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  1. the review is quite long and I think it is good and has a deep meaning between yourself and your stake. but why was it deleted? what's the matter? do not give up too quickly friends, try asking the support, they will respond and help you for sure. I am sure of it. and if there really is a mistake, then they will also say where your mistake is
  2. It's true, friend, winning bets is the best thing a gambler has ever done, especially if the win is right on the game that was gambled by the gambler. however, it was only a nightmare for me. because I have never won a bet (in large quantities) in a game that I like, it seems like fate tells me differently
  3. if this is the case, why after the update notification appears, then I click on it, after that, I bet again, but since the update, the statistics on my bet never go up until all my coins are used up. a few hours later, I tried again to bet (of course after being off for a few hours, and returning later with a new deposit and seed I changed), I managed to recover my defeat earlier. I am confused
  4. it seems the release of the sportsbook game is getting closer. however I have not received information about the bonus (the bonus means the cupon). until I believe that for the release of this new game that is a sportsbook game, it looks like there really won't be any bonuses to share. do you think that there really is no bonus? or is there really something else that might exceed the bonus? For those who know the truth about this bonus information, please say it here, because I'm even more curious (bonus = cupon)
  5. langkah yang agan lakukan sudah tepat. pertahankan. jangan sampai belok lagi, soal nya mereka tidak akan pernah berhenti untuk terus menggoda manusia hinga terjerumus ke lembah dosa paling ngeri didunia dan di akhirat. kita sudah banyak dosa, setidaknya dosa kecil2 saja, dosa besar jangan sampai dikerjakan. semangat terus agan wong77. singkirkan segala yang bernama setan, iblis, kuntilanak, tuyul dan bak yul beserta para majikannya dari jalan anda. kerena mereka semua pada dasarnya menyesatkan dan merugikan. bukan hanya menyeramkan
  6. I think that way will not fix the problem felt by our friend. in my opinion the best way is to report it to the support, and they will see where the error lies so that things happen we don't want, such as losing the exchange feature for the coin bch that our friend mentioned above
  7. I am now in bronze position. nevertheless I have never followed the VIP challenge. This happens because I think the number of bets is still too high to be played, even if we see the reward is very much in line with the basic bet. I just don't feel able to enter that stage, however, it doesn't mean that I participate in the forum challenges in general, I also rarely participate in non-VIP challenges, because sometimes I think 500x hunting in keno games or hunting 10000x payouts in limbo is still more profitable than on solving the non vip weekly challenges. but, sometimes, if I'm diligent, then I will participate in the non vip weekly challenge
  8. yeah .. and that's on the dice game. at that time I was hunting on a 128x payout. with a basic bet of 100 satoshi. I run as much as 1k more roll, I did not get a single green. does this still make sense? I think it's beyond reasonable limits. however, I also hit green on a 990x payout with a basic 111 satoshi bet, with only 93 reels. this is indeed beyond reasonable limits. so yeah ... it seems like there's no need to complain
  9. I think even though I made a new strategy, I would still be in a losing position, why would I say that, because I myself have experienced it. consecutive defeats for months are not uncommon, friend. I think the best thing is take a break from the world of gambling for a few days. It is true, "Daeler will always win", but that does not mean we will always lose
  10. I love dice games, even that's just my favorite game. I think you should hunt on payout 3x or 4x, with a manual play pattern. Stop using the Martingale strategy, because it will kill you. draining all the balance that you have.
  11. I think many regret their delay in getting to know this stake site. including me. I have been struggling with the world of cryptocurrency-based gambling since 2016, but, it is only in 2018 that I know the stake. really a very long delay. and if I remember that, it makes me very frustrated and angry
  12. at first I was just trying and trying to make a little extra money. After getting it, I started to get addicted and started looking for other gambling in the real world. location by location I entered every time I heard there was gambling in it. When I got to know about online gambling, I started trying it, and I think online gambling is more fun and more exciting than gambling in the real world. Long story short, I ended up just having fun gambling now, it was proven when I lost or won, it didn't really affect me. sometimes when I'm busy in the real world, have a lot of problems and so on, precisely in online gambling (stake) I get pleasure and entertainment even though I lost the bet I did.
  13. according to my observations, certainly many gamblers here bet using the Martingale attack pattern by setting bets on a particular strategy and filling in the percentage in the column on lose on that bet. but I believe that the on win column must always be ignored and always left blank. does this on win column have no function or benefit? I think every column is in every game and betting there must be functions and uses, it's just that some people don't know. like myself. maybe there are friends or seniors here who can share a bit of their gambling experience that can be useful for other gamblers, especially me. because honestly I do not understand the percentage calculation in the on win column. let's share stories and applause
  14. sepertinya anda memang berjodoh dengan orang2 seperti itu, gan.. sebaiknya selalu menghindar dan menghindar. seperti apa yang saya lakukakn hingga saat ini. karena godaan akan semakin berat nantinya jika berteman dengan golongan manusia yang seperti itu, terlebih kita berada pada situs perjudian yang melibatkan uang besar. efeknya akan sangat mengerikan nantinya
  15. I also experienced the same thing with you. I couldn't hold myself back when I bet, but because of that I also started analyzing the bets I would make before I bet. because I'm tired of all the relentless losses I've experienced in the past few months