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  1. Another New Game BURST MODE! Bet up to 1000 bets instantly, this is a great tool for high multiplyer players, now you don't have to wait forever to hit a big multi.Play Better Play Smarter Play Faster at Betking.io
  2. Site investment is printing! Halving took place yesterday, BKT token price is has been steadily rising everyday for weeks.
  3. High roller action today from one of the regulars, he is on a big run!
  4. exactly brother, the only thing bitcoin stores is hopes and dreams.
  5. 20$ Bitcoin price by 2027 is my prediction Bitcoin is a fraud, they tell you it's trustless but it actually requires the ultimate form of trust, because you have to trust something of no intrinsic value will continue to be valuable in the future. The marketing scheme of bitcoin has levels, why does the logo like a gold coin? Why is called Cryptocurrency and not cryptomoney? Crypto currencies are like fiat they eventually go to Zero and Digital fiat is no different. 20$ Bitcoin price imo for the story time value and Zero for everything else.
  6. GoldIsMoney

    Why the dice?

    Dice is fast and easy and big multis possible, hit this 1 last night!
  7. Got my 2nd Referral today, thanks to a member of this forum Niko! I made a discord for anybody that has any questions about gambling or investing in the crowd funded bankroll on Betking. It's a small channel right now but if you have any questions ask here or on discord. I put some screen shots of my investment profit in each currency I'm invested in on discord. https://discord.gg/ZrK6tr
  8. Yep I see you on my refer list, there is no faucet but there is a rainbot that comes once every few days that gives pretty big tips. I can onsite tip you some BKT the houses native currency, can also be used to sell for crypto on the exchange. Sending over some BKT your way gl. If you want to sell the bkt after assuming you win some, there is a onsite exchange that list's 4 currencies you can swap into, I checked for you currently Litecoin is paying out the highest so if your going to swap get more of a bang for your buck on LTC.
  9. GoldIsMoney


    Welcome to stake, you have come to the right place.
  10. Can you get support for betking.io I will use it and tell our regulars about it.
  11. Looking for a react native developer who will work for bitcoin or crypto Email support@betking.io
  12. Looking for a react native developer who will work for bitcoin or crypto Email support@betking.io