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  1. Winning bets now requires extra patience when hunting, and usually if you have reached the minimum target of withdrawing, and still continue hunting, then all will be used up without remaining. I myself rarely win the hunt ... especially with regards to withdrawals ... but even so, about a month ago I did the withdrawals and shared the results in the social field of the environment I live in ... because the majority of the population where I live are from farming families. and not a few of the children in my village are orphans who don't have parents anymore ...
  2. I don't think this seems to be about a gambler's unconscious about when he should stop hunting or a gambler's ignorance of the right time to stop ... I think it's just about luck .. raising a basic bet is indeed a gambler's usual thing, it's just an inaccurate calculation and arrogance .. feeling confident with a bet made, feeling green surely if betting ... this is the arrogant nature of a gambler ... and it is this self-confidence that is too high that causes a gambler to fall into poverty
  3. it looks like if I have a bankroll of 1 btc ... I can get $ 10 or even more a day at stake.com gambling ... play patterns and a calm mood can produce a sizable victory if consistent and persistence in betting ... many fail in betting in my opinion it happens because of the gambler's ignorance .. indeed playing gambling is very closely related to luck .. but, although luck is with a gambler when betting, while the gambler is reckless and always careless when betting, then everything will just be crap ....
  4. at first I was like that too ... just consider this all as a means of entertaining myself and trying to find a little victory to supplement my personal allowance ... but since I was fired from my job a few weeks ago, I established myself to try to make a fortune in gambling ... because if I can't reap the winnings from gambling ... my family might not eat because I don't have money to give. or even buy them food .. in other words ... gambling is now a business for me personally ..
  5. It seems to be profitable in gambling must have a variety of strategies in the hunt .. because the strategy in the hunt must be changing .. may not settle with just one attack pattern .. I used to use big payouts and small payouts when hunting ... I have to do it because I need a big balance if I want to get the victory in the hunt ...
  6. gambling is a choice ... before making that choice, it's good to see the good and bad sides of it ... the bad side is that it can make a person's life like hell because of losing all of his possessions because he lost a bet ... the good side can make someone like heaven surrounded by beautiful nymphs because they have a lot of money and are rich ... he can have anything in this world just by raising his index finger ... that's gambling ... so ... gamblers just choose what they want ... while in my personal life, I am still said to be a draw ... not losing and not winning ... even so, I still hope for a big win ... but I don't want to be greedy ... I dream of a big win and hope to live like heaven in the future with a victory that I achieved ... and I believe in stake.com ... that stake .com can change the direction of my life for the better ...
  7. ouh ... questions that need answers ... thank you for answering all my questions ... and thank you for sharing your strategy too ... now what is lacking is how I do it .... my confidence in myself decreases very much when talking about large payouts .. especially if hunting with martingale patterns even though onloss 0.2% .. it does sound small .. but it is very scary because this 990x payout that can't be guessed on how many dice rolls will find the green line ... however ... I will still try ... it seems that with a bankroll strength of 0.00800000 btc it should be enough to hunt on this payout with a basic bet of 0.00000100 btc ... good luck accompanying me while hunting ... this is the last time I try a martingale pattern in a big payout ... after this, I will retire from martingale ...
  8. yeah ... hunting on payout 3x with onloss 50% -60% is indeed the right target ... and by at least having a strong bankroll this will be very fun ... hunting for victory with ease and not need to be tired and tired of clicking here and there. .. just click star and wait ... I also tried this for the first time ... with a bankroll strength of 0.01000000 btc, a basic bet of 0.00000100 btc, 60% onlose, stop on profit 0.00100000 btc ... it only took about 2 hours, I won by 0.00100000 btc ... just watching the dice turn automatically ... and without having to be tired and tired of thinking to produce victory ... but that was then ... now I prefer to hunt with a manual pattern ... because I think working harder, profit is also more ....
  9. di tempat saya terkenal dengan tanaman buah salak manisnya... buah salak dari kampung saya sering di kirim ke berbagai daerah di seluruh indonesia.. bahkan ke luar negeri... begitu juga dengan buah durian yang tubuh subur didaerah saya.. hampir setiap kebun pasti memiliki pohon durian.. durian dari daerah saya juga sering di jual keberbagai kota di indonesia...
  10. wow ... playing on payout 1.01x (chance 98%) ... you are serious ...???? I once tried to play this way, but only twice my luck I found the green line ... because when I tried the third time ... I found the red line after the red line ... unfortunately at that time I risked all the coins I had .. I gave up using the payout ... and in my opinion, it's still better to hunt at 90% than at 98% ... even though the risk is higher at a 90% chance, but instead I reap the victory on that payout ...
  11. wow ... that is wonderful luck ... when I can hit like you, friend .... I have never felt a big victory when playing mines ... it seems like Mines doesn't want to be friends with me ... do you think everything happened because of luck or because of a good seed ??? ... I sometimes think that everything in gambling is luck ... and the seeds also cannot be guessed and calculated ... how can someone win big when playing mines? or in other games ... ??? is it because he is good at playing gambling ?? or is he really lucky when betting ???
  12. don't hunt like a martingale pattern ... because it doesn't set its onloss in the hunt ... but yes ... as you said ... if you hunt on payout 100x with a low or little bankroll, then we can be sure that destruction will hit the gambler ... a step that is indeed hard to think about ... I think that even with the power of a large bankroll, it's not certain that you can also win ... the problem is that this is payout 100x ... and on that payout you could be hit by a red line in a row along 1000 dice rolls ... I wonder a little ... how big a strong bankroll can hold the red line along 1000 dice rolls ???
  13. I am also a gambler of heavy game dice ... but I have stopped hunting with Martingale patterns ... because Martingale hunting patterns are killers for me ... after several attempts to play various strategies with the Martingale pattern, I concluded that my luck was not with the Martingale attack pattern ... since then I always play manually while hunting in the dice game ... I often play on payout 3x and payout 4x by increasing the bet by 2x if in 10 rolls of dice I still haven't found a green line ... especially when hunting payout 3x ... because payout 3x indeed seems scary than payout 4x ... why can so ... because based on the experience that I have been practicing, in payout 3x I can find a continuous red line along 50-60 dice rolls ... while in payout 4x I only find the longest red line totaling 36 consecutive red lines...
  14. hunting in a dice game is quite tense ... I often do hunting in a dice game .. it's just that hunting in a dice game I often do in low payouts with a fairly large base bet .. if hunting in a dice game in a small payout, I think it's quite fun .. but it must remain vigilant and careful when hunting ... besides, concentration must also be fixed and focused ... if not, it could have lost all my coins in an instant .. I avoid hunting on big payouts ... because I have experienced several times when hunting on big payouts ... as well as playing on payouts 4950x ... until now I can't forget my loss of 0.005 btc ... and still finding the green line when I continue betting I use dogecoin ... it really hurts ... since then I stopped hunting in big payouts ...
  15. I'm more likely to play plinko and hilo games ... and since August yesterday until now I still play in both games .. however, I can still win big bets in both of those games ... like the plinko game ... but at the moment I still fail to reach 1000x ... for 130x maybe often ... but it can't recover my losses for several this week.. so is the case with the game hilo ... I still failed to win in the game ... I can only hope to recover my defeat, and it seems impossible to happen to me .. because until this moment, losing streaks still accompany me. no stopping...