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  1. I remember my best day. I had deposited just 27 dogecoin here and I reached 3000 doge! I also had a great time with hi-lo because i reached the multiplier of 1344.98x! Thats how 1 doge became 1300! That's why I love stake. its simple, clean, neat. I hope this site propsers! Happy Birthday! 🎂
  2. FYI to mods, i copy/pasted this from a text document i wrote myself. So i've recently discovered this new trc-20 token ( hosted on the tron network) called HORA. This token can be earned by playing a video game on play store and app store! The game is called CryptoIdle Miner. It simulates mining rigs and the more you participate in this game the more tokens you earn. Here is the website - https://cryptoidleminer.com/ What is CryptoIdle Miner? Before you join the game you can install the app with this link. Help me get some comission! This is a game that simulates mining and you have to advance in the game by getting more rigs, getting cooling systems and basically doing everything a normal miner would do. You start the game by getting your first rig for free and you can supply power and manually start "virtual mining". This doesn't mine real cryptocurrency it's all just a game. Once you have manually mined enough you finally get a worker which automatically does mining for you. Then a trader arrives and you can start trading for game cash. You can use the game currency to upgrade your mining rig and buy new ones and mine like a pro! Then you will get a trading manager and you can automatically trade! This game is like tap titans or bitcoin tycoon or those other tapping games you may know of. So you keep upgrading and rise to the top! Now you start by mining some random coin called music then if you have enough money you can start mining the next currency then the next and the next.. there are 9 currencies in one building and each building has 25 rigs which you can setup. There are a total of 4 buildings which are unlockable as you progress in the game You gain xp points for doing new things like reaching new rig levels or starting to trade different currency. This will set your position in a monthly leaderboard with players according to your level i.e. if you are a new player you will be ranked in the league where there are other new players and if you are a professional player you get it.. You can get a maximum of 2000 xp points per season ( season means monthly leaderboard ) and the highest prize you can get is 500 HORA tokens. There is a concept of prestiging in the game to continue playing and restarting your progress with higher level etc.etc. and there is a research lab which you can use to boost mining efficiency etc. and overall it makes the game more fun. Higher the league, more the reward you get. I used to get 2000 Hora at once every month! You can also upgrade traders, managers and workers with newer people who give higher efficiency. You get chests which you can unlock that contain cards for managers. Once you get enough cards you can upgrade your manager. The precious currency in this game ( like in clash of clans its gems ) is Idlecash. This can be used to finsih researching and unlocking new rigs instantly. You get a free chest every 8 hours and you can also spend your idlecash on getting more chests. You get 5 free idlecash every once in a while too! Then there is a concept of pets and plants, which is also unlockable by chests. They too increase income and efficiency and are unlockable via chests. You can unlock new buildings and start mining new currencies and have two buildings mine for you! In fact you can leave the game and ocne you return you can collect cash! So you can earn without doing anything! you can also double the amount you recieve by watching a video! You can basically play this game and rise and mine and be the best! ( lol that sounded a little advertisementy ). You can also work on referral comission. CryptoIdle Miner offers referal commision. If the user signs up through your reflink you get I think 10% commision from him and you can withdraw that instantly too! The comission you earn is in the form of hora tokens! In fact, there are goals! If you invite 10 players you get 250 hora bonus. If you invite 100 of them i think you get like 1000 Bonus. So you can get tons of bonus hora on top of regular comission AND earning it by playing the game AND by coupon codes. Doesn't sound so bad eh? You can earn a lot of hora in a lot of ways. Everything you need to know about what you can do with the currency Now these hora tokens; what can we do with them? Well we have two options - withdraw it to FaucetHub wallet or to Tron wallet. You need tron "energy" to send/recieve Hora tokens, if you know how the tron network works then you should know what i am talking about. The currenct price of hora token is averaging from 3-9 btc satoshi. It is just a one month old coin. Mexicantarget, the owner of FaucetHub has recommended the coin be held so that we can get profits. Well he isn't wrong. This is a unique coin. I have not heard of any token that you can earn while playing video games. I think it will rise above all else and become at least a decent token with price variation of 75-100 btc satoshi. If this does happen, which i am confident it will, all the easy 500 hora tokens we keep earning are valued at 50,000 bitcoin satoshi if the price is 100! that easy! I have 8000 tokens ready to trade when the price hits 100 satoshi or even higher. All coins have their high rises at one point of time. Look