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  1. Manchester city vs arsenal isnt happening this week. Because arsenal plays portmouth on monday in the fa cup.
  2. I don't get this strategy.. When does it cashout? I have a feeling that if im on a loss streak that its going for higher numbers. And if im on like 3 losses it goes for a really low cashout. Edit: Just went on a 350 lose streak. What is this for strategy?
  3. Wow nice find. I actually didn't catch that one even though I entered the giveaway! Lol
  4. Hey dude, what is ur username on Betking? Gnikteb? I think you know me My username on betking is Niks13
  5. Exactly: 3131, I just post whenever I feel like it and im disgusted by all those spammers here.
  6. To be honest, I love the daily challenges. And yes sometimes I join just because I want to get some money either from rain or winning the challenge. Though, I gamble way more then those faucet farmers that are spamming "Hi" "Grats" etc when the challenge ends to get rain. I think they should exclude all people who havent played for over $200 and didnt deposit atleast like $20. It would be more fair to people that actually play, and for me the people who play, deserve to win it.
  7. Are Collectible games like CryptoKitties or steemonsters profitable? Or is it just for fun and you can make a dollar with it in like a month? I'd prefer replies from people who have actually tried it / are still using it.
  8. Nik13 I found out about it through the banner on the forum homepage!
  9. 1st winner : Team O'ez 2nd winner : Stake Star 3rd winner : BLA 4th winner : Bright Falcon 5th winner : White Walkers
  10. https://dlive.tv/Nik038 You must follow, and type something in chat to enter!
  11. Create an account there, and simply just come in the chat and type JOIN And you have to be following me!