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  1. Hi nemanja, I really like to read history of a person or history of famous things was happened around the world. example, books for Causes of World War II or Adolf Hitler somthing like that.
  2. When I was knew cryptocurrency can play many games, so I was search on google to play games with crypto and I was found top 10 sites than I choose stake to play .
  3. Hello guys, Most of people are enjoy in challenge, roll hunts or somthing like that. As for me, the most enjoyable moment is teleg*am challenge time. We already know if we hit challenge game we need to post bet ID in challenge room as fast as we can. Sometimes challenge hosts are using others ways to be more fun for us. ( just like our winnig bet ID is need to end with 000 or somthing like that). Usually when games are hard to win, numbers form winning bet IDs will be fews. (example - dice 100x + ID need to be same with 3 digits ). Sometimes, games are easily to hit, hard to be sam
  4. Hello filip, nice to meet you, welcome to stake family.
  5. In end of 2018 .. I was heard people talking about bitcoin form social medias, and I was learning form gorups and asking some people about these things , but most of people told me to do airdrop and registered by links , than alts etc.. After that I was won top 5 trading contect in one of exchange site, didn't even know how to use correctly wallets for erc 20 and how to exchange for profits :P So I was creating many accounts.. till I can't remember wallets, phonenumbers .. After that I got hacked private key of my main wallet after I was sold 40% of them and cashout form local money
  6. Too fast You are performing too many actions. Please try again later. Click for technical details.. awsome tg 3days already
  7. KENO: 34,112,238,097 placed by htetaungxx on 11/01/2021 Wagered 0.01363581 Multiplier 350x Profit 4.75889769 KENO: 34,296,462,701 placed by htetaungxx on 14/01/2021 Wagered 0.00000110 Multiplier 350x Profit 0.00038390
  8. Happy new year banker, wish u to best of luck for 2021
  9. Happy new year. wish you all best of luck and have fun stakers.
  10. he can filled even when he reply here of our comment .. just kidding.!
  11. if u posted for casino promotion, u need to post here bro.
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