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  1. BITCOINOIL Airdrop Active (Ends: n/a) 25 BTCO ($25) + 3 BTCO every referral Claim from Telegram Bot https://t.me/BitcoinOilAirdropBot?start=757062580 Difficulty: Easy Step-by-step guide: 1. Open BitcoinOil Telegram Bot ( https://t.me/BitcoinOilAirdropBot?start=757062580 ) 2. Follow bot instructions ( Facebook,Twitter and telegram tasks ) 3. You need to sign up an account on the Bitcoin Oil's website which will be available around April,10th 2019. The airdrop coins will be credited to your wallet on your website profile. ( https://www.bitcoinoil.com )
  2. UBAI Airdrop Active (Ends: n/a) 150 UBAI tokens ($20-$30) + 50 UBAI every referral Claim here: https://coin.ubai.co/ref/145-714-201 Difficulty: Hard How to claim: 1. Register on UBAI website https://coin.ubai.co/ref/145-714-201 2. Verify your email 3. Complete KYC 4. Post proof of authentication to Bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5122361 5. Complete Airdrop Form (After KYC is completed https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6uGH291_zBTnxYT-0N0odWonurMm_O_eSzkDJtrd7wpwMlg/viewform 6. Receive 150 UBAI + 50 UBAI every ref CoinHatcher Airdrop Active (Ends: n/a) 50 CHT ($7) + 2 BAND 10 CHT every ref Airdrop Form (https://coinhatcher.com/invite/04F1234A) Difficulty: Very Easy How to claim: 1. Open Airdrop Form (https://coinhatcher.com/invite/04F1234A) 2. Add email + 25 CHT 3. Join Telegram group + 25 CHT 4. 10 CHT for every referral
  3. X-HIVE Airdrop Active (Ends: n/a) 100 BEXAM ($12) + 100 BEXAM every referral https://x-hive.io/?referral=1554230774-4157 Difficulty: Medium How to claim: 1. Register on X-Hive website (https://x-hive.io/?referral=1554230774-4157) 2. Verify your email 3. Complete KYC 4. Receive 100 BEXAM* ~ $12 + 100 BEXAM for every referral Blockbuster Lottery Airdrop Active (Ends: 31.05.2019) 50.000 BBX ($5) + 20.000 BBX every referral https://www.airdroprating.io/airdrops/exclusive/blockbuster/ref-7NVk/ Difficulty: Easy How to claim: 1. Open Airdrop Form (https://www.airdroprating.io/airdrops/exclusive/blockbuster/ref-7NVk/) 2. Complete tasks ( Telegram&Twitter) 3. Register on Blockbuster Lottery website (https://www.blockbusterlottery.com) 4. Submit Airdrop Form 5. Receive 50,000 BBX* ~ $5 + 20,000 BBX for every referral
  4. BIG AIRDROP! $100 WINDHAM ENERGY AIRDROP 100WNH ~ $100 ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) http://t.me/WindhanEnergy_Airdrop_Bot?start=757062580 1. Start Windhan Energy Telegram Bot 2. Like Facebook + like last post (+20 WHN) 3. Join Telegram Group (+20 WHN) 4. Follow Twitter+ retweet last post (+20 WHN) 5. Follow Advisor on Twitter (+20 WHN) 6. Sign up on Windhan Energy website (+20 WHN) 7. Submit ERC20 wallet to bot QUARKCHAIN Airdrop ACTIVE (Ends: End of April 2019) QuarkChain is airdropping a total of 2,000,000 QKC tokens to their community members. Signup for the airdrop, join their Telegram group and complete some easy social tasks to receive free points. Also, get 200 points and 5% of points from your referee for each referral. Quarkchain is already listed on coinmarketcap 1QCN ~ $0.03 https://qbounty.quarkchain.io/signup?invitecode=o8sr4t Register and complete tasks to receive tokens AERUM Airdrop ACTIVE 200XRM ~ $12 + 25XRM EVERY REF https://t.me/Aerum_Airdrop_Bot?start=757062580 Difficulty: Easy start bot start Coins will be distributed to LATOKEN Create wallet here https://wallet.latoken.com/ Monarch Airdrop ( Round 2 ) ACTIVE (Ends: 15.04.2019) Claim 100MTB ($10) + 20MTB every ref! https://t.me/MonarchtokenAirdropBot?start=757062580 Difficulty: Easy Start Monarch Airdrop Bot and follow the instructions You