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  1. That virus is really too bad. I got hacked with that virus, callled clipboard hacked. Most of ppl said that form meta mask extenstion. They can get private key of our wallet. too bad.
  2. htetaungxx


    Hello loopoo, Welcome to stake forum bro. Wish you have more luck and got nice profit.
  3. Congrats loopoo, nice royale hit bro. good luck more.
  4. I got mute many times when I was newbies , Most of times are really don't know why I got mute. But one time I was really angry and I did many problem to support and spam and rude. Than I got not only mute and but also got blacklist form rains etc for 1month .
  5. If we wating for cupon we gonna tried bro. Stake always wanna surprise to us and we all are already know that. But don't worry in this month stake will give many surprise to us . Just need pacient.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion drangon, I was already saw your keno skill you did always amazing hit in keno .
  7. Hello everyone. Some time we need to recover our loss, during playing. As for me when I need to recover I goes mines and playing in 7, 8 , 9 mines and playing with manual bet. It's pretty work for me, But when I was greedy I just busted in mines sometimes. But other people are hunting big payout even need to recover and they got not only recover and got also profit. So, Which ways do you guys want to refer to recover? Hunting big payout is better? Let me hear your's suggestion guys.
  8. This time I starting to watch god father from 1. I'm always watching god father 1 to 3, atleast 1 time per month. I'm always like to watching god father .
  9. i'm also been hunt 1000x in 16rows for over 7hours non stop, 130x hit 14 times and no hit 1000x till busted. We need only luck for play plinko. It's depend on luck too much I think.
  10. I didn't play during vacton or vasit other place . Because I like to play with only PC .But I really want to play with other people in real life together, It will be fun i think.
  11. Hello guys, Usually I didn't stop till hit or busted when I'm play plinko. But some time when we are unlucky plinko make us bust for sure without hit higiest multiplier. I was hunt 620x last 2day around 7000 rolls and busted without hit 620x, And I was rehunt 620x yesterday around 7000 rolls again and busted again without hit 620x. So, I want to know is when should I stop if hard to hit higiest multiplier in 15rows ? And how many did you rolls for hunting 620x plinko guys, let me hear please.
  12. hey, Pumpkin Welcome to forum and wish you have best of luck for your stake journey.
  13. Honstly, gambling is not my hobby and I'm really noob in gamble in real life. But I really like to play stake's games . As for me main reason is i'm so lonely and boring at home that's why I'm always playing at stake and It's make me fun.
  14. I didn't make to wager after every time I deposite before.But these day I need to make wager to hit silver VIP . i'm really close to hit silver. But really hard to reach bronze to silver without making wager.