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  1. Scammers are always going to scam. Just use common sense and only interact with players you have a rapport with. Removing DM's I believe has significantly reduced scammers capabilities.
  2. I fucking love it. I hope they keep it coming like this. The live games are my fav, although dice is always my goto
  3. I forget the players name, but he absolutely dominated for a few months going for $2k to over $1mil USD. I think his name was Marcelino? But not sure. Anyone know or remember his dice strategy??
  4. Limbo is super addictive, but I'm alway scared to try higher multipliers (higher for me is anything above say 50x). Can someone share some high payout strats that i can give a shot? Interested in strats that you guys have used successfully to win. Thanks All!
  5. Maybe I'm a bit slow, but I find this game to be cumbersome and confusing,, but many say it's the safest way to build up your wager and it has the tinest house edge. Do you guys play this game just to build wager amounts to gain towards platinum status or is it a good game for trying to win some SERIOUS coinaige?
  6. Does anyone use any specific strategy in crash? I know it's a game of chance, but surely there must be some strats to help increase odds. can someone share a strat for Crash that has been successful for them?
  7. I know that we jokingly call it Martinfail, but has anyone ever actually made say 100x from their original balance using Martingale or a modified version of Martingale?
  8. Review has been completed By me. Username for both trust pilot & Stake - wtfjim
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