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  1. I've heard it suggested that games like mines could possibly be able to study and learn a players habbits. If that were true it would be quite easy for it to learn what tiles you'll probably pick and have mines there ready and waiting. I'm a firm believer that being completely random when gambling is a key to success. Not saying that it is or isn't like that here at stake, but I do believe that its likely happening somewhere in some casino
  2. They say that a house cat has a bigger impact on there surroundings then any other creature or animals on earth. (Other then Humans) They like Humans kill for sport.
  3. DIAMONDPOKER: 6,540,200,041 placed by Cornass01 on 20/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,540,199,501 placed by Cornass01 on 20/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 DIAMONDPOKER: 6,540,198,936 placed by Cornass01 on 20/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  4. Lol. Unfortunatly with more respect and reputation a user has can make it easier a user to mislead someone. I think the simplest way to avoid that is not to lend anyone anything that your not prepared to lose. Or better yet don't lend at all. To the best of my knowledge I think Stake frowns upon that type of behavior anyway.
  5. Great! Congrats on climbing higher in rank. I hope you continue to rise and earn being a valued member of the Stake community.
  6. I've been a part if Stake community for a couple or few months now. I really do like it and only wish I had more time to be more involved with it. I try my very best when posting or creating a topic to do a good job, be creative be friendly and only post quality posts that I think others may be interested in. I never thought that building a reputation on a gambling forum would become such an important thing. But it has and Ill continue to be a part of stake as long as I can. The one thing I would like to see change in some way shape or form is something to remind or give users incentive to react to posts. I think users would react more to posts with a reminder to do so or incentive of some kind. Its just too easy to get caught up in reading and posting and forget to react to something that deserves a reaction. I try my best to go through my previous post and read responses and react to most if not all, in hopes others will do the same. If you enjoy a post please react. The more users who routinly react to posts will in turn boost the community and also make it more likely that you'll receive reactions. Hope any users that enjoy this post share there reactions and continue sharing on every users posts Is your reputation important? Do you try and strive to make better posts and climb the ranks?
  7. Interesting. My setting are public so that can't be it. Thanks for the feedback Sounds fairly accurate. I found it difficult to believe that when I went from winning everyday to losing everyday something hadn't changed or wasn't working right. Might be the same case with the rains. Just unlucky plain and simple. Lol. Fantasic post. I think after having a good read that you are probably one of the closest to correct. Thanks for taking the time to be so in depth.
  8. That's very likely to have something to do with it. I still think there is something more to it though. Literally had several days where I would get 10+ rains. Always at least 1 a day since I began playing here. Now since the 10th of may I've recieved 1 rain from Eddie for .0008eth 5 days ago. Other then that, 0 rain in last 30ish days So maybe increased players in chat could definately lessen your chance of rain, but to see others recieve multiple rains in a day still make me believe that there is something more to it. Ok. So I think I've figured it out. I believe it's a mobile thing. I've since posting this logged in with a PC and have recieved 2 rain already.
  9. @Kate. Did you read my post?? Where from the post did you get the impression that I or anyone that has replied to this post is relying on rain for wager. Before replying why not think about what your saying and see if it make sense. No one said they were unhappy. I said it was disappointing. But once again who are you to tell others they should be happy about anything. Do you realize how foolish you sound when you tell people to be happy about something they never recieve. That's almost as foolish as telling players that are losing lots of coin to be happy they have a place to lose it
  10. Hey guys and girls. Wondering if others have noticed anything with the rain. I used to recieve several rains per day. Now I've only recieved 1 rain in the last 34 days. Did I somehow get banned from rain? Is it because Im using mobile? Not that rain is the most important thing, however it is nice to recieve and incentive to play at Stake. Quite disappointing. 1560431612431-618633539.jpg
  11. Honestly. I'm sure you can get from my post that I agree that it's more then likely just luck or lack of. However. I do believe that certain decisions we make can have an impact on our outcomes. Not to say you can plan it. But I think something like frequently changing numbers can impact how often you win or lose. Not the say you won't win when you change numbers. But it's kind of inevitable that if you keep the same numbers they will eventually get drawn together. I don't wanna sound like one of those superstitious people. But I still think the way I was consistently winning was more then just luck alone. Kind of like when I kept things consistent the wins would be just as consistent. Not sure why you said stake didn't "change the numbers" because I didn't ever suggest they did. Only suggested that the way the numbers are randomly selected may have changed. No one would know if they did. Not YOU , not ME not anybody. No offense taken. 😁
  12. Was just thinking of something I could post that might get a laugh out of players or just be interesting to know how others think or explain how someone is winning or losing. Problem is, I'm not that interesting or funny. So I thought why not ask for everyone's help. What are some terms you have used or heard used to describe someones luck or lack of?
