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  1. Can you get support for betking.io I will use it and tell our regulars about it.
  2. I like all the favorites to win the next series.
  3. I fear for our new Knight!
  4. Here is my referral link, I am the on site moderator and anybody who signs up under me will receive back 50% of whatever I earn from the affiliate for the lifetime. I can tip you the amount via the onsite tip function and at your request I will show you screenshots to verify the amount I earned from affiliate. https://betking.io?ref=u:GNIKTEB Betking is a crypto Casino that allows investors to invest in the bankroll that gamblers play against the house takes half the profit and distributes it to investors and the other half the house keeps. We have been operating since 2013* Referral link is to the website https://betking.io/ referral link is https://betking.io?ref=u:GNIKTEB



  5. Betking for me since I gambled early and was earning bkt token as I went, the price has risen and now ive almost tripled everything.
  6. Love this game, play at D1-D3 depending on game type. Hoping to make it Champ one day would feel great to earn it when I never imagined being able to get that high back when I was a gold player.
  7. 5dimes is the best book in the business, best prices and long history of 20 years. Downside of 5 dimes is if you are a sharp they will eventually remove reduced odds from you after you win a few grand. Betonline is a decent book that has decent odds if you line shop. I bet a lot of MMA. UFC and Bellator mostly https://www.bestfightodds.com/ is a good place to line shop for mma and boxing.
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