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  1. username: togiy happy birthday stake !!
  2. Happy Birthday stake,the most awesome moment was when i win huge payouts in 7 bomb mines game :) my emoji is🎉
  3. ok here we go .. set settings mode to advanced set chance to 15.00 and starting balance to 50 satoshi (it can be much more depends on your balance but you can try it out) multiplier set to 1.15 increase set to %15 head over to advanced bet settings and tune "switch high/low settings" set switch after wins to 2 set switch after loses to 10 best of luck trying it worked solid for me !!
  4. you are right nattekut,, but i have no other choice here in turkey that one is the only valid and verified bookie another than that i also place bets on sportsbet.io from time to time
  5. i play 3 bombs mine game usually , and i always play with my intuition .. i have no special figures and also i play fast !!
  6. well i would go for .. first half tie over 2,5 goals second half winner - red star
  7. Hey there folks,today im gonna share a good sportsbet coupon for you !! i will be doing this from time to time .. lets see the matches Viktoria Plzen - Olympiacos -- Over 2,5 goal Psv Eindhoven - Basel -- Over 2,5 goal The New Saints - Kopenhag -- Over 2,5 goal Saburtalo Tbilisi - Dinamo Zagreb -- Over 2,5 goal total odds of this multi coupon for me is 5.15 , play now thank me later !! have fun !!
  8. togiy

    Follow your intuition

    the only way of having fun in gambling is playing with intuition. You wont even regret losings if u play by your intuition..
  9. hey shinj u will be at 29th position good luck !!
  10. i think slots and rock paper scissors would be great addition to stake.
  11. sadly bot doesnt work for me,i cant login it stays at "try to login" same goes with minesbot, i have vcredist and netframework 2.0 3.0 3.5 4.0 and onwards installed how to solve this problem ?
  12. my team mate is @firenine
  13. How many of you experienced bomb on same tile after opening one ? im a mines addict,i usually play with bombs set to 3. and i found the bomb 5 times on the same tile earlier. is this also happened to you ? and also im very curious about occurance chance of this.because it must be very rare.