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  1. just i am wish happy birthday for stake Aazzah bhai..
  2. Happy Birthday All Stake Family
  3. we r all happy in stake no problems thank AlphaStorm
  4. create topic good and help for stakers... not for earning with forum... good msg from admin and users ..
  5. great job stake donate money to charity..
  6. i hate wheel why i dont know.. ☹️
  7. dice is my best game ever in stake... change methods time to time so win easy .. small bets and big payouts r best ever ..
  8. What Is Your Weakness Point In Stake ...? i mean witch game u r bust coins and what is the reason ??? i am always bust my coins in mines.. first profit easy to come when max gone all in mines...
  9. stake remove all coins Faucets r u accepts this ...! feed back guys and girls
  10. Yes some time earn without depo but its take long time to win.. my best method is insert coin take profit
  11. yo yo guys and girls what is ur favourite song ?? i like this one My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) movie
  12. What Is Your Favourite Game In Stake and why? i like dice in 3x payout.. i am never loss in dice game