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  1. Jarrod

    Sports are LIVE!

    Sports are here on Stake! It’s been a long time coming, and you may have noticed a few changes to our Forum? Why? Because we know that sports bettors and our casino players can be quite different! So what changes are you going to notice? Both for casino and for sports, we want to communicate more through news, articles and guides. We are eager to become more involved in forum discussion, and we thought segmenting some things apart would be a great way to get things started. As some of you may have been aware, I am a sports nut. Expect to see me around the sports area quite often, which will also include a weekly sports challenge as well as a weekly tips section from myself, or even some of the trading team. You will also find match previews, news stories and other content throughout the sports section of the forum, to create an experience that replicate sthe casino atmosphere we have developed over the years. This is a new opportunity for us, one we have been super excited to venture into for a long time. We hope to see you come along for the ride, and get involved in all our forum content! See you soon!
  2. There are certain types of bets within the sports betting landscape that are unusually unique. Whilst being different in the way that you can bet on teams to get within a certain margin of the favouring team, these bets can also result in a half-win or a half-loss. These are interesting concepts that we will go through later on. With our sportsbook now live, knowing the ins and outs of markets is going to be key. Regular handicap markets Handicap markets basically mean adding or subtracting a value from a team, or the events final score. Some handicap markets level out the odds and add value for a team to win or to lose a match, completely changing the landscape of the way you’re betting on a match-up. A team may be short odds, and realistically an extremely strong chance of winning the match. A punter may find more value in using the handicap markets for the match, backing them to win over a certain margin in order to get more appealing odds. We will get into some specific examples later on. Regular handicap markets are normally split into two. Some of them use whole numbers, and the other uses half numbers. When using whole numbers, there are three outcomes. A win, loss or a push. In this instance, a push (or a void) means that you get your money back. If in a multi-bet, the leg gets taken out of the bet and the odds are adjusted accordingly. These types of markets are popular in most sports, but for the sake of this article, let’s use Manchester United vs Liverpool as an example. If you’ve bet on Manchester United +1, you need to add 1 goal to their final score. If they are winning after that goal is added, your bet wins. However using this example, let’s say outcomes below are taken at exact full time score. Manchester United +1 If Manchester United win or draw, your bet is a winner. If they lose by 1 goal, your bet will be voided (pushed) and you will get your money back. If they lose by 2+ goals, your bet has lost. Conversely, betting on Liverpool -1 means you need to subtract one goal from their score. Liverpool -1 If Liverpool lose, your bet is a loss. If they win by 1 goal, your bet is voided. If they win by 2+ goals, your bet is a winner. When half numbers are added to handicap markets, it simply eliminates the possibility of your handicap resulting in a tie. This means the element of voiding or pushing a bet does not exist. Therefore, there will be two outcomes in this scenario. Manchester United +1.5 If Manchester United lose by 2 or more goals, the bet is a loss. If Manchester United lose by 1 goal, or draw/win, the bet is a winner. Liverpool -1.5 If Liverpool win by 2+ goals, the bet is a winner. If Liverpool win by 1 goal, or draw/lose, the bet is a loss. Asian handicap Markets Asian handicaps are the only handicaps with quarter numbers, and it can be quite confusing. There are four outcomes that can come from these bets: Win, loss, half-win or half-loss. This is very unique in the plethora of sports betting, another reason for making this guide. Bets can be placed on quarter number such as 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, etc. Manchester United +1.25 If Manchester United win/draw, the bet is a winner. If they lose by 1 goal, half of your bet is a push and the other half is a win. You will receive half your winnings and half stake back. If they lose by 2+ goals, your bet is a loss. Liverpool -1.25 If Liverpool lose, the bet is a loss. If they win by 1 goal, half your bet is a push and the other half is a loss. You will receive half stake back, but will lose the other half. If they win by 2+ goals, your bet is a winner. Handicap betting is becoming more and more popular in the betting sphere, giving punters a different value and perspective on each and every match.
