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  1. But people would somehow know how is the high roller out there by seeing in the list of high rollers bets and start begging him in private message . Thing is these people must be reported by High rollers immediately after they beg and the begfers need to be muted for days.
  2. Ok , but I have heard some erc20 tokens that didn't have any ico or public funding , but still people believe in those tokens , the creater of this token is not so rich , by the way it's self deflating token.
  3. I think you are right because today I too was down from 100 xrp to 29 xrp but then somehow recovered it by Nightingale strategy . The thing is we should leave some gaps between each session , at least an hour gap.
  4. I wanted to know , the process and techniques to start your in cryptocurrency or altcoins , may it be Erc20 or trc20 tokens. Anyone here are the owners of any cryptocurrencies?
  5. Yes , you are right . The way the price of bitcoin pumped to $9.5k a day ago made me realize that Bitcoin will soon cross $10k . When it reached $7k , I thought the Bitcoin would touch $3k soon but now I have exactly the opposite thought.
  6. My family members don't know that I gambled and I don't want to tell them also. If they come to know somehow , I will say , I am gambling just for fun and let them scold me or whatever. But I don't leave gambling because I feel I am making pocjet money from gambling which is not bad though .
  7. I have played so far dice , keno , mines , rollers. I didn't play any other games like blackjack and slots because I don't have any idea on how to play those games especially blackjack. I am still learning those games. Presently I am more engaged with dice.
  8. Removing rainbot is not a good option as it may effect the community. I see many people always using abusive words in chat , the reason is very simple - they have lost all in gambling. To make the chat more pleasant and active , one can conduct chat games like quiz games , roll hunting games. This could be done any moderator. And the frequency of the rain can be decreased by increasing the rain reward to $1 or morepl per user instead of raining cents to a user. So decreasing the frequency of rains in the sense , increasing the time periodod between 2 rains , like one rain in 3 hours for 10 people and the rain reward per user must be high. And the people who haven't deposited anything or the people who chat abusive words should not be allowed to chat. People talking bad words should be banned by any moderator immediately , this can improve the quality of the chat.
  9. The best way to continue making the profits is by depositing small amount to vault balance at regular intervals. This way I have earned 20 xrp in 1-2 hours without losing any balance. I bet mostly at 1.2x or 1.1x and transfer the winnings immediately to the vault balance after I win one bet , and same process I continue till I reach a decent profit. This vault feature is not present in all the sites , even if it is present , they have a minimum to deposit/withdraw from vault. And stake wins over other sites due to one of this reason and you can earn good by using the vault feature if you aren't greedy.
  10. I use PayPal to buy and sell crypto don't know about payoneer bro
  11. My computer is fine didn't face any problem like you , stake is the best site I have ever seen
  12. I hope bitcoins will reach 20k $ this year wow!!if it reaches I would happy as ever .lol
  13. Let's wait for Facebook cryptocurrency ...Very eager for it
  14. I also think its pubg because I have been playing this since a year