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  1. They say that a house cat has a bigger impact on there surroundings then any other creature or animals on earth. (Other then Humans) They like Humans kill for sport.
  2. Lol. Unfortunatly with more respect and reputation a user has can make it easier a user to mislead someone. I think the simplest way to avoid that is not to lend anyone anything that your not prepared to lose. Or better yet don't lend at all. To the best of my knowledge I think Stake frowns upon that type of behavior anyway.
  3. Great! Congrats on climbing higher in rank. I hope you continue to rise and earn being a valued member of the Stake community.
  4. I've been a part if Stake community for a couple or few months now. I really do like it and only wish I had more time to be more involved with it. I try my very best when posting or creating a topic to do a good job, be creative be friendly and only post quality posts that I think others may be interested in. I never thought that building a reputation on a gambling forum would become such an important thing. But it has and Ill continue to be a part of stake as long as I can. The one thing I would like to see change in some way shape or form is something to remind or give use
  5. For some of us this topic can be humorous and laughed off like, "ya I lose and don't really care" or I say "I think about not coming back but know I will" For others this can be a depressing topic or situation that really should not be taken lightly. Gambling addiction is no laughing matter. Most of the more reputable online casinos have options for self exclusion. Is this even an option on Stake? I've haven't seen it, but that's not to say it isn't there. I think making self exclusion available is important for player who have little of no self control. I know there's
  6. Asscorn


    Thanks for posting your name. I'm not sure there's anyone hosting any giveaways here, but what the heck.... Asscorn....
  7. Asscorn


    One other thing I thought about was there nsa bonuses. If you really wanted you could withdraw the bonus without even wagering 1x. I don't know of any other casinos that would ever do that. Good God Stakes Great!!!
  8. Asscorn


    Is it possible that they have wagered more in a shorter period? Otherwise, that hardly seems fair I agree that seeing newer player getting the same or possibly more can be frustrating. Although I know they send coupons exclusively to vip player that others and new users do not receive. But from stakes perspective, it's quite understandable that they would want to do whatever they can to attract new players to the site. In my opinion it's the older players as much a the new who hang around looking for freebies (who doesn't like free)while the newer players may
  9. Asscorn


    Wondering what players that are VIP think about Stakes VIP program. In my opinion Stakes VIP program is 2nd to none. I've only been VIP for about a month and have collected RB twice and was also given a few NSA bonuses. Truely makes me feel like a valued player. I can't see myself gambling anywhere else for the foreseeable future. What are your thoughts on Stakes VIP program.
  10. I find that bad luck is often followed with more bad luck. For me it's easy to get sucked into the cycle of continual losing. Seems sometimes the more I lose the more I chase those losses. The way I seem to be able to break the cycle is to try and forget about the losses I've had and start fresh. Consider the coins lost as gone and never to be recovered. Play like I would if It was my first day in Stake. Doesn't mean I'm going to win but moving forward with a clean slate feels alot better then worrying about previous losses. I believe that your mindset can have a l
  11. It's easy to look for reasons you may not be winning as much as normally. However I don't think the rising price has any bearing on wins or losses. But it does hurt a little more knowing the BTC you lost is worth double what it would have been. My personal opinion is that the only thing that is a factor for wins and losses is luck.
  12. Seriously. No one said keno? If it weren't for keno I would never stay in profit. I play keno 90% of the time and have been in profit for the last 2 months. Because of Stake having such a low house edge patience and persistent will eventually pay off. I think in alot of cases people often give up or change numbers too frequently because they have a hard time watching when their numbers lose 20+ times in a row, and aren't willing to wait for the odds to even out. If I'm going for a multiplier higher then 500 I play mines or limbo. Very low wagers with very high payout
  13. Asscorn

    Super multi

    Wrong person. Sorry Congrats on all the incredible wins. Wondering roughly how many rolls to achieve or are you just letting it run. Do you set an amount of bets or an amount to stop on loss? Don"t know if you saw my post called "Limbo 1000x +" but I'm trying to go for higher and higher multipliers and would LOVE any tips you have. 
  14. Most casinos don't advertise or even tell you what you have to do. I was hoping maybe stake was different. Congrats on your vip status, and enjoy any perks or benefits that come with it 😁
  15. Hi. Just wondering if there is any set requirements to reach vip. Or is it just a secret set limit, that once reached is activated?
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