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  1. Hello once again. I've been experimenting with Martingale on limbo. Yes I know. Very dangerous. I've been experimenting with doge and a low balance. So, in case something goes wrong(surely will) I won't be out a whole lot of coin with a valuable lesson learned. The feedback I'm looking for is quite simple. I'm wondering, "what is the most consecutive losses you have seen yourself below 2x" AND "how many is the most consecutive losses under 2x that you've heard about from someone else" I imagine that there is a good number of players that have this info. The more responses here the better estimate can be made on possible outcomes and lenght of auto bet sessions without busting. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Hope that your responses not only help and benefit me, but everyone in the community.
  2. Asscorn

    Super multi

    Wrong person. Sorry Congrats on all the incredible wins. Wondering roughly how many rolls to achieve or are you just letting it run. Do you set an amount of bets or an amount to stop on loss? Don"t know if you saw my post called "Limbo 1000x +" but I'm trying to go for higher and higher multipliers and would LOVE any tips you have. 
  3. Wow. I had no Idea. Will def be trying this feature. Thanks etude for sharing.
  4. Asscorn

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post and reply. :) 6666x is awesome. Hope you can get another even higher. Absolutely will update here even if I don't hit. Won't likely be until later this evening ( its almost 9am here now) or tomorrow What a bummer. That's a long time to roll without seeing even 1000x, but it happens. One thing I've learned gambling is that odds are ment to be beat. That doesn't only mean beating the odds, it also means the odds beating you. I've seen a lot of things I never thought possible happen in gambling. Good and bad. Where one player doesn't see 1000x in 1000 rolls another might see 4 1000x. Hope that the next time you try you get the luck you didn't get last time. Thanks for your reply. UPDATE. Just want to check how I was doing and I Nailed it. What to shoot for next?? Super close super lucky. I'm getting back to work now. Gonna play more later. Hope to update again with an even better hit.
  5. Figured since I've posted a few times now in Stake discussion that I should probably let people know who I am and bit about myself. My real Name is Mike and I'm a 39 year old man from Vernon BC CA. I have 2 children, both girls 17 and 19. Started to gamble online about 18 months ago. I have been gambling since I was 15 years old on just about anything that could be bet on. At one time, probably over a year ago now, I and most that know me would say that I was heavily addicted to gambling. Lost money I couldn't afford to lose, missed work and other obligations I had, as well as borrowed money in hopes to set things straight. Basically did just about every dumb thing an addicted gambler would do. Since then, I quit gambling for 1 month. Nothing at all. Not even a lottery ticket. I talked to people that had been down the same road and read a lot of literature pertaining to gambling and addicts. I gained a lot of valuable insight, and was able to come to grips with my losses and began to feel good about myself once again. At one time it was hard and embarrassing to tell anyone about my past gambling addiction. Now its empowering. I have the knowledge and experience to help others in simalier situations, and do so whenever I have the chance. I wouldn't any longer call myself an addict (although others would). I do spend a a fair amount of my free time gambling. I definitely fit the gambling addict description except for a few things. I know my limits and play within them, as well as make sure that any obligations I have are being taken care of. Basically make sure my priorities are straight before I even think of gambling. I'm in full control of my decisions, unlike before when I couldn't control myself. For me the main thing is having fun and enjoying myself. Winning is just a bonus. The min I stop having fun will be the min I quit gambling. That's what makes Stake Great. You don't even have to have your own crypto to play here. Wether you have 1 cent or 1 dollar or nothing at all, your welcome to gamble at Stake. With no min wager Stake is a great place to have fun and meet people. I Hope to meet many more of you in the future. Good Luck, play safe and have fun.
  6. Asscorn

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Discouraging to say the least when your hunting high and hours or even days go by without anything. How many rolls do you typically play at a time when hunting high multi's Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to hear that post has got you thinking about chasing some higher numbers. My aim was to do exactly that. Tell others how I've got lucky so that they may have a chance at the same large rewards. Wish you the best of luck shooting for high multipliers.
  7. Asscorn

