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  1. Nicol3

    Most Hated Game

    This game is my most hated one. It's so annoying how it gets me busted in a really short amount of time. This is so frustrating and it kinda gave me so much grudge to it. I won't play it any more. That's final. I'd like to try out the new version of Diamon Poker instead. Good luck to me!
  2. Has anyone tried playing 3 lines on slots here? I find it more profitable for me. Though it's random and might just be because of luck. I wanna hear your experience to know if it's really better playing with fewer lines as more often than not, 1 or a couple of lines up to a max of 5 will only hit per roll. Looking forward to hearing from you Stakers! Cheers!
  3. It's funny how I remember myself sleeping at night but had to wake up every other 10 minutes to claim.
  4. Congratulations to you my friend @evet. I should definitely start hunting such huge multipliers as well with mines and limbo too. Definitely worth a try after hearing your inspiring stories. Cheers! 🤗
  5. Nicol3

    So close yet so far

    Oh my God my friend @evet, that was so close. And it happened not once, not twice, but the fuck, it happened thrice. Just a question in case you hit it how much multiplier would it give you? Anyways I wish you good luck my Star of the NIght friend on Stake. I know you are so persevering enough that you'll get to achieve that goal or I may not even know but you already did. Congratulations in advancel. You actually gave me an idea what to do on most of my boring hours here at home due to the lock down. Stay safe from the virus friend. Keep winning!
  6. Yes by the help of Dinabot which will give you the chance not only to exchange your cryptos to other cryptos but to transfer from PD, Stake or WinDice. Something that is very convenient for all of us. Good luck!
  7. Whenever I try to do this skipping method, I make sure I cash it out before HiLo fucks up! Most of the time doing this will give you trouble if you abuse it. That's just based on my own experience buddy!
  8. Nicol3

    Which is easier?

    Well, you are able to comment didn't you? I was trying to explain my own experience of course. Based on my own knowledge you do post things based on your own perception as well. I wouldn't think you'd post things based on someone elses game experiences I believe. I was trying to site comparisons between how I experience things and how others experience it on their end. I don't thinkthat is soemthing that nobody can comment on. I see more than 1 comments on my post including yours which then justifies what you were saying was not true. Though, I respect your opinion regarding this matter. Good luck!
  9. Hey @GKD09, I apologize for answering your poll quite late. Still better late than never. Atleast have done my promise. I answered YES for the purpose of making you happy but I honestly do not liek it. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I hope you are having a good day and I will see you around when I am not busy with work stuff. Cheers Mr. Snapchat Doubtfire. 😆
  10. I do believe almost all of us has been so grateful with the recently ended 10-minute reload given to all loyal players of Stake may he/she be a VIP or no rank yet. This just showed how generous Stake can be and how Stake handles their loyal customers. No other casino may it be online or land-based will ever do this move. Thus, made me really feel that Stake has the heart for it's loyal players and has the concern for everybody amidst this Covid19 pandemic worldwide. On this April Fools Day, allow me to let Stake management how grateful I am to be a part of this big community of online players and I would like to give my 100% loyalty to Stake and never will I ever leave Stake and will never ever ever doubt it's fairness and equality. I salute Stake most especially our daddy here @Edward for a job well done. You do not know how much you have helped a lot of Stakers in need just in time. Keep up the good work. I wish Stake more pwoer and continue to be blessed by our Almighty creator because it deserves nothing but the best there is in this world. Cheers! P.S. I really miss claiming every 10 minutes. How I wish Eddie would wake up feeling that the reload have ended earlier than expected. I hope this will be extended up until the lock down periods world wide have ended which I believe though not yet final, April 14 is the final day here in the Philippines. Though, I think it is still tentative and would depend on the result of the comunity quarantine. Given the fact even the public officials and it's immediate family members were tested and was confirmed to be positive of NCov19. So everybody, I hope you will all abide by the rules set by your own government because this is all for your own good. Stay home! Don't let this virus bring you down. You might miss a lot on Stake if you take the risk of going out, Cheers! Have a safe home quarantine everybody, See y'all! 😑
  11. I believe this annoying notification thingy has been successfully fixed just yesterday. The new notification seems cool and very infromative as well. We won't be anymore seeing the annoying thing on our Stake account. Cheers! 😁
  12. Though the 10-minute reload has ended a few hours ago, allow me my friend @Ali saher to respond on your post as I honestly can tell that this move done by the casino is by far the best ever bonus I have ever ever received in this platform. I can truly say Stake is the most geenrous of all online casino's I have ever encountered. To answer yoru question, what did I do to every claim I make? I actually did 1 exact thing to all the claims I have made. I collect them first specifically BTC and XRP. Once I have reached an amount that I suppose would be sufficient enough not be easily get busted on Dice, I then play it with XRP. Normally, I would start to play Dice when my XRP claims have reached 3 XRP.Whle playing dice, I then collect BTC and let it accumulate. I was successful enough not to get busted with my XRP claims and was able to withdraw 4 or 5 times before the reload ended. Going back to BTC, the amount collected are then played on Keno which is still my favorite game by far. I was successful to hit my goals of getting x270 multiplier for every pattern I try. After accumulating around 1 or 2 mBTC or 0.00100000 BTC, I then exchange it via Dinabot to XRP and then withdraw it as well so I need not wait for very long confirmation process to be able to receive it on my online wallet. Sadly, the reload ended and I know all of us are satisfied with how Stake handled this kind of generosity. I can confirm as of this moment no other online casino would dare do this to their players which only means Stake really has the heart for its loyal players. That is why never will I leave Stake in exchange of other platforms. I am here to stay no matter what. Keep winning mate. Cheers! 🤑
  13. Nicol3

    Which is easier?

    Which do you think guys is easier to achieve? Is it 8 out of 10 numbers or 7 out of 9? Upon analyzing the fact that lower counts of chosen numbers gave me much higher payout which obviously means that it may be more difficult than choosing 10. Yet why is it that I find it more difficult to achieve or hit 8 out of 10 than 7 out of 9. 🤑
  14. It was clearly stated there that you have to end up on an odd number. Placing on the 18th is an even number. In behalf of my real life friend I would like to apologize. I'd teach her about this when I visit her apartment.
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