will need to download Monarch Wallet ATOMIC Wallet Airdrop ( Round 2 ) ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) 50AWC ( $1.7) + 25AWC every ref 1. Download ATOMIC Wallet 2. Create wallet / go to settings 3. Click on Airdrop Page 4. Submit your email (+25AWC) 5. Enter promo code XKZFP (+25AWC) 6. Click on confirmation link in your email Rewards will be paid until the 15th day of the next month. (i.e. if you participated in March your reward will be paid before the 15th of April). WinWinCoin Airdrop ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) 14WWC ($14) + 3WWC every ref http://t.me/WinWinCoin_airdrop_bot?start=7153 Difficulty: Easy 1. Start WinWinCoin Telegram Bot and follow bot instructions Task list Join Telegram channel (mandatory, +2WWC) Follow Twitter + retweet 1 tweet (optional, +2WWC) Follow Facebook (optional, +3WWC) Follow Instagram (optional, +7WWC) KOINFOX EXCHANGE ACTIVE (Ends: 28-31 March 2019) 150KFT ($150) + $50 every ref Disclaimer: **KFT Credits are not Coins/Tokens. They can only be used within the Koinfox platform & cannot be withdrawn. https://beta.koinfox.com/sign-up?referralid=201903016424 Koinfox is the most Intelligent, Faster & Profitable way to TRADE in crypto. We help you trade profitably without the hard work using our intelligent platform. Details: Users must register with KoinFox and confirm their email address for that platform as well. Be sure to confirm your email for this giveaway as well! (required!) ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) Venezuela4u Airdrop ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) 100V4U ~$10 + 50V4U every ref http://t.me/Venezuela4UAirDropBot?start=757062580 1. START Venezuela4U Telegram Bot 2. Join Telegram group 3. Join Telegram channel 4. Follow Instagram 5. Follow Twitter 6. Like Facebook 7. Submit details + ERC20 wallet address to bot Receive 100 V4U* ~ $10 BITSDAQ AIRDROP ACTIVE (Ends: 31.03.2019) 5200BXBC ($100+) + 500BXBC ($10) every ref https://bitsdaq.com/signup?referralCode=09ZQLVCR Difficulty: Medium Visit the Bitsdaq registration page. Submit your details and signup. Verify our mail and log in. (+1000 BXBC) Now complete your KYC. (+4000 BXBC) You will also get an extra 200 BXBC as daily login reward. You will get a total of 5200 BXBC tokens. Also get 500 BXBC for every referral and an extra 500 BXBC if the referee completes KYC. Raiden Network Airdrop ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) 20RDN ~ $10 + 3RDN every ref http://t.me/raidennetworkbot?start=757062580 Start raidennetworkbot and complete few short tasks Illume Project Airdrop ACTIVE (Ends: After 10.000 registrations) 100,000 ILT ($:n/a) + 20,000 ILT every ref https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxjWaPrpNFMKLnA1zrcGXtpLJr2EE7CFaDuV3E9JsLAT1j0A/viewform?entry.2076282193=@sentek1910 Open Airdrop Form Complete telegram, twitter, facebook and medium tasks submit form & receive 100,000 ILT + 20,000 ILT for every ref COIN INVEST BANK ACTIVE (Ends: Very Soon) 5000 DGB (DIGIBYTE) GIVEAWAY / $50 INSTANTLY IN YOUR ACCOUNT AFTER REGISTRATION / CONFIRMING EMAIL WITHDRAW 10000 DGB ($100) AFTER 60 DAYS! https://cib.page.link/oDxJfhPCD4zbwJDMA How to claim: 1. REGISTER HERE & Confirm your email address (https://cib.page.link/oDxJfhPCD4zbwJDMA) 2. Go to investbox & invest 5000 DGB for 1% daily 3. After 60 days withdraw 10000 DGB ($100) ** Minimum withdrawal amount is 10000 DGB & coins can be withdraw minimum 60 days after creating account CoinRie Airdrop ACTIVE (Ends: n/a) 50CRE ~ $5 + 50CRE every ref https://coinrie.co/signup&id=1582349 Difficulty: Very Easy How to claim: 1. Register here 2. Verify your email and login