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  1. fudge

    Your favorite website?

    Betonline,Nitrogensports,5 Dimes, Bookmaker, Bovada. There's actually some sites out there that will give you a no deposit bonus which is real sweet. I got one one time on Jetwin for about $35 and came away with $500.
  2. Fire in the hole. They probably take it back to their place to get lit up What a waste of money to hire people to enforce taking things away from other people.
  3. My highest amount I was able to get was also 6 tiles. Hopefully I can hit at least 8-9 if a competition ever comes back.
  4. Personally, I'd rather play in a live casino setting because i'ts more enjoyable to be around people while playing with all the lights and sounds. I only prefer to play online if I don't want to spend as much money or I am too lazy to go to the casino.
  5. fudge

    No luck in Plinko

    You can't expect to hit a big score that often playing this game but you will get one eventually if you keep trying. Best of luck.
  6. Vikings is another great show to watch. I've been following that show since the beginning and can't wait for next season whenever it is. It was pretty lame last season how they kept Ragner alive all the way to the end of the show even though he was basically dead anyway and you were just waiting for the moment to see him die.
  7. He played the Lawyer part so well that I'm surprised I've never even heard of him or seen him in other parts before. He is an absolutely amazing character in both series. Mike, the old bald guy and Gus Fring play two outstanding roles as well. I like how in Better Call Saul, which takes place before Breaking Bad for those that don't know, you get a chance to see how some of these people all meet for the first time and start partnering up together. The acting in both series is phenomenal and I was really surprised how good it was when I first watched the show. The way they present the show seems so real and believable. I can't way for the next season.
  8. WOw that is an impressive number right there. The key is to spam it all over the interwebs with a message that will attract players to come. Of course if you have a lot facebook/twitter friends than that helps a lot.
  9. I love Better Call Saul and was so glad to see they made a spinoff show from Breaking Bad. I hope Better Call Saul lasts a couple more seasons. https://123movies.co/movie
  10. Nope, nothing significant has changed under Trump which was happening as well under Obama or Bush, or Clinton, or the other Bush. It's the same bs rhetoric that every candidate uses to get elected and than they don't do anything to actually help this country out. They just listen to what their masters who helped them get elected tell them to do.
  11. fudge

    Sex Position

    It depends on my mood. Cant say I really have a favorite. Might be doggy one day, might be spooning another day.
  12. I thought this game was pretty dumb when I first played it since I didn't understand it at all. However, after playing it for a bit I can see why people enjoy playing it. I just wish there was a little skill involved instead of just hoping you win
  13. Well I just joined in on all the fun last night so I have probably only played a few hours, but I probably play a couple hours every day/other day.