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  1. So I'm guessing a lot of us gamblers have problems with greed. What do you do? Do you set a goal when you cashout and stop? I usually keep going until I bust hehe :#
  2. Used to play a lot of league became diamond in season 6 then didn't play as much this season. Now I don't play it anymore think it's become boring
  3. I think I would sell 2-4 btc and invest a little in other currencies and just keep some bitcoin
  4. Username: Kulegutten Hilo:131,883,790 placed by kulegutten Wagered: 0.00001500 Payout: 318.80x Profit: 0.00476697
  5. When I was a kid I played Habbo hotel, the first thing I thought was kul which means cool and gutt means boy so coolboy, never bothered to change it
  6. stake username: kulegutten Bet id: Mines:90,081,686
  7. stake username: kulegutten lost 150k then hit 2 in a row Roulette:89,683,443 Roulette:89,683,544
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