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  1. If anyone is interested in earning some cryptos for very little to hardly any work you should check out this site I'm going to talk about below. First go here and sign up: http://grindabuck.com/register?r=k8zP5NnClqaXng== Once you sign up you will earn 100 Gabs right away which is worth $1. You will be able to cashout once you reach $10 which is easy. #1 If you have a credit card/prepaid card you can do many of the different trial offers that pay you to test out their service that are on all different walls. If you ask in chat there will be people who can help you to see what offers are best to do right now. I only do the free trial offers, that way I don't get charged which is why I recommend you use a prepaid card if you can. #2 Another way to earn Gabs which you can turn into Bitcoin is by printing coupons which don't cost you anything. You can earn about 50 Gabs worth each day by printing out coupons. Simply go to one of the walls like Peanut Labs or Adgate Media and look for an offer that says coupon print. You will find these coupon print offers on Peanut Labs, Adgate Media, Offertoro, Acorn, radium one Trial pay, Super Rewards, and Personaly Once you get to the coupon site after clicking on the offer select only one coupon(Thats all you have to print) and click the red print button. It will ask you to enter your phone number, go ahead and do that and enter in the code that you get in the message. Once you do that, you will see a dog chasing a piece of paper. Wait for that to finish loading and than select print and then save it as a PDF and your done. Leave the page open and you should get credited in about 15-45 mins depending on the wall. You can do most of these coupon offers on these walls every 24 hours. 3# Another way to earn easily is by watching videos passively. You can run videos using the Discovery media wall, Video Loyalty, or Engame TV wall. You can run these videos all day until capped. Its a great way to earn a little more on the side. There really isn't anything to this offer, but if you ever have any questions feel free to ask. 4 #Email submits. You will find most of these on the Peanut Labs, Adgate, Radium one, and Super Rewards walls. All you have to do is fill out your email address and sometimes you address information. The key is to use a fresh email address if the offer isn't working and to always clear your cookies and cache in your history after each submit. 5 # If you don't want to do much work I would stick to what I said above and just do the Trial offers, coupon prints, and video watching, submits but if you do want to earn more you can try out surveys as well. The key to doing these offers is to always consistently give the same information each and every time. It can be frustrating at times and better on some days compared to other days, but once you get the hang of they are worth doing if you have the time. Joining this site is definitely worth your time. There are plenty of people in chat especially during the daytime to help you if you have any questions. If you stick to the top #4 that I mentioned you will hardly have to spend any time at all to make money(Gabs). O and cryptos isn't your thing you can always do what I mentioned and cashout in Paypal if thats what you liked to do.
  2. Whatever happened with this promo? I never got paid for it and by now they should be around or almost 100 people who made 100 posts on here. So why hasn't anyone been paid and what happened to the thread for it in the giveaway section?
  3. Whatever happened to the 1st 100 people with 100 posts? I never got paid for that.
  4. Stake username: fudge Snapchat: itsjustaweed
  5. I have no fricken idea what's going to happen but I would be ecstatic if it kept going up.
  6. Betonline,Nitrogensports,5 Dimes, Bookmaker, Bovada. There's actually some sites out there that will give you a no deposit bonus which is real sweet. I got one one time on Jetwin for about $35 and came away with $500.
  7. Keno. I cant stand that game. !!!
  8. Fire in the hole. They probably take it back to their place to get lit up What a waste of money to hire people to enforce taking things away from other people.
  9. fudge

    Tips for Newbies

    Play with what you can afford to risk and don't chase your bets trying to win back what you lost. Sometimes you just have to accept that you lost.
  10. fudge

    B-DAY giveaway!!! 250k

    Dang same birthday as your wife? What are the chances of that happening? You don't even get to enjoy your own birthday than Happy birthday to you both.
  11. I see that you can no longer manually enter your bet in now? You have to add it up the amount you want using the chips on the table.