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  1. MINES: 18,962,751,869 placed by htetaungxx on 23/03/2020 Wagered 0.55555555 Multiplier 1010.26x Profit 560.70130697
  2. good luck eddie stake name - htetaungxx
  3. DIAMONDPOKER: 18,721,141,038 placed by htetaungxx on 19/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000110 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000110 DIAMONDPOKER: 18,722,432,935 placed by htetaungxx on 19/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000110 Multiplier 1.5x Profit 0.00000055
  4. Hello guys, I got 90 freespin for very first time for me. It was come out after no freespin for 800 over rolls. Small bet but I'm happy to see it . awsome for me .
  5. Good luck eddie stakename - htetaungxx
  6. Hello guys, How are you all and wish you have best of luck for your bets. Usually when I playing mines I was betting with manual and mostly on 8mines to 15 mins. But As my opnions 10 mines or hight Is not good to play wih manual bet. Because usually I use to 10 or more mines for hunting big multiplier and when I play with manual bet, I getting anger as longer as I play and atlast I goes bust with rage bet. So, how you think guys? How many mines will be good to play with manual bet for you?
  7. Hello defrostbyte, passive begging is the most I hate thing during betting. Because they didn't even know am I winning or losing and they just look only green hits. And when betting with stressful and got passibe begging pm, that will be really annoying for me.
  8. Hello TheCoronaVirus, welcome to stake and good luck for your journey. you can find strategy on each games on games topic. And you will have fun with stake's game for sure.
  9. Hello won2018, I just always note that my mistake when I big bust and I didn't think for long time of my lose. Because I already know big win will come after big lose.
  10. Hello DP10011, weekly bonus of VIP rewards are depend on our wager of last 7 days I think. But I didn't know how to calculate on our wager. Because sometimes my wager amount is even lower than last week wager, but reward is hight than previous week.
  11. Hello Wakiee, as my opnion new poker games should be pvp like govenor poker. Add as new game or should be add in baccarat will be better I think.
  12. Hello wngo123, I'm always playing games with sound, and It's more fun for me. And really helpful some hunting during afk. But when I was playing mines game really hate when I hit bomb recently, because that bomb hits sound is really louder than others I think.