    Limbo. 1000x +

    I agree totally. You will never win those high multi's unless your playing for them all the time, that is unless you've got a horseshoe in your rear. Began with a balance of only 500doge (1000 bets) rolled approximately 800 (400doge) times before I hit. . No pre rolls Wow. Fantastic. Yes, a whole btc would be amazing. However a whole bch is better then a kick in the butt. Seeing your win makes me believe even more that I can hit my 19999x. Maybe higher. Persistence is key. Thanks for your reply
  8. Asscorn

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Lucky For Sure! Smart play is normally what my aim is. However I'm prepared to lose 2000doge in hopes of bigger and better. I've learned over my years of gambling that if you want to win big you have to play big. Thanks for your reply
  9. Asscorn

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Limbo has always been one of my go to games. Chasing after multipliers like 50x and 100x makes for some nice payouts, but I eventually get caught by a long streak of garbage. Now, how many times have you set your bets to auto, and your watching numbers pop up on your screen and then bam! Some huge multiplier pops up. Great we hit! But is it really that great? It might be, but if your betting on auto, your wager was likely not very high and even if it was 50x or 100x doesn't take long to put back onto limbo when you continue to play and your losing. That's what usually ended up happening to me, at least until recently. After playing enough limbo to call myself a vet, I realized that chasing 50x and 100x wasn't going to change my situation/bank roll a whole lot. Not unless I'm betting more then I can afford to lose, and then would be highly likely to bust. So I decided to change things up. After seeing so many multipliers over 1000x and a good number over 10000x I thought, why can't I hit that? The answer was simple. I can! Rather then wager 10doge at 100x for 1000doge payout. I started to wager 0.5doge at 2000x payout, and to my surprise I hit. So next I took 500doge at 0.5 per bet (1000 wagers) and set the payout to 2999x. Set my phone down and went to work. Lunch time came. I sat in my car picked up my phone and saw yet another win of now 2999x. Lucky? Absouloutly. Possible to do again? Only one way to find out. So its 4am this morning, and I can't sleep. (Probably because I'm thinking about Limbo. Lol). So I get out of bed grab my tablet and log on to stake. Load Limbo and set my auto bets to 0.5 doge and set payout to 7500x and went back to sleep, or tried. With Limbo on my mind I can't get back to sleep and 30 min later I get back out of bed. I grab my tablet and again to my surprise I see a big green 7548x. So in less then 2 days I've hit over 1500x 3 times, and today has just begun. (6:30 am) First off, I'm not saying I always win or that I always will. That being said, since I've started playing this way my wins defiantly are more then my wagers. So at least until I prove myself wrong I will be continuing to chase multipliers over 1000x rather then the smaller 50x and 100x that I used to, that never really got me far for long. I Normally only begin with a 500 doge balance. Next time Ill be taking 2000doge and making 4000bets at 0.5doge, shooting for 19999x. Wish me luck Remember, only play with what you "expect" to lose. Good luck to any and all who are trying to hit those high multi's. No matter what games your playing I wish you good luck and most importantly, good times
  10. I had never played low stakes plinko until this morning. I opened the game and went to drop a ball and to my surprise, I looked at the payouts to see that not one was below 1x. First thing I thought was, this is too good to be true. If this were the case I could never lose. Of course it was too good to be true. Some of the slots marked 1x only paid .5x Damn! Could you imagine a game that you could never lose? Would be a dream come true Posting a pic of what I found. Have you ever found and glitches on stake. Ps. Problem has been reported to Support.
  11. So I've been fairly active On stake over the past month. I've discovered the community made a few posts and in the process I believe that I've made a few friends, maybe even a couple enemies. I know I'm a fairly good judge of character but sometimes I make mistakes when it comes to who I choose to befriend. Like most, I like to tip friends when I'm able to, without any expectation of any kind of return. I feel great when I send a tip to someone and they truly appreciate it. But every now and again I find people I thought were friends giving me not so subtle hints that there looking for more then a conversation. