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  1. it could be better to have rewards for top 300... then 301st to 500th gets a flat consolation prize...
  2. LIMBO: 32,122,199,854 placed by eagle963 on 08/12/2020 Wagered 1.17636121 Multiplier 10x Profit 10.58725089
  3. I saw 3,000,000x multiplier hit on mines to say an update.. I was looking for my screenshot... can't locate it.. but there is.. and i am inspired to hunt that multiplier in mines too... it's the jackpot on mines at 15 bombs
  4. Oh my... I'd say don't change seed yet for the more you send rolls to your target and not yet hit.. the higher the probability that it would hit compared to changing seed and restarting all over again I'd hit 2000x multiplier for around 2200 rolls... of course i bet low for around 1800 rolls then increased bet after that until it hit
  5. My dream goal is hitting 212121x on limbo.. I am on process on hunting it for some days now... I have already sent more than 60,000 rolls.. It's very possible sahill777... Here is my inspiration.. he hit it with 500sats
  6. As for me, I have made a place in races with a prize using limbo. I don't use the 1.01 multiplier though.. I use between 1.10x to 1.3x and do manual betting. I increase bets on high probability of long marching greens then go back to base bet after profiting on some rolls... wait for more losing streaks to accumulate then I increase bets again for long marching greens... there is a pattern.. you can see it for yourself.. just ride on the wins and cut the losses
  7. Hi enzo... have you hit high multipliers already? In what games? As for me my favorite for hunting high multipliers above 1000x are Mines and limbo I enjoy hunting the jackpot on 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 bombs.. i already hit jackpots on 9, 10 bombs... i'd like to hunt the jackpot on 11,12 and 15 bombs which I am hunting today I am also going for 200kx multiplier on limbo.. I sent rolls on these already and not yet hit.. which is the reason why I don't change seeds yet
  8. eagle963

    Huge Multipliers

    i agree with this and I would say it's true for me.. So the secret to hitting it is to send rolls to your target multipliers. You will have higher probability of hitting it soon when it did not hit after you send rolls equating around 80% of the multiplier
  9. Hi buddy.. have you hit your target here already? any updates? I am personally hunting 200kx multiplier as of now.. I think higher probability are on 30% of multiplier if not hit... it would be around 60% of multiplier or 95% of multiplier or around 120% of multiplier.. based on my trials... for example for 50,000x multiplier: 30% of 50k = 15k so I would bet higher on the next 1000 rolls which is the 15,001th roll to 16,000th roll if it doesn't hit, I lower the bet and go for the next ranges which is around 60% 60% of 50k = 30k so I would increase bet on the next 1000
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