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  1. in my opinion it's all just luck. I believe it. there are many who bet for a long time, but don't get a bit of a win ... but there are also those who just bet for a while, he can get extraordinary profits. it's all just luck. and we don't know when luck will come ... all we can do is try and try and keep going until the luck comes
  2. saya pernah bermain limbo, 2 hari 2 malam nonstop po 999999. sayang nya lelah tak membuahkan hasil. penantian 2 hari 2 malam hanya sia-sia. coin habis profit ngak dapat. memang dalam bermain judi, keberuntungan tidak bisa di tebak kapan datang nya
  3. if we look at human activity now, many are trying to make money and try their luck in gambling. indeed, at a glance, there are many people in many parts of the world who are busy with their daily activities such as working in the office, being factory workers, construction workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and more ... however, when daylight changes night, many of them are active in gambling, the reason they mostly try luck is gambling, some just seek entertainment in gambling, and so on. of the many people who bet on gambling, in my opinion there are four types. first: there is a gambler who really comes from a rich class, he just has fun, wasting his money to gamble, even though like that, he always wins, even though he is not serious when placing bets .. many people say that gamblers like this is indeed his wealth is gambling ... second: there are people who are rich, but when they bet he always loses ... even he spends all his assets to gamble, but he never wins until he becomes poor. although poor, he still plays gambling ... third: there are poor people, he doesn't like to play gambling ... but ,. if he plays gambling, he always wins ... even though he always wins in bets, he is not very interested in gambling ... even when it's difficult, he doesn't want to expect from gambling .. fourth: there are poor people, because they are desperate in their lives trying to find luck through gambling. even with a little bet, he never wins ... but he keeps trying and trying, and still he never gets a win in gambling ... in your opinion, where is your current position in gambling according to the four positions above? Does your friend or relative match the character above in their gambling gambling? I myself am in position No. 2 ... but I don't have much wealth ... my life is simple and maybe it can be said more than enough. ... I was almost poor because of gambling, but as soon as I realized it, I began to change ... my financial management fixed it again, until everything returned to normal, but I still can't leave gambling ...
  4. yeah ... I believe that might happen ... but, the problem now is that we are at the casino ... even though it's limited to online ... it's a casino that's definitely a place to gamble. use a little money in your bet (deposit) even if only a little, at least you've made a deposit. and that's enough to prove that you are a professional gambler, not a beggar .. but, if indeed you don't want to make a deposit, and you get coins from tips and rain ... yeah, you can make a withdrawal if you want
  5. bitcoin isn't real ... it's invisible ... but its existence is acknowledged and recognized for its price ... no need to think about it ... what you need to think about is how to be able to have a lot of bitcoin in your wallet. That is all.. because many people believe that bitcoin is the future. is the future there? do you see?
  6. in my opinion there are no psychological tricks in playing gambling ... especially cryptocurrency gambling ... in gambling, there is something called luck ... everyone's luck is different ... there are those who bet with a little capital but can win a lot, even many times. there are also many with capital, but never win even once ... so, never believe in tricks or playing patterns in gambling. just learn how to win, and why I lost.
  7. in gambling there is no such thing as prayer. I think every religion must forbid gambling ... so ... don't pray and beg ... gambling is only a choice ... if you don't win then lose ... trust yourself if you don't trust other people
  8. I've never played roulette just by choosing one number ... at least I chose more than 4 numbers and less than 7 numbers ... playing roulette is the same as playing guesswork. there are no special tricks in playing roulette.
  9. some people like that ... don't want to listen to what other people say .. even so, don't need to ignore other people ... just prepare yourself to face whatever lies ahead. do not need to listen to other people who do not want to hear what people say to him
  10. hahaha ... the increase in the price of bitcoin isn't our business ... bro ... we only use the coin ... if you don't want bitcoin to experience a weakening price in the stock market, then learn how, open the concept ... so that you understand the global crytocurrency market ... if prices can rise dramatically, and why can bitcoin prices fall the fall ... all of the knowledge ... not just origin
  11. i could have happened if there were miracles or excess sixth sense in those children ... but it's rare and rare. if indeed the incident coincides with the time of betting, maybe that is just a coincidence.
  12. if people do good, then respond with good deeds. most people feel that way. it's just that selfishness in heart and greed in possessing coins, makes someone willing to accept but reluctant to share .. throw away that trait. because that is not the nature of a professional gambler
  13. bet on online gambling sometimes there really is bitter sweetness ... indirectly, there is indeed such a thing as luck. it can happen by capitalizing on revenue from a forum that can be said to be a very small amount, can make someone win a gamble with a huge win ... at least up to the minimum limit of withdrawal ... however, many of the players are greedy and lacking ... this is where the mistake lies ... if the victory has reached the withdrawal limit, then withdraw your coins ... then, stop betting ... go out or anywhere. please yourself with your winning money. and if you want to bet, then come tomorrow. it's better than you losing all your coins
  14. hilo is a feeling game ... don't use your mind to play hilo ... because what is demanded here is not a trick, but guessing ... so use your sixth sense to win bets when playing hilo ... I once bet 71 dogecoin and won 11,000 doge coins just by opening 4 cards. it was indeed an accidental factor at the beginning. I myself do not believe what I did at that time
  15. learning from experience, playing martingale is a waste of money ... even though not all feel it .. however, try asking the more experienced players. they must answer martingale is a time bomb ... the balance we have can be exhausted in an instant. because betting on gambling using martingale, our patience is really tested, our emotional nature is really demanded ... we need to practice long enough to be able to control bets in playing martingale so they don't lose