  13. My luck has taken quite the nose dive over the last two or three weeks. Polar opposite from the 2 or three weeks before. Can't quite put my finger on what's changed to go from winning 3-10 hits per day at 300-500x, to now some days only 1, not nearly covering what I've lost. Things have turned around a little bit over the last couple days. Not losing quite so much, but still not winning near as much either. Might be up a little or down a little, but closer to even anyway. Better then losing I suppose. First thought was, did Stake somehow change the way the numbers are generated due to the fact they saw me winning so much? (Not likely, lmao) Then I thought maybe it was because I changed and lost my lucky client seed, or not changing server seed enough. Maybe it's the fact that I'm changing numbers too frequently due to frustration of not winning quickly enough. I feel some of the best wins I've had have been on autobet while I'm not paying attention to bets to see all of the losses I've had before the big win. So I keep trying to change little things in how I play to try and get back on the win wagon I was riding high on for what felt like forever, all the while asking myself WTF Happened. But the more I think the more I come to the realization that its more then likely just good or bad luck and nothing more. What are your thoughts?
  14. I agree. Just a bonus if u happen to wager enough. I didn't wager much on this last race. However on one of the first races I saw here on stake with a $10000 prize pool I wagered a couple BTC and wasn't anywhere near top 10
  15. It took me about 2 months to go from .003 or.004 to .1. Unfortunately I haven't been sticking to my own plan. I've lost a chunk but not nearly all. Need to get back on track. The hardest part about that plan is sticking to it. Especially when your bankroll has increased significantly. With larger bankroll I start to want to hit larger wins. You obviously haven't tried it or stuck to the plan. It's not foolproof but it's a pretty solid plan. Don't knock it til u try it. Hey @nuuuitsjdragon Glad you read my post. Thanks for commenting. That's a good question. I supposed the easiest way to explain would be like this. The smallest bankroll possible for this method in any currency would be .00001 Depositing .000009 in the vault and keeping .000001 in your main balance. Your bet would be .00000001 Hope this helped Thanks for sharing your Vegas experience and opinion on bankroll management. Sounds to me like your on the right track to having a lot more fun future casino trips knowing better how to manage you cash. I wish more people who regularly gamble would recognize that this is one of the few true ways to continue to gamble without impacting your bankroll or bank account significantly
  16. I don't believe that self exclusion is something that Stake forgot and needs to improve. I think that Stake hasn't made this an option for a reason. That reason being, that they do not want players to leave stake if they can at all help it. It's not because they want to see people with gambling problems continue to gamble it's because every active user is a chance at increased profits. The point is exactly as u stated. For players with little or no self control. In my experiences here there are a number of players who fit in the category.
