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  1. Hey Caroll im a turkish guy from turkey,i can speak turkish language fluently,im also able to read and write in english language cant send you a pm because of forum message limit.facing an error like this "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later." btw i just sent you a message at telegram, thanks.
  2. i always play high with high risk 10 tiles option .. other options giving less and harder to hit i think.
  3. well i cant give any photo .. but i step into gambling with primedice .. i think virtual casinos with provably fair systems are just better than normal ones .. When is your first time getting to know gambling? ans:2014 primedice From who you know about Gambling?: ans:my own research What game did you first play for gambling? ans:diceee !!!
  4. another useless altcoin for its owners to make some bucks... what else can be reason of making such pointless and non-innovative copy coins ?
  5. new sounds are awesome it just doubles the fun !! the team behind stake & primedice have good skills in computer based media making.. besides sounds created pictures also look so flat and nice.
  6. wew its insane luck mistake ! i congratulate you .. you know sometimes we win big without much effort sometimes cant hit single green
  7. well hilo is money maker there .. and i always hit good payouts when i play .. but i always bust in the end .. i think its hilo .. it just better compared to other games ..
  8. well i play only my official national lottery games now.. i've even cant hit 3 numbers :)) .. but there are provably fair gambling websites that implements provably fair lottery game so maybe stake developers and admins can decide and implement that game
  9. thats looks like a nice idea ! .. multiplayer games always been funny .. also in early days of primedice there was multiplayer pvp gaming option .. :)
  10. i've using both fedora linux(actually almost bleeding-edge) and windows 10 pro redstone 5 (latest) so problem is not in the system software or components .. maybe it affects me psychologically xDD
  11. especially in mines fast speed always causing me to lose fast .. but when playing slow everything is fine. but in hilo or in other games everything is fine @Faris you know buddy when betting with some bigger amounts in game speed increases a lot i meant it.
  12. no change with/without extensions i've tried let me explain it litttle more after game stuck you cant start a new bet you must either go back to main page and click mines again or you need to refresh the browser. it only happens sometimes,you open a game clicking a tile but that click has no effect .. you need to either go back or refresh . ::( ::( hope its solved soon
  13. Yeah @Katarina i was playing manual and my network connection speed is 50 mbps and i wasn't experiencing any lag on my net when playing. game wasn't freezing or there was no lag .. and my computer was performing very well at that time.my computer is a AMD kaveri APU based system from 2014. i have two extension added and enabled:ublock origin and https everywhere.and i dont think those extensions can affect my gameplay
  14. king of mines also became king of hilo 😃 its good to see faris !!
  15. Hi guys ! You know when betting with considerable high amounts the in game speed also increases. i always lose when the speed is high and i know there are the ones thinking like me about this. so i suggest giving players an ability to select bet speed so everyone can play at desired speeds.