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  1. how about the godfather? i'm really like all of the godfather and still happy to watch in 2019
  2. welcome to forum vktr99, nice to see u here and good luck for ur hope. if u want somemore and fun u should join discord channel of stake and telegram .
  3. really nice and congrat dude, is very rare hit nice!
  4. the new rules and changeing games is better i think, steve, and how about adding easy challenge for 1 and 9games , i'm juz sugg . thz!
  5. i didnt ever see before that message, when will appear that. mostly i got message 'game not found' in mine and need to refresh page when login.
  6. i can't play at work but i ever i play on the way to job and i got nearly happen accident more than twice while hunting in 1kx plinko usually almost busted and wating traffic light. lol
  7. i think it will be suicide bet later , but that is my thought. as for u u will be good luck in your bet dude.
  8. main points is patient and slow bet for early i think, i was in race one time. i playing with plinko and won 9000sat but busted 0.018btc, any how i got what i want
  9. welcome to stae forum dude and good luck to u too, and wish to have fun in stake also. btw join discord stake channel and telegram also dude.
  10. i thought that if i change seed all bet are reset and need to rolls too many to hit hight multiplier, isn't it? that's why i didn't change seed often even too much losing, really is i don't know how seed is work
  11. Rolls-Royce Wraith my dream car, really love it!
  12. thanks for announce. and good luck in next update stake
  13. htetaungxx


    welcome to forum and nice to meet u here 1700, hope u enjoy at stake dude. and dont forget to join discord stake channel , and telegram of stake too. good luck.