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  1. Lol Are those some of your Alts Noice Noice
  2. i will make a squanchy gary haha
  3. I'm currently reading this topic. Lol, I wish I could start reading again, life has put some of it's nonsense all around me that has me anxiously trapped inside this cage with bars wide enough for me to escape from, yet in my mind I believe I can't escape. or whatever , i dunno. Here are some of my favorite books that I have read that have become part my collection of favorites and would just like to share with anyone interested.
  4. I have a lot, I wish they were actively playing though
  5. Stake Username: Stimubate I Mines:134,601,849 <3 Mines:134,610,079 S Mines:134,606,576 T Mines:134,607,446 A Mines:134,607,925 K Mines:134,608,458 E Mines:134,608,948
  6. Hurtin' For A Squirtin' lol It's real, but in porn a lot of it is just getting full on water until they have to pee to fake it, just like porn likes to fake a lot of things. Still looks "hella" good as fuck tho haha Hopefully one day I can experience what it's like to squirt lol. Some chicks think when they are about to squirt they mistake it as a peeing sensation and hold it back, just lay down some of Etude's blanks on the bed or wherever and just let go and see what happens, squirt will excite errrbody in the room even the people watching. and if it turns out it's really pee, then at least you only got it on Etude's blanket. Guys are stupid, they won't know the difference, they will just be excited that you exploded like they do, but i guess it has to be with someone that you feel comfortable with so that you can be relaxed and in the moment. I can't wait to give my flower away, but i have to wait until marriage lol....hurtin' fur a squirtin....
  7. I want to Stimubate your Senses, in 2014 I created a website called Stimubate.com and it was an adult website like xvideos, pornhub, and etudeenude.moist.io, I was making money with my site using affiliated videos to promote bigger companies like faketaxi, brazzers, and moistude. But drugs got in the way , blah blah blah, yada yada yada, website failed and I can no longer stimubate your senses only your butt. or maybe I was so bored with masturb8ing that I desperately need change and excitement. I needed something stimulating for not just one sense but all my senses, stimu--->bate blast off!..........wait what was the question??.....hmm I'm a dinosaur!
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