at ethereum it is now about 100$ but before it used to be 2000$. Another example of a coin - dogecoin. It was at some 1000 btc sat and now its at 30. So all coins have their rise in price. And if you sell Hora at its high price then you will get a lot of money. Hora token has already hit 100 sat a while ago and it crashed. If It was that easy to hit 100 when the coin was launched just about a week ago who knows the price in a month? It could be a very good coin with great potential. Now you can get an awesome headstart on Hora tokens. You can get 1200 tokens instantly. there is a promo code section in the app where you can apply promos. In that use these three - FH2019 , MT2019 to get 1000 hora tokens! that easily! I forgot the other coupon codes but you can find out yourself. Obviously this promo code thing will keep running so people will keep making more coupon codes with 100 Hora minimum code amount. So you already have 1000 Hora! And this 1000 hora if sold at a price of 100 which it can easily do is basically getting 10$ for free! They plan to make the coin available to retailers so that people can use it as legal tender but that is future plans we don't know about whether the coin will be famous or not. Where to trade? You can start trading your hora tokens on tronwatch.com which is a tron exchange. the current price is 0.02 trx ( about 5 sat like i said ). Tronwatch isn't a famous exchange but its an exchange meant for tron tokens. https://tronwatch.com/ Future Plans HORA GAMES plans to make more video games that lets us play and earn Hora tokens. This will obviously happen when they get some investors or if the game prospers. They are already working on a new section in CryptoIdle Miner to play on. This coin is influenced mainly by the FaucetHub network, because this network is the only network that offers users to earn Hora tokens through autofaucets and faucets. This is what makes FaucetHub unique. So according to the demand and according to the amount being sold in FaucetHub itself, people on that one website can manipulate the price by a lot. I will explain this price manipulation in further detail in another forum post. This is an excellent token that serves great potential if done properly. This is a unique coin and it stands out from the others. We are an exclusive community trying to launch this token to the skies so that we can all benefit from it. Summing up This is a good coin and you should start earning it too! I wish you all the very best of luck in gambling on stake and in earning the token. If you have any further questions you can ask me and I will reply! I will be making another forum post about price manipulation. Mods, go ahead and approve my content. You know I didn't copy paste this! Peace!
  3. ROULETTE STRATEGIES. Since the first Roulette wheel was spun people have tried to create strategies to increase your chance of winning, but can you really beat the wheel? Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Roulette strategies: The Martingale System This system involves doubling your bets after a loss until you eventually get a win, it is most commonly used on red or black. The Reverse Martingale This system is also known as ‘Paroli’ and involves increasing your bet after a win, this could prove lucrative if you have a winning streak. D’Alembert Roulette System This is a simple strategy based on even chance bets, the logic being if you have as many wins as losses you will eventually have a good win. Reverse D’Alembert This strategy involves taking the opposite approach to the D’Alembert system, if you adopt this strategy you will need more wins than losses to succeed. James Bond Roulette System This is the strategy used by James Bond in the Bond novels and it is a system that covers two thirds of the table and the 0. Labouchere Roulette System This system is also known as the cancellation method because you create your own betting line and cancel numbers off it as you win. This is one of the more complicated strategies which could take some practise. Before adopting any of these strategies, remember Roulette is a game based on chance so therefore no strategy is guaranteed. You will win, you will lose, you may make money, you may lose money, but this is part of the allure of Roulette, you are putting yourself completely in the hands of a spinning ball and Lady Luck. So whilst it’s exciting trying different strategies to see if you can beat the wheel, don’t rely on them. Thanks for reading!
  4. @kiziah speak of the devil i just made a post on hi-lo betting. Check it out..
  5. I think everyone loves hi-lo dont they? they like watching their profits increase, looking at the multiplier go up and up and up and up.. then suddenly you bust.. well i'm here to tell you almost 15 times have i observed a little luck or theory in hi-lo. I've observed playing slow gets you a lot.. I've done 1 doge bettings and seen that if i keep looking at the screen continuously pressing buttons for probability that is higher, and skip cards. Pressing the buttons hi-lo fast has made me reach up to 6x multiplier only once.. and with a probability of up or = in one time, i lost to the =... Now i played slow.. I bet 1 dogecoin and i start it off with one hi or lo button. then i go over to some website and chill about for like 30 seconds. then i come back and press the button again. i win. and win. and win... most i've reached by playing slow is to 47.8x!!!! Now i don't know if this will work for you or not, but try it.. let me know! It works for me..
