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  1. When was the last Stake coupon sent by email? Month ago ?
  2. Я думаю рост будет в первые часы, первый день. Так же как и монеты на IEO растут. Для чего вообще необходимы будут монеты грам? Для каких-то внутренних денежных переводов внутри мессенджера?
  3. Только вот ёбит многие ругают. Я бы побоялся там хранить биткойн на долгосрок. У меня есть трон. Чтобы он что-то принес, надо иметь его десятки тысяч. За месяс 485 трона принемли 0.0036 ВТТ или же 0.0007 доллара Можно еще хранить Нео и получить газ раз в месяц. Кстати, чтобы волны приносили что-то, необходимо их хранить на кошельке, а не на бирже.
  4. I've seen people numerous times had problems with 2FA. Quite strange, because I've been using it for about 2-3 years like 10times a day and never had any kind of trouble.
  5. И правильно говорит. Физкультура лечит, спорт калечит Обожаю хоккей, особенно чемпионаты мира или олимпиаду. Любимых команд нет, просто нравится красивая и динамичная игра.
  6. А хоккей нельзя тут обсудить? Спорт ведь тоже
  7. Вот прям так уж и анонимна криптовалюта. Все ведь так и так находится в блокчейне и все равно можно найти концы кому принадлежит адрес и кому он переводы делает.
  8. Got 3 notifications that your stream started at ~ 13:00 (+3h gmt) but the video has not started. The screen showed that your were testing OBS. Was there some kind of a problem or just errors with notifications ?
  9. Приветствую. Удалось ли разобраться, протестировать то, о чем вчера писали?
  10. I would love to visit Colombia. I have watched pictures from google and already started to falling in love with it. But I'm a little bit afraid to visit it. Heard a lot from TV and movies. This is all about cartel, armed people on streets and etc. Of course this is not in the main city, but that fact that these kind of things happens there scares me...
  11. I'm amazed to see, that after Binance announced, that they will delist Bitcoin SV, other exchanges also copied that. And the reason to delist was just because Craig Wright said he was a Satoshi without any evidence. Maybe this was just a joke, but Binance reacted very strictly. I would even say very strictly. Who is going to be delisted next, when he didnt show any proof of something ? Btw, since no one know who is Satoshi Nakamoto, then in some way bitcoin is also "unreal" currency. Lets delist it also
  12. Somehow doge coin shows a sort of stability in price. Last week was a little pump. To get a great profit from doge I think you will need to wait for a long, a very long time.
  13. If I have a business, accepting bitcoin will be an option, but fiat money still will be preferable. If government institute comes with a check-up to me, and cryptocurrency is not fully accepted in our country, then I will not be able to explain why I have accepted bitcoin as a payment. 100% I will receive a fine for that. Besides, If I receive payment in Bitcoin, I have to pay income tax. How can I pay it and how much, when cryptocurrency is not fully regulated ?
  14. Не затруднит кинуть в меня ссылкой с инфо о розыгрышах на Твиттер, Инстаграм, Фейсбук?