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    eagle963 reacted to Aiza824 in Want to hit 200kx   
    There's no such thing as "dream" in any games here. Everything can happen. Just prepare a sack of your coins when you begin hunting that 200kx down.
    PS: Today, someone got 1.6Mx at his 106th seed nonce. It could happen to you too.
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    eagle963 reacted to jamesbond in Want to hit 200kx   
    There is anything possible in Limbo, you just need a big amount to dump and big heart of patience.  Big wins comes limbo but after a long wait and long chase.  Hope you get your dream goal soon, wish you luck buddy.
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    eagle963 got a reaction from Limbo in Want to hit 200kx   
    My dream goal is hitting 212121x on limbo.. I am on process on hunting it for some days now... I have already sent more than 60,000 rolls..
    It's very possible sahill777...
    Here is my inspiration.. he hit it with 500sats

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    eagle963 reacted to sahil777 in Got big hit at mines.   
    hey guyz
    after alot of hunting i finally got my hit at mines, though my bet amount was low but still its nice win for me, earlier i was playing with 50 sats bet but then i thought i have not enough balance to go for thousands of rolls and i reduced the bet size, which was my mistake, and got this hit in like few hundred rolls, before i was trying on diffrent patterns, but when i select this it worked in few hundred rolls.

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