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  1. Jarrod

    VPN guide!

    Thanks Steve! This article was written to help improve cyber safety among our community - we hope you all can take something from it!
  2. You may have seen the recent boom in the scope of social media around the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This has extended to a huge presence on websites such as Youtube and Reddit; thus, we thought we would give our players a more detailed analysis on the importance of using a VPN, and why it’s something our players can take real benefit from. A VPN is a service that ensures your cyber safety by encrypting your internet traffic. It protects your online identity and is something that we know our players value quite highly. Simply, it is like sending a box to somebody that is completely packaged away. Why should I use a VPN? - Using a VPN ensures your personal information is secure. Hackers do exist, but their impact on a person using a VPN is nullified. Your information is truly kept out of the wrong hands. - A VPN ensures end-to-end encryption, which means there is zero chance that anybody can see what you are doing. Without this, at any point, anybody can see your information. - You simply browse the internet with complete anonymity. Some prefer to have their accounts on Stake set to hidden, so that their name is not shown to the rest of the community. This tells us that many of you will appreciate the added online safety. - Some websites, including our own, are blocked in certain regions. Using a VPN allows for people to use websites from wherever they are, no matter the website restriction. - VPN’s can provide you with an IP address from another country. - Connecting to a VPN will route your traffic through another country - ultimately providing better bandwidth. Fast gaming means happy gamers. Which VPNs should I use? ExpressVPN A single ExpressVPN subscription gets you access to over 3000 fast servers in 94 countries. It is on the pricy side, but it is one of the highest quality VPNs available. NordVPN No other VPN service can match NordVPN’s server count, with over 5000 servers in 60 countries. They also come fully loaded with a kill switch. IPVanish IPVanish offers access to 1300 servers in 75 countries, whilst also offering up to 10 simultaneous connections. PIA Private Internet Access (PIA) have the fourth fastest server speed, with a price that is extremely respectable in comparison to its competitiors. Mullvad For its price, Mullvad is one of the best value-for-money VPNs out there. They are one of the cheapest, despite having the 10th best server speed on the net. Surfshark For $2 a month at the time of writing, you cannot go wrong with Surfshark. Accompany its stellar price with 800 servers in 51 countries, as well as its ability to be used on an unlimited number of devices, Surfshark is a popular VPN choice. We feel that these VPNs are the most safe and reliable in the industry. We recommend our players use these VPN services to ensure the utmost safety and privacy in their gaming. Please note: This is not a sponsored article. We are concerned that our players are subject to a lack of cyber safety, and we are ensuring that we do our due diligence by letting you all know this. While we may recommend the websites above, we cannot guarantee impeccable performance.
  3. Novak Djokovic Ash Barty England Australia Your answer must be in this format!!
  4. We passed 6 billion bets on the weekend - extraordinary. We would love to have you read our latest blog piece. Here's to the next 6! 🍻 READ | https://medium.com/@stakecasino/6-billion-bets-but-hungry-for-more-bec4f7f70c30
  5. But that is the aim of it! To win as much money with as little stake as possible! Good try though! Giveaway based on this is coming soon so stay tuned.
  6. We know you sports lovers like placing a multi! It is probably the bet that is the most fun to place, with huge multipliers and the potential to win big! Did you know you can place a multi on Stake? Read our latest guide article to find out how! Maybe some of you have been doing this already! Article: https://forum.stake.com/guides/intermediate/how-to-multi-bet-on-stake-casino-r13/
  7. Did you know you can place multi's on Stake? Why wait for Sportsbook? Read our latest Guides article here, and place your own Stake multibets!
  8. Have you read our interview with Grahamesko? Our latest post on the Stake blog goes behind the scenes - why were we so interested? It is because we have a synergy at Stake that is unmatched. Without each other, we don't work. Click here to read more!
  9. The suggestions always keep cards that statistically give you the best chance of winning, which is sometimes hard to work out!
  10. The introduction of Sportsbook on the Stake platform is beyond exciting - it is a product that is going to change the game. With millions of different outcomes, no bet will be the same. A feature that many will already know how to use, is placing a multi. This is a bet where you combine the odds from a number of matches or markets to create a huge multiplier. The bet wins if all of the legs that you’ve selected are winners. But this type of betting isn’t just limited to Sportsbook. You can do these types of bets on Stake Casino. With formulas ready-made for you throughout this guide, you will be able to place multi’s on one of Stake’s most popular games - Dice. Remember that a multi is a bet that requires you to win every single ‘leg’ within the bet, in order to be a winner. Some people forget you can actually get the exact same profit from betting three times with a 2x payout, than one time with an 8x payout. Let’s say we are doing exactly that - putting 2 Dogecoin on a 3 leg multi, with every bet having a payout of 2x. Our final payout if we won all of our three legs would be 16 Dogecoin. This is because (2x2x2) is 8. And we are placing 2 Doge on this x8 multi - equalling 16. To get the most out of this table, you need to fill in the green boxes. The blue boxes will work out themselves once all green boxes are completed. So we are saying my current balance is 300 Doge The payout I want is 2x I want to bet three times I am wagering 2 Doge The blue boxes have now calculated: My balance whether I win or lose The odds of my multi and my potential winnings What I need to set my ‘On Win’ and ‘On Loss’ numbers Seeing this put into practice on Stake will look like this: It’s simple, if I win all three bets - I win 16 Doge! This is exactly the same as placing a three-leg multi on Sportsbook, where all of my legs pay $2. If I lose, I lose just 2 doge. If you want to do this the other way around, we have also created a part of the spreadsheet that can give you the exact payout you need to win your own multi. You just need to choose your winnings and the number of legs you wish to have in your game. Pick the return you want Pick how many bets you think you can consecutively win Then see the generated payout that you need to set Download your own Stake Multi Betting guide here!
  11. Well known Stake player, Grahamesko agreed to have a chat with us about his journey on our partner site, Primedice. Many of you may know Grahamesko, or have seen him around the website. His journey on Primedice is an interesting one to say the least, with a period of time where he could not stop winning. If you would like to read our article on him or to read the full interview, visit the links below! Article: https://bit.ly/2WNu04h Full interview: https://bit.ly/2HC9rSi
  12. You are the key to our identity Our latest blog post discusses the influence our players have on the way we go about things. We love doing what we do, and our players are to thank for that. Click here to read and to follow our blog on Medium! There will be plenty more articles to come, including some information about a certain new product that may be coming your way!
  13. This article will help!
  14. Become a stud on Stake with these Video Poker tips and tricks! Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced player, ensure you give yourself the best chance of making money with this Stake Guides article!
  15. You may have seen on our socials our next clue about our new product! Will you bet with your head or your heart? Do you have any ideas about what our new product could be?