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  1. keep playing keep playing.... classic.
  2. maybe im getting picked this time 33wM2fDQoM5TEX2dATtXYAPn6yTNK2pLdU deposit adress name: zzueey
  3. i got invited into the TG group by a other user im zzueey on stake!
  4. zzuEy

    5k dice :D

    great to see so many replies, that means a lot to me. Thank you all! i didnt have much luck for a while thats why i didnt post something new but i feel it coming soon
  5. username: zzueey btcadress : 33wM2fDQoM5TEX2dATtXYAPn6yTNK2pLdU joined 😃
  6. zzuEy

    5k dice :D

    DICE: 4,121,017,222 placed by zzueey on 31/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000256 Multiplier 4950x Profit 0.01266944 This is happening if u are angry and "ragebetting" xD
  7. Heey! time for me to join the Forum. Maybe somebody noticed me on chat or so. Finally im at the forum too!