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  1. Hi everyone, Winter here I would like to propose an idea that would be fairly easy to implement and not too much of a chore to manage, this suggestion is to add a marketplace subforum to the stake forums to allow the selling of digital goods in exchange for numerous cryptocurrencies. I feel like if executed correctly, this could not only increase the amount of people interested in joining the forum to sell their product, but could also be a good opportunity to allow players to discard stuff they dont need so they could play onsite. It seems like a bit difficult to manage but in reality the only thing that the moderation team would need to be concerned about is scammers, which can be dealt with accordingly. It would be encouraged to deal via reputable middlemen (ex; escrow.com) for the trading of goods such as thia, or allowing moderation/reputable members to offer MM services, which would allow the MMs to make money aswell. Ive figured that perhaps this forum may not be the most ideal environment for a marketplace but I feel that if it is executed correctly, it would be fairly beneficial to the community. To any other users viewing this threa, I wholeheartedly encourage you to share your opinions and say why or why not to this idea. Thanks - Winter
  2. Hello everyone Was reading through some stories people were posting on here, stuff like hitting a 5,000,000x to pay off a house, my story is no where near as cool as that, but I believe it is still a pretty interesting story and I believe it is worth a little share to give a little hope to all those people facing losses at the moment. I am a member of a large community of virtual good sellers on a forum that I will not mention to abide by this forum's rules. I saw a promotional giveaway where some random bitcoin gambling site was giving away 500,000 satoshi by giving each player that joins the site a 10,000 satoshi gift. I thought this was too little an amount so I deposited approximately 0.0025 BTC (This was when BTC was around $6,300 per coin). Back then I knew NOTHING about patterns or probability to I threw chance to the wind and all inn'd every single game until I had atleast 10x'd my bankroll by cashing out at small x's (The game was CRASH/CHARTBET). I made it to around 10,000,000 Satoshi (0.1 BTC). I did this 4 SEPERATE TIMES!. I showered/rained more than 0.2 of the BTC then ended up losing pretty much all of it, but it was still really fun and I managed to give back to some people who I had owed prior to the win. Thats my little story of my biggest win on gambling (so far)
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Winter I'm by no means a stranger to Stake and have been playing for a bit over a year as of now, but this is the first time that I've been on this forum and attempted any form of interaction with the community. I'm an avid animal lover, cryptocurrency enthusiast and seller of digital goods. I sadly have not made any profit on stake as of yet, but I can say I do have a fair bit of experience on here as I have wagered around 77 LTC/Litecoin on my 2nd oldest Stake account (@lildurk). I hope to find some new people with similar interests as me and perhaps learn a little something about gambling on the way. Once again, pleasure to meet everyone here and I look forward to participating in the discussions held here.