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  1. It's pretty legit coin, just check the price on exchange. + cooperation with Google cloud.
  2. OMG, sounds like it that was a very long time ago, isn't ?
  3. Hi! How to find Tbn forum? Gambling forum? I just typed on goolge btc gamling game and found Stake.
  4. This Craig Wright drama isn't gonna end, until we stop paying attention to this guy. Impeachment? haha
  5. I agree with this guy But realistically, stake will stay as long as there are crypto.
  6. Satoshi! LOL No, it's something makes me come back and chat. When I get bored, I open stake forum Don't judge, I have life. If you compare it with bitcointalk, stake forum is more friendly and don't go crazy when the topic comes about tolerance.
  7. Nope, that sounds too harsh to sell stuff to play games. I use only part of salary to play game and only for fun, to chat with people. Guys, don't go crazy, use only the money you ready to lose and it won't change your life.
  8. Yes, right after BTC start following, I started to win. Haha it's crazy, but true. Don't know how this thing correlates. I think time to buy some btc to deposit in game
  9. Coinbox

    Stake Lottery #5!

    Sounds very promising! Going to participate. Good luck everyone.
  10. It sounds a little bit harsh in my opinion. If Stake increase the wagering amount to 100$, it might decrease the activity of chat so much and punish those users who don't beg. I wonder why they don't mute users let's say for a week, but only couple days.
  11. yeah, that happens sometimes. I just stop to play stake for a week. After you feel miss a game and start to play. This is the only way helping. Any other ideas?
  12. what was your investment? what altcoins you really bought?
  13. Wow, thanks a lot for comment with such as obvious findings :D. Such as long comment with no original idea. Seems your strategy to earn satoshi here with writing such as comments go well.
  14. I have 17k satoshi, but don't care much. I mean I'm here for fun, not for btc(satoshi). However, yeah what forums gives it's additional benefit 😎😛