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  1. Luckily, I was able to find the 2nd x500 hit of that day! Ü
  2. How does setting increase on win with a negative figure work? I am just a bit confused. So for example you win a roll and the bet was 1000 Satoshi. So 1000 sats is then multiplied to, let's say -5% so thats -50 1000 sats bet will then be 950? Did I get it right? Thanks for enlightening me. Sorry for my Mathematical computation if incorrect. Haha!
  3. Nicol3

    Most Hated Game

    This game is my most hated one. It's so annoying how it gets me busted in a really short amount of time. This is so frustrating and it kinda gave me so much grudge to it. I won't play it any more. That's final. I'd like to try out the new version of Diamon Poker instead. Good luck to me!
  4. I understand that my friend @evet. Don't worry I will take note of that. What should I set for the Stop loss my friend? Can you give me a nice amount to put there?
  5. Has anyone tried playing 3 lines on slots here? I find it more profitable for me. Though it's random and might just be because of luck. I wanna hear your experience to know if it's really better playing with fewer lines as more often than not, 1 or a couple of lines up to a max of 5 will only hit per roll. Looking forward to hearing from you Stakers! Cheers!
  6. It's funny how I remember myself sleeping at night but had to wake up every other 10 minutes to claim.
  7. Congratulations to you my friend @evet. I should definitely start hunting such huge multipliers as well with mines and limbo too. Definitely worth a try after hearing your inspiring stories. Cheers! 🤗
  8. Nicol3

    So close yet so far

    Oh my God my friend @evet, that was so close. And it happened not once, not twice, but the fuck, it happened thrice. Just a question in case you hit it how much multiplier would it give you? Anyways I wish you good luck my Star of the NIght friend on Stake. I know you are so persevering enough that you'll get to achieve that goal or I may not even know but you already did. Congratulations in advancel. You actually gave me an idea what to do on most of my boring hours here at home due to the lock down. Stay safe from the virus friend. Keep winning!
  9. Congratulations to all the winners though I greeted a bit late because only today that I got the chance to get back on the forum itself. I only had 2 tickets, so I did not expect to win any but it was really amazing to see that a new signed up player made it. Sadly not a single Bronze VIP made it to the list of winners. Again Congratulations and hopefully by the next raffle draw to be organized by Eddie I may win a place even the 15th place is something I would be so grateful. Cheers!
  10. Yes by the help of Dinabot which will give you the chance not only to exchange your cryptos to other cryptos but to transfer from PD, Stake or WinDice. Something that is very convenient for all of us. Good luck!
  11. Whenever I try to do this skipping method, I make sure I cash it out before HiLo fucks up! Most of the time doing this will give you trouble if you abuse it. That's just based on my own experience buddy!
  12. My most used pattern where I usually hit my target of 6 out of 8 tiles almost everyday would be the numbers 25, 34, 27, 20, 13, 6, 7, 8
  13. I like it more than the original Diamond Poker by Stake. The fact that it now has bigger multipliers compared to the old stuff. I believe this is a big improvement again that was done by Stake and I would like to congratulate Eddie for this job well done. Kudos!
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