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  1. Hello guys, I just want to share good strategy for mines with 75% win rate. I was already test on it. I was found this form youtube (Bitcoin atbp Pinas Tube) . I hope you also work on you guys. TIP - base bet - 10% of your balance (more better) credit - Bitcoin atbp Pinas Tube
  2. Hello Nicol3, I was looking to find that table for black jack. Because I'm really newbie in card game and can't predict for dealer's card. I was also seen that table form one of stream. Now I get that table, thanks nicole.
  3. Hello Ali saher, Limbo multiplier payout is really hard to predict when over 1000x. Most of people are betting by seed number and already payout multiplier. If you want 50kx you need to roll atleast 1000 or more than that I think, If you lucky you will hit in 10 roll. I was hit like that 30kx in first roll already 2 times.
  4. Hello wngo, Eddie is on vaction isn't it? If that is true, I'm sure he will be stream when he come back.
  5. Monthly bonus release date is never announce by date and we can't conplain late or early for that. But we can easily can know by recheck previous month of bonus release date, and eddie only can know when will release it.
  6. Hello LeFlambeur, welcome to stake forum and wish you to best of luck for your stake journey.
  7. I'm just oftenly destory my luck by low bet after busted. Because I was rage bet sometimes and after that I was didn't stop if I was busted and atleast more rolling atleast 3 to 5 times and mostly big payout are coming these times.
  8. My longest run for hilo without skip card multiplier was over 6kx but don't with low bet, happen when I'm almost bust and I was rageout than I was click low recently even A/K .
  9. Hi sahil, 3 or more A/K is depend on luck alot I think, but when nearly come out A/K is easily to predict for some people who are play well hilo. I've been hunting by manual bet for 2000x over payout but always busted before hit. Really hard for manual bet.
  10. Hello Ayesha, Hilo have calculator for sure, for payout and cards. You can find in hilo game topic in forum. I was missed my download file, I will post here when I found it.
  11. As for me I was hit oftenly 500x on 10 number pettern, mostly in challenge. Yesterday also hit 710x and won challenge again. As for 2019 I was hit no more 500x but sometimes bets are more bigger than these day.
  12. Hello Ali saher, I just refer to dice to incrase wager amount and level. Because if you find wager with plinko you will got risk for sure. I got many experience with that. When plinko is hunger that's too hurt.