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  1. trust me i have tried so much to get profits. But i have just been chasing my losses. And that's what made me lose in gambling overall. I have lost not a crap ton of money like Etude and others, I have lost an easily recoverable amount if i deposit just some 100$. I have about 40$ in loss. SO in the end i've decided to never chase losses again and just play and have mini victories.
  2. I want to float an idea over everyone’s head about a tactic that everyone knows about but doesn’t actually use it: Confusing the system. Honestly, confusing the system isn’t hard and if you do it correctly then we will not lose as much as we normally do. So what do we do to confuse it? My method of confusing the system is: 1. By changing the seed – constantly change it every 15 minutes and all the rolls get changed immediately and the house has to start recognizing our patterns again in order to manipulate a bet. But with a new seed it takes time for the house to adapt to it. 2. By changing the multiplier – 2x is the most famous multiplier, but change over to 10x and sometimes to 1.50x. Constantly changing it will also make the system get thrown off its tracing of your pattern 3. By changing the games you play – changing your play of games is the best and easiest way as the system has to start all over to recognize the new patterns since it’s a different game so it’s a different method of recognizing. 4. By playing with different currencies – an even simpler trick is just to play with different currencies within each game within each seed. I don’t know whether this makes the system restart pattern-checking, but it’s an idea that is logical. 5. By taking breaks – everyone who gets into stake for the long haul always takes breaks of 30-45 minutes after reaching their personal mini-goal. Why is that so? Because they want to make sure the system isn’t constantly tracking them and that they can start with a fresh mind of the next goal and not be tired out. Conclusion All of these tricks can POSSIBLY change the system’s thinking. We can use this tactic for things like taking high risks (1.01x) to make sure we can win and that house edge doesn’t come into play for any of our bets as we keep changing. We can use it, in the end, for long haul profits if we are determined. I am not guaranteeing that it works, its all based on logic. Thanks for reading, Vijay Pondini
  3. Man you are lucky to do this. I made 7500 dogecoin to 10,000 dogecoin then i busted it all. I have a 12,000 dogecoin loss as of now. I'm looking to just invest 300$ into stake and make back all my loses i have been chasing my whole time here.
  4. Sports channels will be different channels for different sports like football will have a seperate channel, soccer having another channel. It's used to simplify the chatting about sports bet so that no one would get confused about what sport others are betting on. It also brings people with common interests closer together ( ex - leauge of legends players would love to talk to other fans of the game )
  5. @wngo123ok i'll get precise here. I've bet about 172 bets. 15 bets. 1.01x all wins. Then 16th bet loss.. then i bet 2 moer times then i changed to 10,000 dogecoin and bet 3 times. Then i went back to normal bet. Then 30 more bets and got 0.99x and then i bet twice again before going to 10,000 doge and bet 10k 2 times.. then i changed back and within 3 bets i got a 1.00x that time it was chasing me truly. So i bet again 3 times 10,000 doge. Then some 25 times till i lost again. Then i bet 2 times ( i kept the gap of 2 bets after a house edge 1.00x or 0.99x because sometimes it comes immediately in the next couple of bets ) I made 14 10k bets to recover my 1400.
