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  1. Meeting so many generous strangers has been a unique experience like none other 🎊
  2. Australia, Valtteri, Draw, Liverpool
  3. 30% Increased Bets Speed on before you get Beat on!
  4. Mayalystake is my username , are there any no deposit bonuses?
  5. How do you buy crypto like bitcoin or ethereum with credit or debit card without having to show verification other than localbitcoins and paxful. thanks
  6. Mayaly


    Wouldn't high quality slots be a great addition? wonder if stake will eventually get slots
  7. I see other players sometime always online chatting it up and I wonder when do they find the time to sleep?
  8. So who else here has taken advantage of the Stellar Giveaway airdrop?
  9. username Mayaly and I found out about this site thru a friend.
  10. wow great topic , i really haven't thought of it from that point of view, i will sleep on it , get a good breakfast down, then decide the pros and cons of bacarrats auto betting function. You have givin me a lot to think about , i'll update you soon. thanks DarkBlack
  11. Do you guys ever use the Manual Bet option when betting 20 bitcoins? how many bitcoins do you consider to be good enough for Manual betting? Do you wonder how to turn of auto betting to give manual betting a try? Does internet connection affect your winning and losings for manual bets, how about you?
  12. I just wanted to know with the least amount of effort , the bare min is for a topic. 90 percent of people posting topics are just randomly posting b.s. to just get forum faucet payment and have no interest in the quality of it, and the readers are only reading enough of the post to get away with the bare min effort of getting paid for their responses, to move on to the next , just to quickly hit their daily limit quota. to speed things up could I just make random tops like , "I like things that I like, how about you?" then next topic, "I hate things that I hate, how about you?" "copy paste random crypto related news, what do you think about that?" "When I lose , I get upset, how about you?" "when I win , I get happy , how about you?" "I'm not racist, but tell me why you are racist?" "I'm poor , but tell me how you are rich" "I was hungry and ate something, did you eat" " what did you eat today" "did you login to stake forum today?" I want to get paid , but don't want to waste too much effort and energy , and want to know what the bare min line is so i can post on top of that line and still get paid for posts. can you show me examples of bare min effort posts that are ok and still got paid?