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  1. if I knew in advance that I would be spending a whole week infront of stake, then I would deffo go for 10min reload but, its so easy to forget so I've been doing daily reload for a while, even hourly ones are hard to keep up in my book. anyhow, I hope this has somehow helped you make a choice
  2. Very nice, I am actually aiming to do the same thing with the forum rewards, keep it as a backup fund, same with rakeback although I am very tempted to claim because there's a nice amount accumulated on there right now.
  3. I don't really play blackjack myself but I've seen Eddie play it during the his streams on mega races and he tends to win as much as he loses, maybe you should do some research on tactics and guides! for a fact, Eddie uses one but I cant remember the name of the site
  4. it depends but usually once I bust my bankroll I stop playing for a while or change the seed, but It has happened to me to "finish the job" as you say haha. I think it's important to keep using new or different strategy once you've profited a decent amount is one strat and you feel like keep going, I'm thinking about converting all my coins into one and just go crazy with it to celebrate 2020 lol
  5. Wow what a nice feeling it must of been, congratulations! keep up the good work man. This makes me want to try out mines again, i've been stuck on the same of strategy for months now, new ones is good to spice things up a little
  6. I usually do low payout with high multi on loss but I just tried out a new strategy I saw on the forum and profited 300K litoshi in 5minutes. The strategy is: Manual / x3.77 Payout / x2 on loss / Switch side on win / Bet amount : 50 Sats I had just over 700K Litoshi and played with 50 Sats, had an x11 loss streak and a x10 as well so wasn't so far from busting with that bankroll, in the post it didn't say how much he had in bankroll but I'm assuming its something a little greater than what I had
  7. Sounds like you have the doge luck! nice one, I sadly busted in both Doge and TRX and my stats are red for those coins, but I prefer to play with Tron from now on, I'm leaving doge beside for now, I feel like TRX has more value in it and I like it being close to the 0.01$ value, makes things easy to put in perspective (money wise). I'm only down 1K TRX so it will be easy to recover, i'm just trying to make enough for around 3 TO 5K tron in BTC first to make things faster and worth the while!
  8. I was looking for a new strategy to spice things up, Im not used to these kinds of strats but I think I will give it a go for the new year Thank you for sharing your strategy with us and wish you a very happy 2020 ! by the way, when you're betting with 50sats, what is your bankroll ?
  9. Having rakeback as new feature for being a VIP member is a wonderful feeling! and yes, It has saved me a few times in the past. Now I just leave it there and don't touch it, treat it like a second Vault to HODL some coins on the side, I will withdraw it once I reach my next VIP level
  10. I just told my goal on another similar post so I will try not to repeat myself, I basically want to play a bit smarter and bigger this year, just make some progress in growing my bankroll etc and reaching new VIP level. I had a very good 2019 with you guys here on Stake, wishing everyone involved in the community a very happy new year and best of wishes!
  11. That's an ambitious goal! I like it. For me, my goals for 2020 are: (in no specific order) 1) Reach Platinum VIP Level 2) Green Stats in all coins 3) Withdraw Significant but Realistic amount of each coin (except for doge) 4) Have a bigger bankroll to play with by the end of the year (anywhere from x5 - x10 of the current amount I play with would be nice) Wishing y'all the best of luck for 2020 <3
  12. Sadly I didn't have the chance to join in during the raffle draws, is there a recorded video or list of winners somewhere? Also, Congrats to all winners!
  13. It's a way to give back to the community and to the loyal players! Also it attracts people and since most bonuses are based on your wager they actually encourage you to play/risk more. + Keep in my mind a big portion of the freebies they give out ends up back in their pocket eventually.
  14. Long story short, I think it's worth it if you have a huge bankroll to play with. I sometime managed to get up to top 25 fee times with a rather small bankroll, so with a much bigger one, I could probably wager for a shorter period of time (taking less risk of busting) hopefully with some profit and the race reward will make it worth the while and risk if you're in top 10 at least.
  15. The last time I checked my stats (few days ago) most of the coins stats were actually turned off to hidden lol. If you want to check your actual stats come on forum and look at your wager they haven't added TRX yet though!
  16. I actually do play with TRX, my second favorite on Stake after BTC. Sadly I busted my TRX last week so I'll have to Depot or wait for a coupon or something to convert if I wanna keep playing with it. Although I see why people aren't using as much as other coins for it's low value (even if it's greater than Dice) I think people are not aware of the features TRX has.
  17. I find the title of the topic a little misleading but, I do agree and know what you're talking about,l. To be honest with you I just take it as a part of the gambling life, when people win big some likes to share or do get carried away and do too much but that's more on a personal issue to me.
  18. Wow I'm seeing big numbers here! My net worth is only just above 200k right now, hoping to bump that a little more before the double reward promo ends Nice topic by the way, never thought about it but now that I've seen a couple it's interesting!
  19. I usually try to play safely with it then vault it, but every now and then I will take it out form the vault to try and recover a smaller sum and end up busting it lol. so at the end of the day same result, I rip em away, just later haha
  20. Well, I don't know about a 20k Mega Race since we just had a 9K Mega Race last week and also there will be the announcement of the winners of the raffles to be made of 50K prizepool so, I think that just might be it, and I mean it's already a lot! I also heard that there might be other surprises for us but I have no idea that may be! Just make sure to tune in on Saturday 28th during the Mega Race, luckily this week I will not be working on Saturday so will be definitely joining in the race & the stream for the raffle
  21. My planning for Stake of the month of december was going really well until few days ago when I busted But maybe with my daily boost, weekly coming in couple days and with forum reward I could build something to try and win back my losses but it will be a risky one I also hoped to be 10% to Plat but now I'm blocked on 8.14, If I didn't bust the other day I would be definitely at 10 by now and over by the end of the month!
  22. I don't play much Plinko but similar situation happened to me on dice ! if I remember correctly I lost 58 times in a row on a x4 multiplier and when I did the calc on bot it was something chance of hitting 1 in 1.2 million rolls lol Also I've hit red on x1.0102 on dice 3 times in a row twice as well.
  23. Xarv

    Best game for high x?

    I barely have any experience in Limbo so I couldn't say from my own point of view but I have seen many highrollers with crazy wins, theres this one camicazee guy who was doing x12 multi on Limbo and keep hititng it one after another and was going in hard as well! are there any good strategies for Limbo ?
  24. I had a 2 good sessions of dicing beginning of the week, and I managed to bounce from 1 raffle ticket to 5, I was hoping to get a few more before the 28th for the raffle but I busted the coins and just crossing my fingers that one of those 5 tickets will be one of the lucky ones and get me a win haha Honestly, I'll be more than happy with just the minimum win which is 500$ worth if I remember correctly, but I can't hold myself from thinking, what if... 25K?? What would you do if you got the 25K win ?
  25. I'm actually super glad to have got into Stake seriously, Now if there's one thing I would change is that I would of made bigger deposits to increase my wager levels faster! With all the time I spent on here, the profits I've made is really bad, but now I am Gold VIP and get all sorts of bonuses from the team and it actually allows me to play without risking my own money anymore(as long as I don't get greedy and start withdrawing from my vault hehe), for that, I think in the long run it was a good time spent, I might of wasted my time watching TV or playing games anyway, so might as well
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