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  1. stake name - htetaungxx
  2. I'm also hope to see ban or mute on friend list. That's is happen because of update or error I don't know excitly. Anyway error or update stake should refix for that as soon as possible I think. I've been got a problem with some friend they didn't reply because of I don't know they are muted .
  3. I'm also love to play keno alot and mostly playing with probility and math. But mostly I've play like that make me bust recently. But sometimes I was lucky math and probablity are working pretty to me. Honstly keno is really need lucky to hit big payout I think.
  4. Hehe I didn't mean that to spam at forum vee, don't give me psycho . Ofcourse I'm asian and I'm burmese form myanmar.
  5. Keno also need luck for hit nig payout. I was always busted in keno because of playing with math prediction and rage out. Most of people are hitting big multiplier by changing their seed recently. But that was not working on me.
  6. Thanks cukup. I mean that was goal for forum, and as in casino, my goal is to reach gold member before end of this year. Wish you have good luck for your goal and hope you got that as soon as possible bro.
  7. Hello everyone. I was set goal at forum, That was to reach 1000th post before end of this year. This post was 1000th post for me and I'm really happy for this. I'm really appericate when I reach each of my goal not only at forum but also in casino. How's about you guys did you reach your goal for this year or almost? let me hear about you guys.
  8. I don't skip card even number 7 when I play hilo. Because I was playing hilo like dumb and don't know which card is highter than others and playing only with by % what I see. But really is when we want to hunt huge multipler we need to skip some card to reach our goal I think. But some of really big multiplier who got was no skip any card.
  9. Yap william, they didn't even notic or announce for new currency (tron) will be add. Seems they have some plan for that and will be announce with surprise I think.
  10. I think that was been fixed. And I don't need to refresh again. But that was happen after clean my browsing data. So, not sure they been fixed or because of I was clean my browser's data.