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  1. Wow
    AlvinFahriza reacted to artizykristy in Set Realistic Goals   
    My realistic Goals may be when I start gambling that in my mind I fight the site so the possibility of holding me is only a little which makes me always cash in whatever I can win  
  2. Wow
    AlvinFahriza got a reaction from artizykristy in Set Realistic Goals   
    I've talked with Eddie private and he's such a nice guy, always say play smart and just take it easy, play slowly and boom yeah I recovered some, slowly but sure I recover. Can't agree more but Eddie is very kind to give advice and advice to let users win even he's the owner of its Casino. Thumbs up my man. 👍
  3. Thanks
    AlvinFahriza reacted to Edward in Set Realistic Goals   
    I get a lot of people messaging me lately talking about how they can never seem to win. Upset about the outcomes of their deposits. In some cases, I can sympathize, in others, not so much. I'll pull up a players account & I will see they deposited say $50. They have turned it into $150 and then lost. How is that bad luck I will think to myself? That's not bad luck. That's great luck combined with simply not knowing when to stop. 
    Players who are in profit are the ones who know when to cash out. They set a goal. They stick to it. They take their winnings. They are content. Losing players are the opposite. They will go on and on until they lose. This is not smart. Unless you have unlimited money, if you play for an unlimited amount of time, you will lose. That is how gambling works.
    Set goals. Stick to them. Cashout. Play smart.
  4. Thanks
    AlvinFahriza got a reaction from artizykristy in Forex Trading atau Mining dalam hal Cryptocurrency?   
    Jadi pilihannya cuman trading sama mining crypto ya?
    - Kalau perihal trading ane jujur pengen banget bisa trading dari dulu haha, tetep aja ga paham gimana caranya (alternatif supaya ga online gambling terus) biarlah ane trading.
    - Kalau perihal mining crypto wah ane ga pernah nyoba apalagi mining kek harus pake VGA yg high dan PC yg high, aduh ga kebayang, khusus cukong aja itu kalau mining crypto yang semacam itu. Tapi kalau mining online dengan cara beli ghs seperti di cloud - cloud mining jaman sekarang ane pernah nyoba sekali aja dan lumayan lama kembali modal nya. 
    Kesimpulannya: Lebih suka trading dan pengen trading.
  5. Bitcoin
    AlvinFahriza got a reaction from coeghacked in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    Absen pagi hadir, salam kenal semuanya ane anak baru dimari..hiks
  6. Litecoin
    AlvinFahriza got a reaction from fedrian24 in Reaksi Kalian Setelah Kalah Besar dalam Judi?   
    Bobonen apaan tuh om? iya juga ane mikir bakalan tidur aja lah, udah terlanjur frustasi karena kalah tapi pas bangun tidur itu kaya rasanya ada yang hilang gitu, mikir lagi kenapa ga stop aja, makin gila whahaha :3
  7. Ethereum
    AlvinFahriza got a reaction from fedrian24 in Best strategy on video poker   
    Well yeah the same as I play, hold pair if there's no pair hold high card if there's a chance to flush hold 3 card to flush I hold it, that's it all >.<
  8. Payday
    AlvinFahriza reacted to coeghacked in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    absen gan.
    stake nickname : coeghacked
    primedice nickname : neverwinlol
    jangan galak galak sama ane ya gan :v
  9. Love
    AlvinFahriza reacted to lodaya27 in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    Tes Tes 123 Di coba...
    Masih Pada Aktif Kah member Indo di Forum Ini?
    Yg masih Aktif Coba Angkat kaki... Eh... Angkat Tangan ✋ Mangsudnya hehehe..
  10. Bitcoin
    AlvinFahriza reacted to wing10 in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    Salam kenal dan salam profit
    Maaf agan agan sekalian saya nubie.....mohon bimbingannya
    Terima kasih
  11. Love
    AlvinFahriza reacted to laron in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    wah absen ya btw saya pernah absen kgk dsni ya wkwkwk
    absen juga deh 
    stake nick: Laron
    pd nick: Laron
    tpi kebanyakan saya pke nick yang sama di smua site 😋 kali aja ktmu mohon disapa ya
  12. Bitcoin
    AlvinFahriza reacted to cukup2 in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    ikutan absen gan.. salam kenal samua
  13. Bitcoin
    AlvinFahriza reacted to jannine in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    hallo selamat datang di forum stake sub indonesia
    salam kenal juga
    semoga betah ya maen di stake
  14. Love
    AlvinFahriza reacted to Menang in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    Selamat siang
    Salam kenal semuanya
    Sesuai ID semoga bisa menang di stake
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