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  1. How much is your gambling limit Per day per week or per month Puting limits is a must
  2. if im having a bad luck i the change seed and hoping the new seed will give me luck haha
  3. PHILLIPINES BRO THERE A LOT OF Beautiful places here in philipines and the hotels and food is not that much expensive
  4. haha nice topic BASKETBALL for me
  5. this will happen when luck is on your side haha cool
  6. cess23


    Ripple (XRP) Price Holds Strong Above $0.40 after Minor Drop The price of Ripple’s XRP token has managed to hold support above $0.40 today after getting hit back by resistance at $0.43. The asset enjoyed several days of impressive gains early last week and threatened to break above $0.50 at points but retraced to around $0.37 when the market dipped. It has since managed to climb back above the significant $0.40 price level. XRP is now up 25 percent over the past seven days, ten percent higher than Bitcoin (BTC) with only 14 percent gains but slightly lower than Ethereum (ETH) which i
  7. gambling skills are important but when you're not lucky STILL BUSTED haha
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