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  1. if I knew in advance that I would be spending a whole week infront of stake, then I would deffo go for 10min reload but, its so easy to forget so I've been doing daily reload for a while, even hourly ones are hard to keep up in my book. anyhow, I hope this has somehow helped you make a choice
  2. Sounds like you have the doge luck! nice one, I sadly busted in both Doge and TRX and my stats are red for those coins, but I prefer to play with Tron from now on, I'm leaving doge beside for now, I feel like TRX has more value in it and I like it being close to the 0.01$ value, makes things easy to put in perspective (money wise). I'm only down 1K TRX so it will be easy to recover, i'm just trying to make enough for around 3 TO 5K tron in BTC first to make things faster and worth the while!
  3. I was looking for a new strategy to spice things up, Im not used to these kinds of strats but I think I will give it a go for the new year Thank you for sharing your strategy with us and wish you a very happy 2020 ! by the way, when you're betting with 50sats, what is your bankroll ?
  4. I just told my goal on another similar post so I will try not to repeat myself, I basically want to play a bit smarter and bigger this year, just make some progress in growing my bankroll etc and reaching new VIP level. I had a very good 2019 with you guys here on Stake, wishing everyone involved in the community a very happy new year and best of wishes!
  5. That's an ambitious goal! I like it. For me, my goals for 2020 are: (in no specific order) 1) Reach Platinum VIP Level 2) Green Stats in all coins 3) Withdraw Significant but Realistic amount of each coin (except for doge) 4) Have a bigger bankroll to play with by the end of the year (anywhere from x5 - x10 of the current amount I play with would be nice) Wishing y'all the best of luck for 2020 <3
  6. Wow I'm seeing big numbers here! My net worth is only just above 200k right now, hoping to bump that a little more before the double reward promo ends Nice topic by the way, never thought about it but now that I've seen a couple it's interesting!
  7. I don't play much Plinko but similar situation happened to me on dice ! if I remember correctly I lost 58 times in a row on a x4 multiplier and when I did the calc on bot it was something chance of hitting 1 in 1.2 million rolls lol Also I've hit red on x1.0102 on dice 3 times in a row twice as well.
  8. Xarv

    Best game for high x?

    I barely have any experience in Limbo so I couldn't say from my own point of view but I have seen many highrollers with crazy wins, theres this one camicazee guy who was doing x12 multi on Limbo and keep hititng it one after another and was going in hard as well! are there any good strategies for Limbo ?
  9. It really depends, I kind of have 2 styles of playing, one is short session for low profit so I don't take any breaks but when I'm feeling lucky and have the inspiration to play I usually have a much bigger goal and would maybe break it down into 2 or 3 sessions, and take a good break in between, but always on a win! I don't like leaving the game on a red.
  10. I totally agree with this topic, I have a lot of friends who are into poker, and hell, if Stake ends up adding it I might give it a couple go's myself! We could have daily,weekly and monthly tournaments! it would be super interesting if such mode was added to Stake.
  11. Unfortunately no, I was never able to turn a faucet into a minimum withdrawal amount. I'm pretty good at doubling, tripling an amount but never managed to keep my calm to reach any higher in one session.
  12. Wow, thank you so much for the amazing post! I had no clue about these stats and now than I can see it I'm glad that I've been sticking to dice lol. Keep up the amazing posts! Love to learn such things.
  13. It changes almost daily depending on the weather, my mood, situation, day, etc etc... But for me, today, it's : Objects in the mirror - Mac Miller (Live Session)
  14. I've never heard of a Carribean poker before, it would be great if Stake decided to add Texas Hold to be honest, I know a lot of people who would join Stake for that.
  15. I don't wear tge exact same clothes everyday but they're very similar, I don't put much thoughts into my appeal, most of my clothes are plain black or navy.
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