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  1. its 0.5x only with a small screen size its a 1x.
  2. They convert illegal bitcoins into other currencies and sell it for real money
  3. of course I would easier to save bitcoin than gold I think this moment that bitcoin is safer than saving gold under your bed ...
  4. I don't think NSA spies on anyone to find out who Satoshi is. I think that many costs a lot of time and money. They will probably want to know ..
  5. i have binance with 2fa code. And a nice password. binance is safe to use in my opinion.
  6. Many bitcoins are traded through a computer. this is therefore done automatically by a computer
  7. How can cloud mining sites pay you differently? The cost of electricity is more expensive in many countries.
  8. Airdropvenezuela.org, I think you help the conditions people with this
  9. i don't invest in cloudmining sites. one site scammed me. I dont trust cloudmining
  10. Yes, my government as far as I know taxes bitcoin, but only profits that you made from it. by the way, they look at how much value the bitcoin had on January 1, 2018 if you have to pay tax for 2019.