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  1. How did you lose salary with only 0.018 btc bets? Did you just go all in one bet?
  2. 1. Your Stake journey I started my stake journey at the same time my cryptocurrency journey began. It was about 1 week before stake was changed to v2. I actually had more wins on earlier version, but it wasn't much money, because I was playing from faucet (went to about 30k sat). I left for few weeks, then came back, lost 20k, made my first challenge, added 12$ to my wallet, and amazing things happened. In 3 hours my balance went up to 0.01 btc, back then btc was 10k$, and next day I lost it because I played on my phone while travelling, and wasn't focused. I could just save it to make 450$ today (or at least 20k$ one week after my loss). Then I lost about 50$ on stake trying to recover my failure. 2. Crash feedback I actually like crash because it gives feeling of rivalry and the game makes auto bets itself, so you know if there were low or high multipliers before. I found the same idea on other sites before, but it was the only part of these sites. Stake gives us more games + it has moderators who do amazing job with controlling chat, by instantly muting spammers, flamers etc. Also I've tried crash challenge and got about 40x after 10 tries, so a little profit for me. Overall I don't play crash too much because it's slower than other games and sometimes can be laggy, but it gives better feelings, when you see how other people made 100x more than you or 100x less.
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  4. Ok, so lets take math into it after I got 10 times up to hilo and 3 times to keno. 1. Dice - 10% chance = 0.1 2. Limbo 19.8% chance = 0.1*0.198 = 0.0198 3. Hilo depends, but lets take it with casino percentage = 0.0198*0.33 = 0.006534 4. Keno also depends so lets hold with stake chances = 0.006534 * ~0.075 ~ 0.00049 5. Mines it's more complicated, but easiest is 6 mines with 6 diamonds in my opinion. 6. Plinko... you have actually 19.6 chance to hit middle, 17.45 x 2 + 12.21 x 2 to hit 0.2 on sides 100%-19.6%-17.45%*2-12.21*2=21.08%=0.21 Chances here are 0.00049*0.21=0.0001029... 7. Blackjack 0.0001029*0.495 (ok, it also depends on how do you want to win)=0.0000509 and numbers we don't care about cuz they can change in keno and mines. 8. Roulette 9/36=0.25 0.0000509*0.25=0.000012735174375...numbers 9. Video Poker I don't really know, even after research. 10. Wheel 1.2x only or 1.2x and more???? If 1.2x only, then it's 70% 0.0000127*0.7=0.00000891... 11. Diamond poker is basically random so lets say 50% for win with 1.5x, 2x and 3x, 50% for lose or tie. 0.00000891/2=0.0000004457 12. Baccarat 49%? 0.0000004457*0.49=0.000000218 So you have 0.000021% chance to win, around 100* less chance than 1000x in plinko. Also around same chance as 500000x in limbo... 500 thousands. Thank you
  5. Actually Faucet gave nothing (except rushing it to get 10k satoshi and win challenge to get 50k) to normal players and it was way to abuse this site by good programmers by for example rushing 20000x bets with hundred of accounts.
  6. I just got 3 times to keno in 20 minutes, and had like 5 times in a row 9.9x on dice but struggle so hard on limbo.
  7. I once made 50$ (actually it would be 120$) from 0.01$ in 3-4 hours, but I lost it because I wanted to get up to 100$ (actual +200$) next day, then withdraw 50 and play with 50 everyday. My easy plan was destroyed because of some morning greed and one missclick.
  8. 31st min - end of first half
  9. Good luck in tournament.
  10. For me, Trump isn't a good person, neither is Hillary. But who would you pick for being leader of the country? Guy who loves everything, can't even hurt a housefly but has problems with logical thinking or guy who has bad future, but has honour, amazing speech and can predict what will happen after his every move? Trump is definitely a good politician, just as Hillary do, but Trump says truth about what his real intentions are (yeah, same for Mexicans situation, maybe the way how he done it was bad, but his intentions were/are clear from beginning to the end), he is more intelligent and respects laws of nature. Hillary knows how to lie, people ignore facts that she wanted to steal 120 billion $ from Poland by changing most simple historical facts and telling people that "Poles started World War II and were murdering jews". Hillary also wants to destroy country by decreasing birth ratio (abortion, homosexual marriages), decreasing army budget etc. I could write more, but it's not point of it. I don't know if Hillary really thinks that her actions are good or she just want money, same about Trump afterall he is better.