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  1. If you guys never tried how to hit the max prize then shut the fuck up, maybe OP was one of us (who tried to get max prize) with those min high basebet. Myself know the effect like from very first time when it was just 1k satoshi, 3k satoshi, 9k satoshi. I'll do that for 2 ETH. But now? it's 1 ETH only so nah, not worth it. To those who said "it's 0.75$ for 270 $" Man, you should try it by yourself first. It's not worth it. You not gonna win within 1 bets only, you gonna lose first. If you are betting for 0 base bet then shut up, we're here discussing about the min basebet for max prize. They decreased the max prize to 1 ETH, , they said because the price went up. But the min basebet to hit that still on that high. Like wtf.
  2. Hmm, paling benci main Video Poker, bukan ane kapok atau apa, cuman ya video poker ini bener - bener ga worth it menurut ane pribadi. Mendapatkan 4 of a kind aja bisa sampe 4000an bets (ane pernah serius pas challenge) apa apaan gini, udah abis banyak tapi ga bisa hit 22x payout sama sekali.
  3. Do your autobet when you are hunting for big payout, if you were playing dice, don't ever play on auto especially with martingale strategy. So I mostly like to play manual with some manual strategy too.
  4. Udah sewajarnya depo itu berapa pun dana yang siap kita habiskan (kalau kalah) jadi ga akan misuh misuh (koar koar) walau ane tau kalau kalah saat main pasti nyesek. Tapi ya inilah judi, ada menang dan kalah (ada yang bilang di chat gapernah menang) pasti pernah menang dan kalah. Intinya di dunia gambling ini harus tau kapan stop nya, jangan terlalu ngejar target yang gede, bisa - bisa diambil balik. Jadi saya pribadi juga ada uang yang udah disisihkan khusus untuk depo (kalau udah gatel sange bener biar ngebet hahaha). Jangan sesekali bet dengan uang terakhir, sewaktu ngebet keringetan (taruhan duit terakhir) kalau udah kalah bisa stress :3
  5. Jadi pilihannya cuman trading sama mining crypto ya? - Kalau perihal trading ane jujur pengen banget bisa trading dari dulu haha, tetep aja ga paham gimana caranya (alternatif supaya ga online gambling terus) biarlah ane trading. - Kalau perihal mining crypto wah ane ga pernah nyoba apalagi mining kek harus pake VGA yg high dan PC yg high, aduh ga kebayang, khusus cukong aja itu kalau mining crypto yang semacam itu. Tapi kalau mining online dengan cara beli ghs seperti di cloud - cloud mining jaman sekarang ane pernah nyoba sekali aja dan lumayan lama kembali modal nya. Kesimpulannya: Lebih suka trading dan pengen trading.
  6. My fav game everyday is 1. Dice 2. Mines 3. Plinko Dice I will go on manual, and Mines will search hunting for big payout, Plinko for the last choice as I still didn't hit 620x or 1000x yet.
  7. Langsung otw kan ke indodax dan disisihkan sedikit ke situs sebelah untuk bagi-bagi jg hahaha, kalau item game udah gaada waktu lagi main game sekarang (bucin) hahah.
  8. I prefer not to be in High Roller tabs lol, when I want to bet big I just go on hidden. Or they will scream my name in the chat when I lose or win. A bit annoying for me, I don't like fire.
  9. I just like google chrome, not the others like mozilla, I do like the chrome graphic, it looks smooth.
  10. I did some Mistake but lucky bets on wheel. It was when Tele Challenge was running, it was 3x on wheel I think, at that time to hunt for the 2 ETH only need to bet 45 doge above and hit 777 last bet id, so I miss typed 4500 doge as the basebet and run auto bet lol, from 10k doge I won 50k doge with this mistake. I didn't even play wheel when it's not about challenge so yeah lucky.
  11. AlvinFahriza


    I think we have different VIP here, we have the Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, Gold VIP. And another VIP is the old users it self (loyal players). The Star VIP is based on wagered start on March 2019 I think so can't complaint even you have old account and much wagered, but not lately wagered so yeah. You are VIP as a Loyal Players not the VIP ranks.
  12. Yeah, not even once on 600x tho. Yep I like to play crazy with crazy basebet and martingale on keno but LTC can't bet more than 5 LTC and BCH can't bet more than 0.5 BCH. I was like "dooh, here I come lose" lol.
  13. Nah, not anymore Diamond Poker!. It killed my 100k doge lol the ties sure kills me. it was like 1 lose 1 tie 1 lose 1 tie 1 lose 1 tie, damn. If the 1.5x come out after 8x martingale it sure a loss.
  14. I don't like to play keno when it comes to BCH and LTC, it has max bet. Damnit, I mean I was on 10/10 keno and medium, so it's 1.60x for 3 numbers, then I do martingale (stupid I know) but max bet because of the 1000x (myth). But I like it when hunting for 270x with higher basebet like 500doge on 8 keno numbers.
  15. I've been playing on Mines and Dice, Mines effected with the 30% increase bets, so it's so fast right now I like it so much.
  16. Ok seems all back normal now for the min BTC rain. don't mind my balance.
  17. I was guessing what's with this Races tab, oh here we go again!
  18. 1st min -15th min 11th min first goal
  19. MINES: 5,876,997,168 placed by AlvinFahriza on 28/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 831.9810180664062x Profit 0.00083098
  20. HILO: 5,876,830,448 placed by AlvinFahriza on 28/05/2019 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 12.297699928283691x Profit 0.00036153
  21. Ok I've tipped 30k sat for the best Stake Ticket! Goodluck guys
  22. PLINKO: 5,691,567,319 placed by AlvinFahriza on 22/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 420x Profit 0.00041900 PLINKO: 5,691,696,410 placed by AlvinFahriza on 22/05/2019 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 120x Profit 0.00119000
  23. DICE: 5,690,241,730 placed by AlvinFahriza on 22/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000800 Multiplier 990x Profit 0.00791200