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  1. Ok , but I have heard some erc20 tokens that didn't have any ico or public funding , but still people believe in those tokens , the creater of this token is not so rich , by the way it's self deflating token.
  2. I wanted to know , the process and techniques to start your in cryptocurrency or altcoins , may it be Erc20 or trc20 tokens. Anyone here are the owners of any cryptocurrencies?
  3. Yes , you are right . The way the price of bitcoin pumped to $9.5k a day ago made me realize that Bitcoin will soon cross $10k . When it reached $7k , I thought the Bitcoin would touch $3k soon but now I have exactly the opposite thought.
  4. My family members don't know that I gambled and I don't want to tell them also. If they come to know somehow , I will say , I am gambling just for fun and let them scold me or whatever. But I don't leave gambling because I feel I am making pocjet money from gambling which is not bad though .
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    I also think its pubg because I have been playing this since a year
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