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  1. 31st min - end of first half
  2. Good luck in tournament.
  3. My post for today, artures12
  4. For me, Trump isn't a good person, neither is Hillary. But who would you pick for being leader of the country? Guy who loves everything, can't even hurt a housefly but has problems with logical thinking or guy who has bad future, but has honour, amazing speech and can predict what will happen after his every move? Trump is definitely a good politician, just as Hillary do, but Trump says truth about what his real intentions are (yeah, same for Mexicans situation, maybe the way how he done it was bad, but his intentions were/are clear from beginning to the end), he is more intelligent and respects laws of nature. Hillary knows how to lie, people ignore facts that she wanted to steal 120 billion $ from Poland by changing most simple historical facts and telling people that "Poles started World War II and were murdering jews". Hillary also wants to destroy country by decreasing birth ratio (abortion, homosexual marriages), decreasing army budget etc. I could write more, but it's not point of it. I don't know if Hillary really thinks that her actions are good or she just want money, same about Trump afterall he is better.
  5. Basketball, definitely a sport which requires talent, athleticism, iq (mostly defensive iq, predictions etc.) and team chemistry to achieve something, like non other sports do. For example football/soccer (english/american) doesn't require so much athleticism and iq. Volleyball doesn't require so much team chemistry and talent is less important than athleticism.
  6. COD and NFS both first place, wow. Btw, if there is DOTA and Fortnite, then why no League of Legends?
  7. After Boston loss I won't bet on any team where Hayward plays, actually Kyrie failed but every team who owned Hayward (even at his prime) were losing.
  8. I know that feeling bro, today I had less than 1.05x with targeted payout at 300x 15 times in a row, then put higher bet (to recover losses), but only 10x target payout, and you know what? It gave me fkin +45000x multiplier. At Limbo of course.
  9. I lose everything when I bet over 10k sat, from 1 win per 4-5 bets on 3x payout it raises up to 1 win per 17-26 bets on 2.5x payout.
  10. LIMBO: 5,410,588,253 placed by artures12 on 13/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100x Profit 0.00009900 LIMBO: 5,415,843,268 placed by artures12 on 13/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 200x Profit 0.00019900 LIMBO: 5,440,876,583 placed by artures12 on 14/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300x Profit 0.00029900
  11. Good luck, I tried this too, but always bust at ~20-50 dollars profit starting from 1-10$.
  12. Knicks and they will probably get Zion Williamson
  13. good luck, I tried this too and not good results.