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  1. Bitcoin
    Xarv got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in What's the benefit of stake by giving away so much money to it's user?   
    It's a way to give back to the community and to the loyal players! 
    Also it attracts people and since most bonuses are based on your wager they actually encourage you to play/risk more. + Keep in my mind a big portion of the freebies they give out ends up back in their pocket eventually.
  2. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from GKD09 in [STATS] Highest Payout per Game & their Probabilities   
    Wow, thank you so much for the amazing post! I had no clue about these stats and now than I can see it I'm glad that I've been sticking to dice lol.
    Keep up the amazing posts! Love to learn such things.
  3. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from TIPPER in Result is better than the process..   
    I find the title of the topic a little misleading but, I do agree and know what you're talking about,l.
    To be honest with you I just take it as a part of the gambling life, when people win big some likes to share or do get carried away and do too much but that's more on a personal issue to me.
  4. Love
    Xarv got a reaction from ubbey04 in What if you won the first prize in Christmas Raffle?   
    That's a very good question, and honestly haven't given it much thought due to the chance of winning is so slim haha. 
    But if I did win the $25K... Since it was so lucky to win it, I'll go crazy and like play with $15/20K and try to get few thousands more then withdraw most of it leaving at least like $10K on Stake. 
  5. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from AndreB69 in I have won something   
    I actually have no idea what those most liked content reward does... I think it's just that and nothing else. 
    And yeah I had to have at least 50 contents before earning anything.
  6. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from AndreB69 in Bankroll   
    Like Etude said, basically your gambling budget / capital / whatever you have in your wallet haha.
    Yes, it does in most cases, usually bigger the capital the bigger the turn over.
  7. Haha
    Xarv reacted to Etude in What is the dumbest forum Topic (aside from this one)   
    Well I suppose blatantly meaningless copy pasted topics / content that does not really in itself explain anything at all.
  8. Bitcoin
    Xarv got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Are you a successful gambler?   
    Depends on how you look at it, I've never walked away with big wins, however, in my whole gambling life I think I'm in the green zone and I think that's not too bad. 
    I would consider myself a successful gambler once I've managed to turn a penny into a million haha.
  9. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in How long does it take to get to the Bronze?   
    Bronze is 10K Wager and yes, it is worth it. 
    It took me a very long time but only because I barely played, depends on how much is your bankroll but I easily could Wager 10K with 50$ budget within a day or two 
  10. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from cukup2 in what will you do when you keep losing?   
    I'm going through the losing phase and tbh I've been playing less and less.
    I think it's best to take a break, how long it needs to be, so that you can come back with a nice balance and also a fresh mind.
  11. Payday
    Xarv reacted to Jeazelle in Accidentally hit the VIP challenge   
    Hello Again Stake Forum Community
    Yesterday on mega race I hit the VIP challenge accidentally. unexpected that I hit it
    On Races I wager at 1.0102x at dice I loss 20k satoshi so I go at 1.15x  with 65k satoshi bet 
    to recover my loss and boom I loss 65k satoshi but I hit 88.88 just one roll 
    also I see at PD he all in 0.4 eth at 1.15x he loss but he hit 0.
    what a lucky day have you try like this experience?
  12. Sad
    Xarv got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Long reds then a green and again long reds   
    I know exactly what you're on about, I recently had a very bad streak myself, so I changed strategy and boom, another streak of reds, really puts the fun out of it but I've played too much to be surprised by these kind of unfortunate events.
  13. Sad
    Xarv got a reaction from 47Ronin in Bingo on Stake (Good or Not)   
    We already have a sort of Bingo in Stake which is Keno.
    Unless you have another idea that differs from what we currently have and is worth the developer's team to consider working on it.
  14. Thanks
    Xarv reacted to Jeazelle in Base on my Experience   
    Hello Again Stake Forum Community
    In my opinion and base on my experience about slots game there's a lot of scatters
    When I choose between 1 to 5 lines. I always got scatters just a few rolls and when I 
    Choose 20 lines almost 100 to 200 rolls before I get scatters. Just my thoughts 
    How about you guys?
  15. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in High VS Low Bet Amount   
    I'm sure this has happened to many of us before, where you take 100 sats and turn it into x10, 20 payout within a very small amount of time. but when it comes to high amount we happen to bust it most of the time, or even worse, bust the whole bankroll by playing it safe on a low payout. 
    Do you think this is due to our minds playing tricks with us ? Or pure luck? Maybe if we approached high bet amounts like small ones and just risk it we can get high payout from it?
  16. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from htetaungxx in Do we need confirmation for max button?   
    Great point youve made there, I think they should add an option for "confirmation" on or off
  17. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from joserizal0425 in Free bitcoins   
    Yes there are bunch of faucet sites out there, I wouldn't name any here because I'm not sure if that could get me into trouble for promoting other sites.
    But I suggest that you do some basic research (google) and you should find some, but be aware, it's close to nothing that you'll be earning for your time, unless it's for killing time, I wouldn't really recommend doing faucets.
  18. Bitcoin
    Xarv got a reaction from Aluk30 in Do you react to posts on the Forum?   
    Like you have stated above, I will react to valid comments or point of views that I can agree with, I also use it to communicate with the person if I've hit my maximum amount of posts / day. 
  19. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from SamyGo3sHIGH in My first start with Stake (good profit)   
    First of all, congrats on your massive win!  That's some hefty amount to get to from 10$. 
    I truly hope that you keep on the good vibes and keep winning, but would be wise to withdraw a certain amount just in case! Best of luck, Don't bust ❤️
  20. Payday
    Xarv reacted to Jeazelle in Birthday Gift For Loyal Players   
    Hello Again Stake Forum Community
    How about stake give a birthday gift when players has celebrate on their birthday that's a cool promotions "hehe"
    For me this is gonna be cool when stake give us a birthday gift it give a internal happiness to players 
    What do you think guys.?
    by the way my birthday is november 8 and I have a small giveaways on that time see you.
  21. Thanks
    Xarv got a reaction from Jeazelle in Slots Bonus Free Spin Advance Credited   
    This must be an error or a bug, make sure to contact suppprt and report on this matter.
  22. Love
    Xarv got a reaction from AlemaoHu3 in coupon delay!   
    Well said John, and let me add, "by the order of the peaky f**king blinders!"
  23. Bitcoin
    Xarv reacted to Jeazelle in If stake give you a chance   
    Hello Again Stake Forum Community
    Last week Eddie stream he said there's another 12 slots games on the future
    If stake give me a chance to choice game I choice Jammin jars and Reactoonz slots game
    If you play slots casino you know what kind of slots game is that.
    how about you If stake give you a chance to choice slots game what kind of slots game you choice?
  24. Bitcoin
    Xarv got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Different confidence in different game?   
    I feel very confident on Dice, I think it has to do with your experience with each game, I haven't played much Plinko or Keno there for I don't feel confident that I will be winning even if I see a lot of big players raking in big wins on those games.
  25. Love
    Xarv got a reaction from seanwattson in coupon delay!   
    First of all, there's no delay since there's no fix date for the monthly coupon.
    Secondly, what makes you think you have the right to ask for an increase of something that is given to you, Stake doesn't have to give you anything at all, be grateful that you'll be receiving anything to begin with.