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  1. yep.. itu memang benar. kita memang sudah terbiasa dengan lingkungan sekitar, dan memang sudah tradisinya. dan mungkin bagi orang luar yang mendengarkan, mereka pikir sedang bertengkar atau cekcok. tetapi jikawalau demkian, banyak juga yang merasa heran dengan hal tersebut. dan ada juga yang berusaha untuk melerai dua insan tersebut karena dia pikir sedang marahan dan ditakutkan akan terjadi perkelahian, padahal tidak. ini sama artinya masalah buat orang tapi tidak masalah buat diri sendiri
  2. the target in gambling is indeed very important to implement. Likewise in the game hilo. however, to achieve the target is not an easy one, as I myself have decided to win a bet in the 2500x payout game and I have tried for almost a year, and I still fail to realize my target in the hilo game
  3. you are lucky my friend thought. because a lot of stake gamblers often play plinko games and hope to hit big wins with pretty good cards. but I think almost everyone realizes that to be able to get the beautiful card, it's not easy enough and requires a fairly large bankroll if someone wants a big win, not just a pretty card
  4. I just heard about this. Is it true about the existence of the HILO game calculator? I have already got it, but it has strayed far from the results, and since then I stopped to think of looking for a calculation calculator in the game hilo. I began to think that if all that was just luck, nothing more
  5. I also want to ask the same thing. because I never get 4x A consecutive 4x or K cards 4x in a row. I've tried this for thousands of scrolls, hundreds of seeds, but I still always fail at getting it. even with free roll though it seems to get A 4x or K 4x cards in this hilo game is really very difficult and almost impossible to get
  6. My highest hit on this game is only 1k more, and I have never felt a hit on payouts of 2k or 3k more. hard to hit a big multiplier in this hilo game, especially finding cards A or K 4 times in a row. I am indeed in trouble with my own beliefs. maybe that's the reason why I always lose every hilo game I do
  7. I think betting with a large base bet on the hilo game is very risky. for this reason I always try to bet low like 100 sath or 200 sath in every bet that I make besides I can try with many opportunities I also feel like I can guess the next card if at that time I have bet long enough on this hilo game
  8. about the cards that I always skip when playing hilo are cards 7 and 8. because I'm always wrong when guessing the next card in this hilo game. this continued until now. because basically the 7 and 8 cards are in the middle and we realize that the expenditure for the next card is done randomly.
  9. pada awalnya tentu saja istri nya yang ada di dunia nyata tidak menerima keberadaan madunya,. tetapi karena memang tidak bisa dilihat dan juga tidak bisa didengarkan suaranya, maka istrinya yang ada didunia nyata tersebut lambat laun bisa menerima keberadan istri suaminya dari alam goib ini. jika soal kecemburuan, teman saya itu memang mengatakan sifat iri atau cemburu nya makhluk gaib memang jauh lebih besar dari pada manusia biasa. tetapi dia selalu mengatakan itu semua tergantung kitanya sebagai suami/ imam. ketika pada tetangga mengetahuinya, awal2 nya merasa ngeri juga, tetapi setelah sekian lama tidak ada juga yang merasa terganggu atau melihat sosok makhluk gaib tersebut, masyarakat seolah2 seperti tidak menyadari keberadaan makhluk gaib tersebut. jadi ya.. aman2 aja.. bahkan banyak yang lupa keberadaan makhluk gaib tersebut
  10. I always determine my bet when betting in hilo games. because I if I determine doubling then I will be dominated by a high desire for victory because greed will come toward me. especially if I'm different from a manual pattern.
  11. yeah .. this often happened to me first, finding consecutive A cards or K. cards as many as 4 cards. but now I never find it again. even I myself often avoid this hilo game because it always loses
  12. when playing in the hilo game, for me there is no good starting card term. basically playing in a hilo game with a basic US or K card, it's better. but nevertheless I never tried to get an A or K card when I bet in hilo games
  13. no .. playing hilo actually adds to the amount of minus me, I really hate this hilo game, because maybe I am inexperienced about guesses that use feelings as its support. if I lose a bet, the game I often use to recover my losses is the dice game
  14. I don't think there is a specific percentage of betting on the game of Hilo. because the game hilo is nothing more than a card guessing game. while to calculate the percentage amount in the hilo game, it should use a new strategy we can calculate, and keep in mind that in the hilo game there is no specific strategy to win bets in this game. there are only guesses and use your feelings
  15. I think if discussing the combination of cards in the hilo game that I never get again or never reappear when I bet in this hilo game is a sequence of 4 cards in a row, the combination with four US cards I never found again until now this, even though a year ago I still often got it.