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  1. I've had my fair time with coinpot, yes. You can claim faucets of their websites they have about 8 of them. You can collect crypto from faucets, though it's not that profitable. They have an exchange service, but it does charge you fees while exchanging ( they are lying i have checked lol ) THey also have a competition for whoever stays active the most in the month gets a top prize of 0.1 bitcoin! They also have lotteries and multiplier game. Lot to look out for in coinpot, worth a check
  2. This has been day 5 of me on stake with the no rakeback challenge. Yes it's not much but i'm happy with the dogecoin and the tron rakeback. Couldn't wager much this week, i think only 1000$. But i started this challenge so i'm not gonna stop. Good luck to you! @12swixx12
  3. The best wallet to use for TRX coins is tronlink. You can get on the chrome webstore.. it's an extension so you can comfortably send and receive trx
  4. DIAMONDPOKER: 18,630,284,841 placed by vijaypondini on 17/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 DIAMONDPOKER: 18,630,439,349 placed by vijaypondini on 17/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.5x Profit 0.00000050
  5. 5 day reloads will be claiming little amounts of your coupon at a time. It's good if you don't want to lose your whole coupon amount at once.. but getting a coupon is better in my opinion
  6. Honestly this hasn't happened much to me. Because I barely get big wins, but yes people do pm me and ask me for coins rather than caring about me winning.. in fact someone in this forum post right now is probably laughing his ass off..
  7. Diamond poker is simple in its own terms, but ties are very frequent here, and with more ties you get more concerned whether you should all in.. There aren't any multiplier opportunities below 2x in diamond poker, so it's a huge risk to all in. But it makes sense since people who want to all in want to double their balance
  8. PC is much better.. you can play faster bets and you can also use dice bot, you can chat easily and you can tip easily and do many more things
  9. 1,000 tickets would be obtained per day easily.. within 30 days 30,000 tickets would be accumulated.. and lets make that 50,000 tickets ( for the insane diamond players that would come here ) 1 / 50,000 = 0.00002% chance of winning with 1 raffle ticket! Getting 1000 raffle tickets would give you a good chance to win.. since there are 15 positions
  10. I think its hopeless to try and get more raffle tickets, because stake has players who wager a total of atleast 1 million dollars a day ( we have all seen HR they wager a lot ) and 1 million usd = 1,000 raffle tickets each day.. and in 30 days 30,000 raffle tickets.. you'd only have a good chance to win if you've collected more than 1000 raffle tickets to be honest
  11. Probably a very unique food item that no one's heard of
  12. They are different... Slots gives you big wins if you get a retrigger, and unlike crash, which can hit high multipliers, it provides a low multiplier hit.. what i'm saying is that crash will give bigger multipliers and more opportunities to win.. slots usually gives us 0.25 x - 2x payout and rarely a good win, which is why i suggest crash.
  13. March monthly goal for me would just 100$ for now because ive lost over 500$ last week and i'm really looking to recover my balance ASAP... although gambling doesn't always mean winning i do hope to complete this goal.. Also i plan to get to atleast 10% in silver progression
  14. Absolutely not.. because stake is probably the best community we've come across.. if i won that 7000$, i wouldn't gamble it, but i would still continue to be on stake.