  6. Clearly the password requirements are different because accessing your actual stake account from your forum account is entirely different. Your gambling account should be safe!
  7. Hello. Back again with another post because everyone liked the idea of my strategy. A lot of people have been asking "have you done it?" and I do it. It works fine but everything is random! So my new betting strategy i cam up with is nothing more than just pattern studying. ( Along with a little changes). If you don't know what pattern studying is, its observing how rolls are made and to bet accordingly i.e. if you lose 5-6 times in a row its best to bet higher because win % is much higher if you get continuous losses. So I like to do this with dogecoin... i bet 1 dogetoshi and wait until 5-6 losses in a row and then i raise the bet to 5 dogecoin and bet... most of the times I win but even if you lose just double the 5 to 10 like martingale but this sort of martingale strategy will be most effective because of 6-7 losses in a row. If you lose that much, you should definetly get a win on the next rolls! and even if you dont immediately get it, double the wager like I said. Now the stake bot system may catch on to what you are doing. Sorry let me rephrase that. It WILL catch on to what you are doing. So we have to randomize every once in a while. My opinion is to suddenly bet 40 dogecoin and roll, and the system doesnt expect it... then change over to roll under and roll.. then refresh your seed and start again along with a high bet. In a nutshell randomize how you play, randomize the wager, refresh the seed ( i use seeds till nonce 50 because after that the system can catch on to what you are doing. So to also confuse again you can maintain the seed till 200 rolls every once in a while) and make the system confused! In the end its extremely low-risk martingale strategy that stake cannot catch on what you are doing. Hope this helps you! And tell me what you think! P.S. I am using this trick lol...
  8. setting up seeds means refreshing your seed. @SLFJ And also making sure you dont continue with the same seed. @Babagucci i did find a result.. it was coming once every 13th i was rolling above 90
  9. Hello guys I am here to introduce to you about my betting strategy we can use in stake.com! This is pretty time consuming but I think is worth it. We will be observing the dice rolls and jotting it down. First set up new seeds. Then set up the payout you want to get. ( I prefer using 10x payout as you get above 90.00 a lot) Start each roll with a bet of how much ever you wish. Note down the rolls done ex- 48.24, 19.56, 98.18 When you roll anytime above 90, note down which roll no. got it ( the first roll or the tenth roll etc.) Continue doing this for about 200 rolls. Keep noting down what you get and mark a "HIT" or "YES" or something to identify you got a win above 90.00 After all this observe for patterns in the rolling. You should find patterns of the seed if you look closely. Continue to play the next 100 rolls then change your seed again because patterns always change. Note that the higher you set your multiplier, the lesser the chances of hitting, the more rolls you have to make, the more time consuming it takes and the more observing it takes. Hope you guys got the gist of my idea! Try this out with different currencies and tell me what happened!
  10. before every user could do trivia but now only mods can. Please let all do it! it will be easier to gain some more btc to play with.
  11. Personally I wonder why people do twitch giveaways. What is the advantage for them? All they get are some twitch users who come just for the rewards but never appreciate the channel. The twitch streamer needs to make quality content. I feel like users just go there to get the bitcoin. What is your opinion?
  12. Was wondering if we could find out our hashed seed by unhashing it with any tool.. even if not possible can any hacker possibly unhash a seed and find out the next rolls in the seed?
  13. Was wondering because no one has actually told and i dont think i can find it on stake forum. May i know how much to wager in USD or how much to wager in BTC?
  14. So I was cehcking it out and faucet rewards give only 500 dogetoshi! only 20 eth! only 2 btc! how are we supposed to play with this amount? Anyone got thier 500 dogetoshi to 500 dogecoin? let me know
  15. So i've been using auto-picker for playing mines recently and i noticed that it makes me lose! over the last 30 bets have i only won 7.. is this coincidence or is the house edge for auto=picking mines 75%? What do you guys think? let me know whether auto-picking in mines or keno or anything else has got you losses