  6. So i finally made my doge statistic green, will never play with that coin again until I can recover atleast 2 other coins. My strategy was to bet 10,000 dogecoin @1.01x and if i won 14 times i would recover 1400 dogecoin - which was my amount to recover. So my trick was to wait till house edge hits and gives me a 0.99x and a 1.00x in limbo. Just take a look at the bets i made LIMBO: 11,128,352,071 placed by vijaypondini on 06/11/2019 Wagered 10011.06345563 Multiplier 1.0099999904632568x Profit 100.11053908 LIMBO: 11,128,351,693 placed by vijaypondini on 06/11/2019 Wagered 10011.06345563 Multiplier 1.0099999904632568x Profit 100.11053908 LIMBO: 11,128,351,341 placed by vijaypondini on 06/11/2019 Wagered 10011.06345563 Multiplier 1.0099999904632568x Profit 100.11053908 LIMBO: 11,128,350,939 placed by vijaypondini on 06/11/2019 Wagered 10011.06345563 Multiplier 1.0099999904632568x Profit 100.11053908 I waited also for times like these LIMBO: 11,128,348,269 placed by vijaypondini on 06/11/2019 Wagered 0.19531250 Multiplier 0x Profit -0.19531250 LIMBO: 11,128,193,439 placed by vijaypondini on 06/11/2019 Wagered 0.16777216 Multiplier 0x Profit -0.16777216 Finally I made up all my losses i'm very glad. I also wagered a crap ton amount so i am being placed 85th position most likely in the race. Good enough for me. All in all a prdocutive days work. But please i advise you not to bet like this. I was rage betting. :P Thanks
  7. I could not get access to the slots beta version Why is it taking so long for slots to come? I can't wait! Ughhhhh! Looks like the game is pharoah related ( Egyptain style )
  8. Hello. I have taken out some time to list out 20 things stake can add or improve here ( I talked to Dan about all the ideas and then i thought i will share it here with you all). So please take a read through the list and let me know what you think Here is my list of improvements you could possibly add to Stake! Hope you will implement some of the ideas in here eddie. 1. Different color plinko balls and size variants for people to enjoy plinko a bit more. 2. Right-click to add roulette/baccarat chips and left click to remove roulette/baccarat chips. Adding and removing chips is a little troublesome for everyone 3. Lowered Exchange rates as not many people have the amount required to deposit minimum 4. Addition of TRX currency. I personally feel it is a great coin and it would fit in well in the site along with the rest. 5. Reduce the lag on the game crash. 6. Have a clickable link for seeing telegram on races in the races section. No link is there when races are not happening and it would be nice to have a little button in the races section telling us about races 7. Addition of how much % to go in the VIP Goal bar. Otherwise everyone has to inspect the element and then see how much % left. 8. Availability of trivia for all users, but questions are to be checked my any moderator beforehand to avoid spam and unanswerable questions. 9. Removal of the notifications to enable 2FA. Some people like me don't want 2FA and we don't want to constantly see a notification. Also the "enable notifications to stay up to date" notification. Lol. 10. Custom colour themes for people to make the site look the way they want it to. ( might not be possible but all black sometimes is boring for some ). 11. Custom key binds for hotkeys. 12. Will there ever be a stake app for mobile users? Think about it! 13. Increased characters allowed per message. ( Don't know why it would benefit others but in some way it will ) 14. Faster betting for roulette with no animations enabled ( i.e. removal of the animation of the ball spinning around and landing. It is still there with no animations enabled ). 15. Adding the chatbot's balance for xrp. (whenever someone types "!balance xrp" it shows btc's not xrp's. something you guys would have forgotten about with the addition of the new currency.) 16. Also making the !odds command to be responded through pms. Sometimes they clog chats too 17. Varying speeds for autobetting ( There are times when autobet becomes too fast and they lose a lot before they can stop the auto betting). Keeping intervals like 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds etc. 18. Different colors of highlited keno number selections. ( like plinko styling, keno can be styled like this too ). 19. Slots becomes active for a brief second when leaving a game or refreshing the page ( I know it's a loading issue but if fixable, fix it) 20. Right next to Stake logo, casino is written. Consider adding a "forum" button there too, for quicker access to forum.stake.com ( talking to dan he said that next to the casino button the sportsbook button will come ) If you have read it all, thank you for taking the time to read it.
  9. Holy crap @LOOPOO congratulations mate! You got so lucky with that bet. You seem to be a professional gambler eh?
  10. Well obviously he deserves a status! He is a good mod and a great person. TBH i didn't even know faris was the discord mod ( sorry faris! )
  11. yeah it is a pharoah themed slots if you observe
  12. Welcome to stake. Dont know what u are talking about but lol. Welcome and good luck
  13. This basically means that u are not giving everyone a chance only if you are lucky enough to be chosen then you will win the prize pool. Its sort of saying if you win the raffle you win the prize guaranteed. Its the same as keeping no raffle and having a chance to win the prize right
  14. I personally never change the seeds i feel like i should remain with one seed its the best idea. I continue betting beliveing that i will get 3-4 greens in a row if i got 300+ losses in a row.. defiently!