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with a friend asking for some help or a loan, but when it begins to feel like the only reason they've contacted or ever contact me is to see if Ill send a tip or loan crypto, it kinda burns my ass. You can't exactly accuse them of it. (Well I suppose you could if your not worried about offending) but its usually not too hard for you to see that someone is being a mooch or even worse a con. Sometimes its not as black and white as that though. The cons are really good at pretending to be your friend, only to soften you up for a loan or tip down the road. Then there's always the players that want to be your friend right after they see you've posted a big win, tipped people or made it rain. That doesn't necessarily mean thier mooches or cons but it defiantly throws up a few red flags for me. I want to make friends here. That's part of the reason I come back to Stake. Its more then just a casino to me, its a community that I enjoy being a part of. However, like any community there's the good and bad people. You can't always judge a book by its cover, meaning that initial impressions aren't always a great way to decide weather to befriend someone or not. I have a ton more thoughts on this subject, but rather then go on I think I'll wait for other thoughts and opinions, then comment and question further. How do you distinguish between the good, bad and in between? How do you deal with them. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Thanks for reading Friends ; )
  12. I'm more of a quick bets type of guy. I do like the sound of several hundred bets in a few seconds. I wonder if Stake would do such a thing? But adding slow as well to accommodate both types of players would only be fair.
  13. I know there's a lot of people that mess around in chat. I'm one of them. However I Totally agree with what your saying. If it were my website or I had a hand in it I think I may feel offended by this. Though Stake doesn't seem to care what people say about them. I think I understand why. If stake was a scam or rigged, what do you think the first thing they would do to anyone accusing them of cheating? Warn them, mute them or even ban them. I think Stake not taking notice to these players only proves more that its as fair as fair gets around here.
  14. If your anything like me you've tried your luck with Plinko on all the different risk settings. It didn't seem to matter what risk I was playing but often seemed I had to put more in then I was getting back. Until recently I had written it off as a losers game and didn't bother playing. Well unless I had some crypto to burn, but that's not too often. Anyhow, I did have a bit of btc to burn one day a week ago or so and decided to once again try my luck with plinko. Prepared to lose, because that's how Plinko seemed to be for me. I set my bet and set risk to high and started aggressively dumping my coins/balls down the Plinko ramp with hopes of not landing in the 0.2x slots that seems to have powerful magnets to pull balls towards them. What started out to be a bunch of hasty bets made to basically go for broke, I realized that Plinko is a totally different game and needs to be treated as such. Now I feel I have a better understanding of the payouts and how to play and not walk away most times in the red. In Plinko your always walking away with something from your bet. It may be 130x but it will likely be 0.2x but always something. As I'm sure most of you know, Plinko is never just a straight 50/50 bet. More like 80/20 in fav of the house. Lol. There might be a 2 slot or a 3 slot on the board but it's not a 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 wager. Every ball we drop is a chance at every prize on the board and like a lottery there is prize structure, with most people losing. But this lottery never lets you lose everything(at least not all at once) and because its Stake and the house edge is so low, in theory after 100 bets you should only be at a loss of about a bet. (Don't count in this though, could take hundreds of bets for things to level out). But you will eventually even out. Its just a question of if you have enough btc to wait it out. So enough talk about my opinion on Plinko payouts and odds. Now I'll tell you how I play that seems to for the most part keep me fairly level and even able to profit and grab the occasional 130x. As I said earlier I started just dumping balls down and realized thats how you have to play Plinko. You find a bet that your comfortable losing but big enough that if you hit the 130x or 1000x its worth it. X that by 30-50 balls. For me its 1000sat. So my balance would have to be about 30k to 50k. I would then put any remaining btc I have in the vault. This way if I end up busting the amount I want to play with (wouldn't happen right away) I wouldn't give into the pressure of wanting to drop more balls after I bust without first having to withdraw from the vault. By then I've usually cooled down. But more times then not I find myself in the black after dropping anywhere from 20-60 balls. Sometimes I have to drop 100 or more, but when your always winning something back it takes a while to dump all your crypto down theb Plinko table and go broke when you play this way. Now the hard part. Deciding when to quit. Like any game if you keep playing you'll find yourself up against a losing streak that you don't have the funds to wait out. That's why its important to take your wins and walk when you have wins to take. I'm new to the forum and hope you enjoy my post. I hope to improve my post quality in future posts. So if you have comments or suggestions please feel free to share your feedback so I may be able to share more Stake experiences with you in the future.
  15. Ah shoot. I'm a newb to the forum and didn't realize that I posted in the wrong place. Thanks for letting me know.