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  1. Yeah, mines are the most scary game, because it's very liekly to lose when you set highest bet on 1 mine.
  2. I don't know how to play this too, but I do it for small prizes after I win much much more in other games.
  3. artures12

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Sometimes I use my own tactic for 90% wins, which work by changing payout depending on last 10 bets. For example I start with smallest price with 5x payout, then if 2 of them hits (20%), then change price by few times and bet everything only using this one like this - if last bet was 1.01 I set next one to 1.05, and for example it rolls 1.3, then I set to 3.01 (because It wasn't above 3 (33%) for 6 games, and continue this by my intuition. I got nothing for 10 games (0.99, 1.00, 1.02 and repeat) and I wanted to play "one more" with low payout, then wanted to set payout to 1000, the "one more game" gave me 11253x and next one 88. :FP: It happened many times, but with lower payouts, like todays' 3200, when I set it to 1.51. Sry for my grammar, idk how to explain this what happened.
  4. I just follow religion rules like being good to other people, even enemies. But I don't believe in god made by only one religion. I treat it as a mix of all religions in the world (excecpt cargo cult, pastafarian etc.) but mostly christianity - by idea of god as something impossible to see and taoism - by rules of living.
  5. artures12

    1 mil x hit

    My highest payout in mines is 9x, gratz.
  6. It will probably be Giannis because he wasn't MVP and as we know from last 2 years, NBA gives awards by looking at players achievements. He also got better overall stats. Don't forget about steph curry new eyes, he can drop 100 points at any time now.