  17. It's true. Stake offers incentives to its players that few if any casinos offer. Myself, I love stake. The people the support team, the games, the freebie emails, challenges and the community are all fantastic. They have made the site a very attractive place for gamblers. However I think it's important to realize the fact that everything they do and give is for a reason. Stakes Marketing strategies are 2nd to none in the gambling world. They know just what to offer players to get them here and keep them coming back. The great thing about that is that the more player who join and gamble here the more stake will offer in terms of bonus and freebies. Even though I know that everything Stake gives and does is for the greater good of Stake and not the players it sure is nice to recieve an email with 10 Bux NSA BTC to gamble with or chances to win something for nothing. Great Job Stake at being #1 in gaming. Keep on growing the community
  18. Hey Stakers and Stakettes I've just recently commented on a post about saying or thinking of not returning to Stake. After posting, I thought that this really deserves its own post. Most of us are aware of the term self exclusion. Self exclusion is reserved for players who no longer want to return to a gambling site but feel that without setting an exclusion that it may not be possible to stay away. I've just come to realize that Stake unlike many other reputable gambling sites does NOT offer self exclusion options to the player. In fact I don't believe that there is anywhere on Stake to find info about problem gambling or how to find help. Nothing 0zero ziltch. However if a player wishes they can contact support and request an account suspension. But if players don't know this they likely won't do it. Not only that, but some addicted gamblers wouldn't contact support due to embarrassment. For this reason I think there should be literature and links for problem gambling somewhere on this site. In my opinion, with no minimum wager the potential for problem gamblers is much more at Stake then at casinos with higher min wagers. Almost like no matter how much you have you still have a chance. Where a player at a higher wager casino may quit a player here may continue, thinking it's only a buck it's only 2 bucks until they have no bucks left. I honestly believe that if this option were available that there would be an initial flood of players opting out. (That is not what Stake wants) Not to say that they won't be back with an alt. But having that option an making the choice to exclude yourself is the first step in doing something about problem gambling. What do you think?
  19. For some of us this topic can be humorous and laughed off like, "ya I lose and don't really care" or I say "I think about not coming back but know I will" For others this can be a depressing topic or situation that really should not be taken lightly. Gambling addiction is no laughing matter. Most of the more reputable online casinos have options for self exclusion. Is this even an option on Stake? I've haven't seen it, but that's not to say it isn't there. I think making self exclusion available is important for player who have little of no self control. I know there's always ways around an exclusion, however commiting to that exclusion is the first step of many to actually stop coming back. Is there a self exclusion at Stake? Should there be? Ok so I just contacted support to inquire about self exclusion. The response from support was as follows. "Are you referring to an option to something like an option to disable your account?" " If so, there is currently no such option directly for players. But you can contact support and we can help you with this" Why, I'm wondering do players have no option to disable their account without the help of support? Is it because Stake truely does not want player to do this or have this option? Some players wishing to do so would not contact support due to embarrassment. For this reason I think Stake should make it available.
  20. Upon login this morning I saw that there was a race underway. When the race had completed I noticed a lot of comments in chat with players stating they had lost more then the prize they won. Not really that surprising. I know when I attempted to win a race I often bet outside my usual limits. In my opinion I believe that the majority of players end up losing more then they win. For this reason I don't even attempt to win races. High rollers only and players with lots of coin to burn are the players who are ment to be playing. Everyone else is just contributing to the pot. Races= Boosted profits for Stake
  21. Asscorn


    Thanks for posting your name. I'm not sure there's anyone hosting any giveaways here, but what the heck.... Asscorn....
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    One other thing I thought about was there nsa bonuses. If you really wanted you could withdraw the bonus without even wagering 1x. I don't know of any other casinos that would ever do that. Good God Stakes Great!!!
  23. Your one of the few lucky ones. I know many that have spent much more then 1 eth chasing the 1 eth prize playing the min wager and not winning for the duration of the challenge. Your really think stake doesn't make several eth during each challenge? Thanks. I didn't want to have to point the obvious. Your 100 % right that I wasn't complaining. I don't even play the challenges. I gotta wake up at 430am to do so. So at the end of the day I couldn't care less if they made it a 15k min wager and lowered the prize to 0.5eth But I did and still do find it to be odd. And for any of you sticking up for stake and there changing the wager and prize only because they dangle the chance of free money in front of you. It's only with hopes you'll gamble more at there site. Don't be foolish thinking that stake, or any casino for that matter is giving anything away without knowing that there promotion or giveaway will generate more profits in the long run. This applies to the VIP program as well. Allthough all of these are nice and several I enjoy, its all marketing. If you can't see that then they got you hook line and sinker. You telling people they should be happy with anything is ridiculous. If your happy with it, enjoy. I don't think its your business to be telling other what they should or shouldn't be happy with. As for being a part of this fantastic community. You need to remember that without the members there is no community. I think stake appreciates its users as much as users appreciate them. Its a two way street.