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  1. How many of you experienced bomb on same tile after opening one ? im a mines addict,i usually play with bombs set to 3. and i found the bomb 5 times on the same tile earlier. is this also happened to you ? and also im very curious about occurance chance of this.because it must be very rare.
  2. maybe you can integrate user database into the app so only ones with accounts be able to use bot ? i think this is clever idea.. i think they dont do hilo challenges anymore because the bot has great advantages against normal play and not all users have the bot ..
  3. awesome bets faris .. the king of the mines ... hehehe to be honest im not patient like you to wait all these patterns coming .. good job ..
  4. Of Course bitcoin core if you have good connection(in terms of speed) and free enough storage space, but if you want fast instant and secure wallet and moreover a wallet that you have full control on it go for Electrum.
  5. well every normal person should give the same answer "family comes first" because these are different things, family is a must while gambling is a choice .. gambling is only for fun while family is for life .. never lose controll and don't upset your loved ones..
  6. thats really smart eddie,the important is knowing when to stop and not falling into gamblers fallacy we all know that gamblers fallacy is "greed", other than that never dismiss the house edge it either takes a percentage of ur bet amount or luck for example dice 1.98x-2.0x
  7. p2p would be nice and it was a addition to PD years ago .. but who will pay the prize if some players do p2p ? i think stake staff must not be the paying side .. i mean players will be creating a prize pot and 1 of them will win whole prize if he/she is a winner.
  8. i share the same decision with others in this thread:Base bet for winning 1 eth is way too high !! Especially if u trying to hit some big X's other than that challenges are fun .. and the action on chatbox also
  9. Well,i just posted a five star stake review !! because its what stake deserve !! https://www.cryptocompare.com/profile/togiy/#/activity
  10. Hey Caroll im a turkish guy from turkey,i can speak turkish language fluently,im also able to read and write in english language cant send you a pm because of forum message limit.facing an error like this "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later." btw i just sent you a message at telegram, thanks.
  11. i always play high with high risk 10 tiles option .. other options giving less and harder to hit i think.
  12. well i cant give any photo .. but i step into gambling with primedice .. i think virtual casinos with provably fair systems are just better than normal ones .. When is your first time getting to know gambling? ans:2014 primedice From who you know about Gambling?: ans:my own research What game did you first play for gambling? ans:diceee !!!
  13. another useless altcoin for its owners to make some bucks... what else can be reason of making such pointless and non-innovative copy coins ?
  14. new sounds are awesome it just doubles the fun !! the team behind stake & primedice have good skills in computer based media making.. besides sounds created pictures also look so flat and nice.