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  1. As you all know my yesterday's multi coupon succeed, I wanted to share new coupon for you people here it is: RB Leipzig vs. Zenit: total 2,5 over Slavia Prag vs. Barcelona: total 2,5 over Inter vs. B.Dortmund: total 2,5 over odds of this multi coupon for me is 3,40 but i believe in stake sportsbetting section and in other sportsbook websites its silghtly increased. play now thank me later !! 😛 goodluck and havefun all !!
  2. looks like i predicted all the four matches results correctly !! my odds for this multi coupon was almost 5.00 !! congratz to me and congratz to who played it !!
  3. Atl.Madrid vs. Bayer Leverkusen: match result 1(winner atl.madrid) Shakhtar Donetsk vs D.Zagreb: total 2,5 over Manchester City vs Atalanta: total 2,5 over Tottenham - Crvena Zvezda: total 2,5 over play now thank me later 😛 goodluck in your all bets guys and gals
  4. Fingers Crossed for first VIP challenge !!
  5. i think i will compete for this !! username:togiy
  6. my first bet would be galatasaray's match.
  7. i would prefer limbo because of long awaiting times on crash game .. limbo is more instant
  8. it could be nice to see some diversity in the rains.like btc eth ltc xrp doge bch mixed alltogether
  9. togiy

    BIG X

    i remember i once hit 23794x on mines in one of those telegram challenges this was my best payout
  10. hi steve coupon not available to me i was participated in "tagging" giveaway.i was tagged LOOPOO and he was finished the mega race in 25 so either "tagging" is not giveaway or there is a mistake ?
  11. man stake support is currently bestest support on the earth !!