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  1. vijaypondini Green Good luck to everyone, have a good week!
  2. HILO: 32,536,841,617 placed by vijaypondini on 17/12/2020 Wagered 6.00000000 Multiplier 45.9967x Profit 269.98022977 :>
  3. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea Manchester City 2-0 West Brom Arsenal 1-2 Southampton Leeds 1-1 Newcastle Leicester 1-1 Everton Fulham 1-2 Brighton Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham West Ham 1-1 Crystal palace Aston Villa 1-0 Burnley Sheffield United 0-2 Manchester United Tiebreaker 32 minutes Username: vijaypondini
  4. vijaypondini Blue Happy Saturday everyone :D also happy diwali
  5. Jim, you're talking to the martinfuck person that is me. I made, what, 1$ to 100$ via martingale like 5 times, and just yesterday made 1$ to 350$ via martingale. Why does this happen? I really have no fucking clue. no matter what the case, i'd be winning and winning and winning everytime i martinfuck, i risk my full balance 2-3 times in a session, yet i still come out top. I think one piece of advice i can give you from me martingaling is to do different things while martingaling because the system definitely picks up on the martingale pattern and trust me it's made me lose much more tha
  6. My best experience? Well wouldn't it be seeing the discord chat kind of dead when there's no discord giveaway, but the discord chat alive and full of things when there are challenges xD. Basically my fondest memory was how people scammed, people mass dmed, people had alts to win giveaways, and how people chatted there only for the money
  7. Well then I guess that is that.. I was able to contact my friends by publicly sharing my socials ( discord ) Maybe you could do that too
  8. How exactly are pms back? If you could explain. I do not see it anywhere. Have they made an exception for you?
  9. Maybe in the next 24 hour race, rather than announcing which positions wins the extra bonus, make it a surprise
  10. LIMBO: 24,460,396,937 placed by vijaypondini on 18/06/2020 Wagered 3.80000000 Multiplier 666x Profit 2527.00000000 LIMBO: 24,460,772,682 placed by vijaypondini on 18/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 1135x Profit 0.00000000 so sad WEEE i like this
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