  3. If you’ve never played Slots before, you may be wondering what it is you’re actually looking for when you see your reels spinning. You might be seeing multipliers and big wins, but you could also be seeing icons and having no idea what they mean, or how you’re winning. Slots is quite different to most of our other games, in the way that it really isn’t a game where you can stake a huge amount from the get-go, double your money, and potentially leave. Ultimately, the aim of Slots is to get the bonus round and to get free spins. You need to play the long game with slots. There is a different level of risk, but the rewards can be well worth it. Slots are as aesthetically pleasing as any game could be, with its simplicity of gameplay a key feature of the popular casino game. With our Egyptian themed slots game, you will be able to focus on the length of detail our team has put in, as well as the jackpots and other winning formulas. Let’s begin with the patterns that you should be looking for. Paylines Our slots are running with 20 paylines, each with their own winning pattern. There is a huge difference between playing one payline, and playing all 20. As you will see from the image below, playing just one line only gives you the opportunity to win from that one pattern (1). While it does cost more per payline, each one gives you a better chance of hitting a pattern that is going to give you a return. One thing that you must remember at all times is that multipliers are divided by how many lines you are playing. Obviously you have a higher chance of winning through a pattern if you are playing all 20 lines - it is lower risk. Through these 20 lines, payouts will be lower. If you are lucky enough to spin 5 wilds on payline 1, you will receive a 10,000x payout if you are just playing one line. If you are playing all 20 lines, your payout is just 500x. Payouts will be explained later in more detail. Will you risk getting the highest payouts, or bank on spinning regular patterns by playing 20 lines? Pay Table All paylines are won from left to right, and are based around the symbol that starts off your winning pattern. For example; three hearts will pay you a 10x multiplier - as shown in the image below. Remember that you are paying per line. Each win is multiplied by the amount you have spent ‘per line’ - not your total stake. Wild’s are a little different from every other symbol. Wild’s are replaced by any symbol that gives you a win. For example; the spin below. You can see that the spin above resulted in a line 1 win. Two red diamonds in a row resulted in this win, with the wild (in this line) also becoming a red diamond. Wins with Wilds are also paid double. This is important to remember. In the case of 2-4 wilds appearing in a correct payline, you will be paid out on your highest multiplier - not both. That is, if you spin ‘wild, heart, wild’ on line 1, you will be paid on three hearts (20x) rather than two wilds (10x). Then there are Scatters, which have nothing to do with paylines. Scatters can appear anywhere along your reels, and you are paid out accordingly. But it is spinning three or more scatters that can award you an ultimate reward - free spins. Three or more scatters takes you to the bonus round, giving you 15 free spins. These can double up, if you are lucky enough to spin three scatters during the bonus round.You can earn up to 180 free spins during one round. All wins are tripled during bonus rounds, except if you get five wilds - this will stay at a 10000x multiplier. You are going to experience many spins where you will win multiple lines, in multiple ways. Understanding all the images above and how they work is going to be key in understanding why you’re (or why you’re not) winning. We are ecstatic that we are able to bring this to you, something we truly believe is one of the best slots games on the net.
  4. Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want to see receive a $1,000 donation! Crypto Charity Fund: Crypto Charity Fund project is aimed at creating a global animal charity ecosystem based on blockchain technology. War Child Canada: War Child provides access to education, opportunity and justice to children in war regions. Run 2 Rescue: Run 2 Rescue is a Christian non-profit organization committed to restoring victims of sex trafficking. EFF: The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation. A winner will be decided by which charity has the highest total votes between Twitter and the forum poll! (combined with Primedice votes)
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  12. Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want to see receive a $1,000 donation! Humanity Road: When disaster strikes, Humanity Road provide resources and communication strategies, connecting people and communities to life-saving solutions. United Way: United Way are in business to improve lives, advancing the common good through the caring power of communities around the world. They specialise in education, income and health. Red Cross: Relieving suffering is at the heart of the Red Cross. Donating, training, and delivering during disastrous times is the key to their morals and values. Khan Academy: The Khan Academy helps children succeed by providing free education. It is a global network, available in 26 languages across the globe. A winner will be decided by which charity has the highest total votes between Twitter and the forum poll! (combined with Primedice votes)
  13. With our sportsbook imminently on the way, we thought it was about time that we delved deeper into some of the more complex parts of the product. We have spoken about how our current casino can be played in a sportsbook type format, and we have teased the fact that we are getting closer and closer to releasing a product that is going to turn the industry on its head. It’s about time we increase the hype, and it’s about time we prepare to make the leap into the world of sports. One thing that is integral to our sportsbook are the odds. No odds, no bets. Odds can be displayed in a number of ways. You may have seen Decimal, Fractional or American format. Those same three ways of comparing and displaying odds that we will dissect in this piece. Decimal Decimal odds is the most common way of displaying odds, as it is the most popular one with customers. It is also one of the easiest to calculate. All you need to do is multiply the amount you wish to bet by the odds that are offered. Odds x stake = return Let’s take this hypothetical for example: Barcelona: 2 Draw: 3.25 Real Madrid: 3.80 If you’re having $50 on Real Madrid: 3.80 x 50 = $190 Your return includes your original stake - meaning your real profit is $190. Fractional Fractional odds are also a popular way of displaying odds, especially in the UK. However, the difficulty in comparing them to other odds means fractional odds are becoming more out of favour. In saying that, they are a key part of the history of sports betting - something we don’t plan on losing with our product. The big difference between decimal and fractional odds is that when using fractional, the odds show your real profit rather than showing your total return. The easiest way to understand this form of odds is using this short formula: How much you’ll win/how much you’ll stake Therefore, if your odds are 7/1 - a $1 stake will win you $7. If you need to calculate your returns on a bet paying 7/1, with a stake of $10, it is also quite simple. ((numerator/denominator) + 1) x stake = return ((7/1) +1) x 10 = $80 American American odds are quite different to the aforementioned, where the interpretation of your odds is based around whether there is a (+) or a (-) within the odds that are displayed. Numbers are expressed that are relative to 100, a base figure. When there is a (-), you need to bet the amount expressed to win $100. When there is a (+), you will win the amount expressed for every $100 that you bet. Negative odds: (100/odds) x stake Positive odds: Odds x (stake/100) Looking at another example: Chicago Bulls: -270 LA Lakers: +195 This would mean you would have to bet $270 on the Bulls to win to make $100 profit. This would also mean you would win $195 if you placed $100 on the Lakers to win. Decimal odds calculate your return whilst fractional odds calculate profit only. In comparison, American odds calculate your profit based around a figure of $100 - a common and easy to understand value. Stake.com will cater for all punters, but we feel it is important to be properly educated when it comes to odds. We do not want a lack of education and a misunderstanding of odds to be the difference between winning and losing.
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