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  1. Hello . Done. GL ☆☆☆☆
  2. this 2020 New Life new day new memory ❤️ love stake
  3. JUST done with the review at trustpilot - SweetMermaid https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5dca24c94054bbbdd7e6cd84
  4. i will think about it! will try it soon.. hope this way will prpfit me as i am always losing funds here haha
  5. i never know about this. but i tried to make an account! and followed... but i will try to manage later! this thread is giving me an idea at some point! gooluck on my way! haha
  6. it should be unlimited to have friends here.. i think its better gaining friends, and thats something that we shouldn't have to limit even in real life..
  7. just thinking if there's an idea of adding a new game to play? what you think guys?
  8. iT'S A good idea with that! and just wanted to ask if stake is thinking to add a new game to play?
  9. i still have few .. hahaha.. im pretty much playing so im busy hahahaha.. but i used to spend time reading threads sometimes...
  10. this strategy is almost the same from i was using which is the pay out is 1.5234x .. profitable if your not greedy!! and ofcourse, change strategy most of the time as i always suggest! GoodLuck!
  11. Oh, I want to participate.. i want to win.. ave lost hahahahahha.. I can feel, today is my luck im gonna win.. hahahahha
  12. Thanks Steffie... GoodLuck Stakers!
  13. love it!! and really making me crazy whenever i play dice!!! and this is the only game that gives me so much intense...!! hahaha and i love it!!
  14. 50$ for each 10 people. would be great and worthy if i will be one of the winners hahahaha... LOL i really really loving more day by day to be here at stake.com.. a lot of giveaways.. prizes are quite big and all the support are all willing to assist and help those who are in needs... and all are kind... unlike a lot of casinos online site ive encountered, rude rude rude support!! keep it up people! more power to all the the support love yahh.. :*
  15. we cannot deny the fact that at some point its naturally to feel disapointed when lossing consecutively... felt down, and will eventually feels tired and not good to play anymore.. but when winnings of luck hit you up.. those discouragements will definitely disappear.. just something have to make sense... but in reality, there should always have something unique, something interesting, that we might be curious then ... make sense again.. hehe
  16. Recover needs to stop, knows how to balance, deal play the game.. and accept that its just a game wheather u win or lose just play it with enjoynment.
  17. with the new looks.. really more better, upgrading is always better and for the better.. but with the faucet not everyone is agree to choose the faucet now i think, and im one of them... but all in all evrything is fine... no more technical issue as being complained and there are still more that has been better when it was changed. fine! hehehe
  18. I think its a great idea.. i can imagine how fun it would be soon if it happened.. we never know if we wouldn't try... so i definitely agree with that..
  19. it's really annoying for everyone.. but what's good is as of now its getting better.. so by monitoring time by time is a must!
  20. I honestly stop playing diamond poker hahhaaha.. it makes me really angry when i always losing the game.. and 20-30 rolls never win... i have tried few strategies.. but i think, martingale will do make it for winnings.. just needed more funds on the account.. haha but still need to be careful and always change the strategy all few times in a row..
  21. Well, it possible to happened but not usual... but always taking risk, its for sure and possible to happened 200 rolls without hitting till funds lost.. expect the unexpected!! it's just a matter of luck of wins and losing the game... hehehehe
  22. when i started to play stake, plinko caught my attention and the first game that i ever played and most like before.. and i already hit twice the 1000x before but sad part i bet a small amount so small profit.. but good and spectacular side was to hit it twice.. not everyone had experienced it, and still trying too.. atleast, im one of the one's hit 1000x .. haha nice one!
  23. As what i have noticed, 2019 is a great year for crypto.. And i agree, no wonder why , it has been more valuable, secured, and friendly use when it comes on the security by being anonymous... what ever might happened crypto deserves to where it might be for this year.!