoshi bet - try sometimes and check your luck with your prize 99000 satoshi btc, it's very rare because you need bet 99.99 or 100.00 roll on dice. Greetings!
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    Where do you see Stake in 3 years?

    Hahaha that is very true! I would be one as well...
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    Saya waktu itu hampir 600 roll baru dapet 5 of kind warna orange gan,mungkin agak lama mencarinya tapi saya berhasil tapi untuk seed agan sendiri saya gak tahu.
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    So... One of the csgo gambling sites had one game - Tower Firstly u choose bet amount and difficulty - Easy / Normal / Hard Easy - every floor has 3 options. 2 of them are good and 1 is bad. First floor is 66.66 % for hit. Every floor you pass multiplier rises until you cash out (win) or you won't hit the bomb (you lose). Medium - every floor has 2 options. 1 good, 1 bad. Simple. First floor is 50% chance so multiplier x2 (if house edge 0%) and every floor you pass you get higher multiplier until you cash out or you won't hit the bomb) Hard - every floor has 3 options. 1 good, 2 bad. So first floor has 33.33% for hitting good tile (option) and every floor you pass you get much higher multiplier than medium cause' its harder every floor. I'd like to see Tower game in Stake's design! I really enjoy this kind of game and I hope you'll think about it. For now I'm waiting for slots! Can't wait to play it ^^
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    good news @JelenaR....thanks you
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    This is a fairly simple game and there is nothing complicated in it. 😃😃
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    Я думаю что в определенные моменты игру как то подкручивают, у меня сложилось такое впечатление потому что играя однажды в одну игру и игра шла очень тяжело, тогда я поменял сид, все осталось без изменений, потом снова поменял и опять игра как шла так и идет тяжело, и так продолжалось весь день, на каждом сиде делал по 1000 ролов где то, Потом плюнул и пошел спать, на следующий день начал играть и игра шла легко и не принужденно получалось набрать нормально без сливов.
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    Kalo harapan saya tentang stake cuma sederhana . Semoga stake dan forum stake panjang umur saja . Masalah pendapatan mah yang turun akibat reward forum dikurangi bagi saya sesuatu yang wajar wajar saja . Tinggal bagaimana kita ngatur ulang strategy .
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    Странная система тут получается, без вложений получается выиграть, а как только депнишь, так все сливается
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    Big win/Mistake

    wow amazing this is very nicee
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    welcome to stake and I hope you have a good time
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    Mydicebot is working very slowly on Android, like bet speed is slow and copying and pasting code is not very user friendly
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    Какие депы ты видишь от новичков? Они наоборот пока им замечание не сделать, думаю и в самом казино то один раз были когда регались! И даже при такой оплате и выводе в казино фармеров будет все равно толпа, это всё же лучше кранов с 5-10 сатохами в час! Вот только про группы с вагером что-то я не понял! Давно здесь не писал, что там за история? Теперь в диске выигрыш коробки тоже от Вагера зависит???🎰😂
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    Мне не нравится то, что вкладывал сюда депозиты на крупные суммы, а толку то = даже звезду не дали. Випа не дали. В общем. Ибано Ибано!
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    First experience on this site

    I heard a lot about this site, Today I made my first experience I found it very cool and easy to use I like what it has
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    Realizations after losing big

    I agree with you
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    Favorite song?