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  1. if I knew in advance that I would be spending a whole week infront of stake, then I would deffo go for 10min reload but, its so easy to forget so I've been doing daily reload for a while, even hourly ones are hard to keep up in my book. anyhow, I hope this has somehow helped you make a choice
  2. Wow I'm seeing big numbers here! My net worth is only just above 200k right now, hoping to bump that a little more before the double reward promo ends Nice topic by the way, never thought about it but now that I've seen a couple it's interesting!
  3. It really depends, I kind of have 2 styles of playing, one is short session for low profit so I don't take any breaks but when I'm feeling lucky and have the inspiration to play I usually have a much bigger goal and would maybe break it down into 2 or 3 sessions, and take a good break in between, but always on a win! I don't like leaving the game on a red.
  4. I totally agree with this topic, I have a lot of friends who are into poker, and hell, if Stake ends up adding it I might give it a couple go's myself! We could have daily,weekly and monthly tournaments! it would be super interesting if such mode was added to Stake.
  5. Wow, thank you so much for the amazing post! I had no clue about these stats and now than I can see it I'm glad that I've been sticking to dice lol. Keep up the amazing posts! Love to learn such things.
  6. It changes almost daily depending on the weather, my mood, situation, day, etc etc... But for me, today, it's : Objects in the mirror - Mac Miller (Live Session)
  7. I've never heard of a Carribean poker before, it would be great if Stake decided to add Texas Hold to be honest, I know a lot of people who would join Stake for that.
  8. I don't wear tge exact same clothes everyday but they're very similar, I don't put much thoughts into my appeal, most of my clothes are plain black or navy.
  9. I actually prefer gambling while I'm consuming something that stimulates my mind, I don't gamble much when I am totally sober if not at all, but I can agree with you that sometime being "energetic" can lead you to unwanted situations lol.
  10. Mind sharing some of yours? I find that you have some interesting strategies.
  11. I think Video Poker is one of my least played games on here along with Baccarat, I think you would have a better chance of hunting through Dice or Keno and Plinko like you have already stated. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck! Don't Bust ❤️
  12. I've never taken nor given loans in my life, however I have tipped a few friends to help them out a few times without expecting any returns. However, I guess that loans could be handy if you're waiting for depo or your paycheck that's few days away, but if you're taking the loan, you MUST have a way to payback without counting on winning, and if you're giving the loan you MUST be able to trust the person and expect that delays could happen.
  13. My favorite snacks for gambling is the following : 1. Cigarettes or Spliffs 2. Black Coffee or Soda And that's it, I only eat properly during break or whatnot, because I hate messing up my keyboard with dirty fingers while i'm gambling.
  14. Most Presidents or political figures are just a mascot making moves for a bigger entity. I find it odd how much the media, mostly everyone in the entertainment business are constantly attacking him, a lot of weird and made up stories on him, also a lot of editing goes into his interviews and speeches to alter the outcome of his message. There's a lot of funny stuff going on around him that just doesn't make any sense. Good and Bad. Like the Q movement, that I still have no idea if it's real, conspiracists making money through the app or simply a psy-ops. Would be great if someday we get to see what's REALLY going on in the world but for now, that's left to our imagination and speculations.
  15. I love their design, looks clean and simple, pro, bright vibrant colors with dark background etc... I'm sure there are always things to be improved but right now I have no idea what they could add/change
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